Song: ‘Cocoa Beach’

The doggie in this tune chases a car faster then he can run. Or worse ‘fly’


Not much more to add; I do like the realization here that multiple lovers ‘add like fractions multiply’. You can know the bare formula, but to remember to apply it in real life..?
(And there is a slight volume-level ramp-up part way through. Sorry for that. We’re working on it; back at the Institute.


V 1
Met a woman, out on Cocoa Beach
She looked familiar; kinda out of reach
Then it hit me: she’s at the Institute
I got to have her, but I got to buy a parachute

I had my Ph. D in Gravity
She works in Magnetism, over me

She’s a pilot flying at the speed of light
First I get a lock and then she’s out of sight
I get the number; I hear the girl say:
“You can lick the envelope, but the puzzle’s still there…”


‘Where you will lose it on the battle-line
It’s a kiss of ether and analine.’


I know your elevation and rate of climb..
But how can you be two places at the same time?

I got two lovers; now I wonder why:
They add together like fractions multiply
And all the action is shifted out of reach
‘Science Fiction’ it’s just a figure of speech


I know your elevation and rate of climb..
But how can you be two places at the same time?

Instru- and fade-out



13 thoughts on “Song: ‘Cocoa Beach’

  1. eleanorio

    I guess this is one of those songs where you have to suspend disbelief so the lyrics have any cogency. Well done!

  2. solberg73 Post author

    Not sure you meant to say ‘cogency’. Perhaps ‘autobiographical’?
    As you shirley know, I write most of my posts, (and, why not, the songs) in a supposedly-first-person style. Fabrication, c’est moi.
    This song ignores the fact that I’ve been in Cocoa Beach exactly 2 times: Age 12 with my parents, before I knew what to do with a sexy jet pilot, and then briefly at 19, so fatigued from the 24-hour straight-thru drive that she would have had to have done all the work, just to get me off the runway.

    1. somewittyhandle

      Oh no wait a minute. That *is* fractions.

      This song is too good to be completely fictional. And somebody took the photo, about which something strikes me:

      I remember they used to sell a t-shirt to the tourists with faux-hebrew writing on it. If you looked at it upside down, it said ‘go fuck your self’ in roman script. Maybe it’s tat that makes me submliminally transliterate the script on the fuselage. The first word (top left) looks very much like the c-word.

      What could it mean?

      1. solberg73 Post author

        I chose her photo, from google-images, for her delicious smile. The first female pilot in the Indian Air force. My congrats.
        And now, I see the same ‘message’ as you. Perhaps” ‘A C*unt you really *don’t* wanna f*ck with!” in Hindi? they are not above ‘loan words’.
        Nearest I can come to ‘autobiographical’ in this tune was a sultry actress at an ‘after-party’ once in Manhattan who put me soundly in my place, my rightful lowly milieu, with approx 1/2 a succinct sentence. Probably for the best, for both of us. As I mentioned recently on your site re: thatch, I am pitiably obtuse about certain fields, among them the dialects of Soho ‘arrives’

          1. solberg73 Post author

            Makes exquisite sense, although my blow-up gives no clue as to the missing words. And the site was from India, they said.
            Like in college exams: ‘Show your work.’ I’m jealous. Plus I need this explosive woman for my collection of conquests, ha.

  3. solberg73 Post author

    Looks like WP asks for moderation for links and/or photos
    Ok, It’s certainly progress you’ve created. I now know not to pull the string/lanyard, else my dream-girl will disappear in a truly novel and theatrical fashion.
    I still say she’s Indian, (the pilot I pictured on the post). The second girl has quite different eyes.
    Apologies on the billable hours you are investing for me on this slightly fluffy excursion.


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