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“Hurry! Only {1} Seat left at this Price!” Yeah, and I won’t be on it!

How stupid do you think I am?? Ok, don’t answer that.
But seriously, scrolling through dozens of flights and airline-prices on the host of ticket-search sites, a smart guy like me can’t help but wonder whether the ‘Wolf!’ being cried about is truly lupine, or in fact an ad-agency mouse dressed up to scare shoppers.

Coincidence(?) that 95% of the jet-rides from here to Philadelphia are just waiting for one last passenger (sucker to be born?).
In truth, my reason for delaying my trip-of-the-century to Drumpf-ville is mainly financial:
Current prices TLV to PHL center around $1400. A month from now they drop to a more affordable $900. Presumably because the cost of jet fuel, pilot salaries, and economy-class peanuts will magically plummet after Sept 15.
I’d love to claim that I “refuse cuz of the ruse.” A principled and obstinate objection to being played for a fool by the web-site click-lickers.
Were I of like mind, I’d warn here: “Hurry: only one (1) reader-view left on this post” !

Anything for a buck. But I do put my money close to where my mouth is by refusing to brand my squeaky-clean pesticide-free sweet corn as ‘Organic‘ in order to command a higher market price. (As if the competition’s ears have ‘No Carbon-based molecules inside!’ Or worse “No Chemicals!” What, it’s sold in empty vacuum-sealed Dewar flasks?

At any rate, I probably have time now to buy a ticket after the ‘rush-hour’ subsides. A learned art, weaseling that last seat on Air Canada. Before they raise the price 50c and again cry ‘last seat at this price.’