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‘So you shouldn’t die stupid’ Poem-lets

The title is one of my most-favoritest phrases. Sounds best in Romanian. Appropriate, a bit too literally, for death-bed requests, like “Yo, son,
so it was you who put that big scratch in my Toyota ten years ago? Tell me the truth!”

Here we’re dealing with trivial scratches by contrast. Words which sound alike. Homo-phones. (offered in pink, with daring
paisley pouches?)

And I’ve merely scratched the surface here, done a ten-minute romp on a playing field littered with verbal triage candidates.

At least I’ve defined the game and the challenge. We’ll call the first one “Patience/Patients” the type-specimen.

So as not to wander into:

“A tear is just a tear
It rhymes with here or there
But screw me if I know… or why..
The fundamental words betray,
As time goes by.”
(Version du jour of my flagship ditty)

Patience: a Virtue, at least metaphorically
But ‘Patients’ are sickos, and I mean categorically

Sentience is ‘cognito’, ergo, and sum
But the ‘Sentients’ are on the watch-list, in your Aliens album.

Presence is ‘being there’ on your birthday, while waiting for:
Presents: rewards; each one has its own rating

Sense: Not too common, but helps quite a lot/ with
Cents, little pennies, to spend them or not?

Continence: when you don’t poop in yer pants
Continents: seven; Antarctica’s last

Hoes are the best tools to dig up a garden
A Hose is to water it, or beg its pardon.

A Rose is a rose; I’ll advise that you plant ’em in
Rows, to keep track of them, Giant or Bantam

Does are girl-deer; they eat all those herbs
It ‘Does’ get annoying, among other verbs…

Reins are the thongs on Caligula’s horsie
His reign saw much rain, but it’s now even worsie.
(the only Drumpf reference?)

Tense is that feeling, with a hurricane at hand
Tents are yer new home, on what’s left of your land.

Radience, the smile of your sweetheart from college
Radians? math-something? to the best of my knowledge