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Google’s new Word Filter

Anyone else tried Google’s Word Filter options? You enter the word or word-part you hate and refuse to use or see in print and Translate does the rest, even offering substitutions.
Rolled out just this morning here in the ‘7 hours ahead and 20 years behind’ Troubled Middle East, I can only surmise what its target audience will use it for. Me, I just had fun, after noting that my short story seemed to favor ‘watchful’ words.
Compare the before and after:

“In retrospect, I did suspect that I was being watched.
Having left my spectacles at home, I drove my un-inspected car with the proper circumspection of one whose damaged visual perspective, was just one aspect of my
spectrum of problems. The prospect of being involved in a spectacular ‘crash-and-burn’ powerfully churns one’s introspective juices.
And so I’d advise any prospective mimics to respect my advice. irrespective of its suspect source: Don’t do like Johnny. The spectre will get you, sooner or later. When it’s least expected.”

And here’s what Google suggests. All for my own good, I guess:

“Looking back, I did guess that I was being watched.
My eye-glasses forgotten at home, I drove my vehicle with its expired annual test sticker with a wariness one sees often in a fellow whose flawed visual picture of the world was just one part of my broad range of problems. The thought of causing a crowd-attracting horrific accident causes one to examine himself internally… and deeply.
I’ll say here that anyone considering doing what I done should follow my advice, regardless of its possibly-challenged source: Don’t drive like me, kids. The demon’s shadow will catch up with you … when you least plan on it!”

Question: Why must my inspection always run out on the last day of March?!