My new Orange friend

This little mouse-sized kitten was actually dropped squarely on my head from the roof over my back porch by its stupid(?) mother.
Child of a second-litter-in two-months from a truly  horrid feline, who breaks into the house nightly to savage my shelves and overturn the trash-can. A few nights ago she pried open the refrigerator door and took one rabid bite out of each hot dog, along with doing an un-planned ‘de-frost’.

So I wasn’t in the mood to meet her progeny. Even thought of desperate measures, but wisely relented . I don’t need any more Manson murders on ‘repeat’ when I try to sleep these days.


The mother totally ignores the waif, and realizing that it will die on my watch without intervention… hey, I had a choice?
An hour or so in my lap and we were already ‘bonded‘. And ten minutes ago I watched the miracle of life as the junior carnivore learned, in ‘real time’ to eat canned chicken hearts(!) This event has got to be one that the little bugger will tell its grandchildren: he went from ‘Oy!’ to ‘Oh boy!’ in the span of one smoke and a quarter can of beer.
(Yes, he might as well get used to the ‘micro-environment’ and his Savior’s time-keeping system.
Purring ensued (probably another ‘first’ for the guy, and he is as we speak sleeping like the baby he is. The End (for now).

ADD: maybe the impetus for my burst of inter-species compassion was noting, this morning, yet another ‘Cute Kitty Pix’ Word Press site’s subscribing here. I now have about 20 of them. I don’t know, I fantasize that this last ‘random fan’ knew somehow that Jxsolberg was a sucker for lost little furry orange purr-balls. And I damn well don’t want to disappoint her. ‘Her’?    Guess that’s another stereotype I need to work on overcoming.

I’ll know more, perhaps, after I send the person a nice thank-you and a link to this post.
Dumb Word-play Department: The kitten above, quite the precocious type, sent me a LETTER, explaining that she was from a LATER LITTER, and, knowing her criminal Mom, decided that she could either become just another LOOTER, or, alternatively, LOITER around until she caught my attention (and my heart.) She confided that she much preferred the LATTER, and awaited my response.
Like I wrote in a song here a while back: “What was I supposed to do?”
(Think I’ll tag this as ‘Cute Kitty Pix’, just for kicks. )

14 thoughts on “My new Orange friend

    1. solberg73 Post author

      I agree! I went from wishing he hadn’t been born to carefully putting solid food in his tiny mouth in less than an hour.. A repeat of the often-mentioned fact that children’s faces are rated as ‘cute’ somewhere in the deepness of the brain… so that their parents don’t murder them in their sleep!

  1. somewittyhandle

    Conventional wisdom here on the meridian is that an orange cat is unlikely to be a her. Maybe different in the cradle of civilization.

    Is that a can of Maccabee? It’s been about 35 years since I saw one. It didn’t use to be 7.9%.

    1. eleanorio

      That was the first thing I did: decipher the beer can. Maccabee it is. At 7.9%, it likely hits like the hammer it was named for.
      My first thought when I read “My new orange friend” was something to do with all of our least favourite orange “friend” and I fully expected this to be another satirical diatribe. But it wasn’t, for which I am most relieved. Enjoy your new kitten, JS. Congratulations on becoming a mom.

      1. solberg73 Post author

        Took all the restraint I can manage to resist vamping on the title.
        And, as you advised, I’m heading in the cute-kitty direction here. We shall see…

    2. solberg73 Post author

      I buy Macabi only on weekends when everything else is closed.
      News: woke up this AM to find 4 of ’em (kittens) on my porch! Both of the yellow ones are male, and now I don’t even know which one I blessed yesterday with love. Waiting for Malthus to save me from total over-population; maybe feed ’em in the middle of the street?

  2. somewittyhandle

    I’m trying to avoid pointing out that this is a terrible weakness you suffer from, this ‘looking after’ problem. What would happen if all world leaders, and all nations suffered from this defect?

    One can but hope.


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