The Whimper of ‘Expendable’ features

SURPRISE UPDATE: Somehow, after creating my primitive Swan’s Song (above), I clicked to tearfully post it and voila, The Old, Beloved Editor!!!
A miracle. So yeah, disregard. I’m back and running with the usual wolf-like passion. (I’d edited my preference about twelve times to no effect. perhaps one needs to be persistent.)


19 thoughts on “The Whimper of ‘Expendable’ features

  1. piqued

    Hi! I am happy. I checked on the Help page under the Editor thread, where a couple of people and myself complained and Mark responded that the Editor situation is resolved now and sorry for the inconvenience.I did get a few responses from someone named Dan, but he seemed confused. Then I sent an email to the Premium contact area and got a response from someone last night, who confirmed they’d get on the problem. Niiiiice. done. finally. peachy. Don’t mess wit mah Xanga, dudes!ps…lol….love your artwork!  Bonnie

  2. jsolberg

    @piqued – Ahh, now I can lay me down to sleep; the lifeboats are on the way and it wasn’t our fault we didn’t see the iceberg. Oh and the cartoon was purposely crude, I’ve done better MsPaint scribbles; Tag=cartoons. Thanks for your help in solving this.

  3. Roadkill_Spatula

    I haven’t noticed any difference. Must be all you la-de-da Premium types that have been getting the works. My only issues have been a disappearing Edit link under comments and that Rec doesn’t work on some pages.

  4. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – Well, thank Elgan for my brush with Premium…yes, it’s nice up here in the rarefied air, ha. Fixing small bugs ought to be the province of the home-owner, if the net and protocols weren’t so horribly complex. (Ever try to neuter a firefly?)

  5. MelFamy

    Solberg’s latest reductivist work, Inner Synesthesist with colored facial features (MS Paint on pixel) furthers his obsessive exploration of the artistic angst, the social weltschmerz, and the co-valent bonds that link us to each other.  With this neo-iconoclastic work, Solberg has broken the barriers between id and ego, and challenged critics who talk loudly in restaurants to strain to the limit their rhetorical verbiage as they passionately avoid any actual discussion of the hagiographical dissonance inherent in the artist’s oeuvre. To sum up, allow me to make use of the word imbroglio, for no other reason than it looks good in italics.

  6. jsolberg

    @MelFamy – Shit, I didn’t need a user-name to know who could have penned that freaking over-the-top-like-I-like-it blurb. Only one codger in LA sensitive enough to wear that scent…I’ll have the boiled imbroglio, italian style. Ha, in a restaurant I can afford lately, that means with a sad meagre slice of parmessan on the plate. Thanks for the, um, the reminder that I have some pretty stellar friends.


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