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Meanwhile: Drive-Time Music: ‘Hopalong’, While reading the Paltry Press.

This Instrumental saved us on a ‘Southern-Tier Tour. Anyone know how muggy Alabama nights can get?
I’ll always remember ‘Che’ Cartafalsa‘, the Italian-Catholic drummer, satisfyingly self-taught. We used the tune as an ‘intro’, an ‘outro’, and also, in extremis, a ‘metro’, when he sensed that we had lost connection with the audience, and needed a band-huddle’ to plot resuscitation strategy.
Working title was ‘Hopalong Casualty’, but he just announced into the mike: “Hop! a-one, two, three, four and…”
That’s about it. No words, so I don’t need to psychoanalyze my intentions. Enjoy!


Song: ‘Cocoa Beach’

The doggie in this tune chases a car faster then he can run. Or worse ‘fly’


Not much more to add; I do like the realization here that multiple lovers ‘add like fractions multiply’. You can know the bare formula, but to remember to apply it in real life..?
(And there is a slight volume-level ramp-up part way through. Sorry for that. We’re working on it; back at the Institute.


V 1
Met a woman, out on Cocoa Beach
She looked familiar; kinda out of reach
Then it hit me: she’s at the Institute
I got to have her, but I got to buy a parachute

I had my Ph. D in Gravity
She works in Magnetism, over me

She’s a pilot flying at the speed of light
First I get a lock and then she’s out of sight
I get the number; I hear the girl say:
“You can lick the envelope, but the puzzle’s still there…”


‘Where you will lose it on the battle-line
It’s a kiss of ether and analine.’


I know your elevation and rate of climb..
But how can you be two places at the same time?

I got two lovers; now I wonder why:
They add together like fractions multiply
And all the action is shifted out of reach
‘Science Fiction’ it’s just a figure of speech


I know your elevation and rate of climb..
But how can you be two places at the same time?

Instru- and fade-out


‘Gonna Blind Anybody (who gets in my way) – Short Song)

Wrote this one waiting to pump gas at a station. Ran home early that day and recorded it in 8 hours. Guess it shows? No second verse was ever really in the cards after I threatened to murder any competitors!

Happily, no one ‘got in my way’. Must’ve scared ’em off, and going on 17 years now. Time to apologize for being kinda hot-headed?


Only a girl
(But this is my girl)
Only one night
(But it’s tonight)
Only a kiss
(But for a kiss like this-)
I’m gonna blind anybody who gets in my way


I got a girlfriend
Love her all the time
Nothing come between us
I’m hers and she’s mi-i-ine

Only a girl
(But this is my girl)
Only one night
(But it’s tonight)
Only a kiss
(But for a kiss like this-)
I’m gonna blind anybody who gets in my way


What you gonna do ?
You wanna talk to somebody?
Think you got a problem.. (well, maybe?)
I’m gonna blind anybody who gets in my way

Only a girl
(But this is my girl)
Only one night
(But it’s tonight)
Only a kiss
(But for a kiss like this-)
I’m gonna blind anybody who gets in my way


Song “Flowers by the side of the road”

I’m assuming that anyone who was ever ‘invested’ in a relationship remembers doing ‘above and beyond’ activities to strengthen and develop it.
And in this case, later, also seemingly non-cost-effective measures to grasp why it failed, god-forbid.
Oh, and worse, planting highly visible and recognizable flower beds along her travel path, as a posthumous reminder of what had died.
Not saying this one is autobiographical, but I will note that after 6 months or so of carrying water cans in the back of the car twice a week, you could be forgiven for declaring the point made and ‘getting over it’.
Apologies for all the ellipses (missing lyrics, ‘un-transcribable utterances’ here.
I’ll have to contact the fellow some time and ask him what he thought he was saying. Or maybe the girl remembers, but I doubt it.

Flowers by the side of the road


Verse one-
Can you believe I just spent twenty-four hours on the highway
Just to meet you in this White Hotel?
Not to mention twenty years I spent trying to forget you..
Now we’re standing at the Wishing Well

I’ll say you broke my heart;
You’ll say you never meant to
All the letters that I sent you
Missing you night and day

Verse two

You know I stopped at every roadside attraction
You remember where we used to play?
Where the … waters so cool in the Summer
And the flowers take your breath away.


I’m looking for a sign; something to believe in
Love that will never die
Oh.. Oh, you don’t know how much I loved you
(How could you know?
How could you go?)

‘Our love will never die’
Yeah, that’s what I told you


I’m dying just to hold you
How could you ever let this go?
Verse three

Baby baby; a night to remember
All alone in this white hotel

We’ll go swimming in the Wishing Well

I’m leaving you a sign
Something to believe in

There’ll come a time
You’ll need someone to depend on:
There’ll be Flowers by the side of the road



Song: “My baby my darling”

Not to worry; no mawkish sappy cringe-worthy moments here.
More like the dual Lobster scenes in  Woody Allen’s ‘Annie Hall’ I link below
This fellow, certain that he’s found ‘the one‘ finds anyone else’s company a source of constant comparison… and quiet
I do like this song, overlooking its several technical production-faults. No one’s perfect. Not even ‘My Baby my Darling’.


Verse one

Somebody new, and she don’t even look like you
Even in the candlelight
I close my eyes and think this can’t be true

She says I look elegant in blue
It’s not that I don’t think she’s right
I just wanted to be ‘elegant’ with you

Cho: My Baby, my Darling; I can’t live without you!

Verse Two

My silent spring;
All the oranges in bloom
But can’t even smell the flowers
I don’t even listen when they sing

Now she’s asking what to bring?
But I’m not even listening
And I tell her I can’t think of anything..

Cho: My Baby my Darling; I can’t live without you!


Verse Three

I’ll be all right
I’ll just smile and throw a kiss
If I can’t be with the one I love
I should love the one I’m with?
But not tonight;
When I think of what we missed
There’s got to be a God above
To make someone so precious and so right
Cho: My Baby my Darling; I can’t live without you!

Verse four

Someday she’ll call
I’m not that easy to forget;
When we held each other
Time was just a number in a picture on the wall

Now I think it’s time we met
We always had so much to say
Lately I don’t talk to you at all

My Baby, my Darling; I can’t live without you!

lobster scene


Instrumental Song: ‘Broken Wing’

Apologies for the blank screen on this now-lost video: a soundtrack I did for a ’70s PBS documentary about inner-city kids putting their lives back together.
Yes, there were lots of children: muscled shades of beige, brown and black on playground swings, riding the damn things   higher and higher until they realize that the only limits to their dreams and success in life are…
Um, …the length of the support chains and the height of the playground infra-structure (!).
Sorry, broke the wonderfully-supportive PBS mood!

I include it here for posterity. The rights to the original version, recorded laboriously on now-dinosaur TEAC 4-tracks, were long-since sold to Turner, Sony, or whoever. Doubt they’ll lose sleep over seeing this remake on my lonely WP site.

Song: ‘Missing you…Not!’

Unless you’re one of the stone faces on Rushmore, dear Reader, you must certainly be familiar with the ‘un-announced onset of moments of passion and memories’
But as someone once advised about deciding to suddenly go jogging, the best wisdom is to ‘find something else to do until the feeling  subsides.’
Memory is well-known as a selective, tunnel-vision experience.
Here, in this song, the conclusion is that ‘we only remember the good times… times two.’ (Or “too”- also.)
The human brain does that; otherwise you’d lie awake at night thinking about what an asshole you are.

Of course some folks (women, ok?) are frustratingly  incapable of even putting the ‘times’ on the table for perusal and/or reflection. Need to Google what the professional call ’em.
My advice, though: Don’t call ’em. No matter how teared-up you you feel drunk-dialing, take it from me: Go jogging instead, brother.

Verse One

I was blind
But now I see
I thought I was missing you
But now I know that we
Only remember the Good, times 2

Verse Two:
I bought you flowers:
You said I paid too much!
You think I never cry?
That I don’t need your touch, girl,
Only remember the good times 2

It’s just like you left it, Baby
Nothing is changed
Once in a while I just let myself cry
Guess you know how much I

Tried to belong to you
Tried to be strong for you
Write every song for you
Oh baby.. right or wrong

Verse Three:

I read your letter:
Sounds so tough
I thought I was good enough
Seems like you can’t find the time to remember
the good, times 2


Verse Four

We watched the sun rise
For all it’s worth
No spooks, no evil eyes
The lowest place on earth
Girl, just remember the good times two

-break and finish-

You got what you wanted, Baby
Nothing at all…
Once in a while you can let yourself try
I don’t know, let’s call it…