Song “Flowers by the side of the road”

I’m assuming that anyone who was ever ‘invested’ in a relationship remembers doing ‘above and beyond’ activities to strengthen and develop it.
And in this case, later, also seemingly non-cost-effective measures to grasp why it failed, god-forbid.
Oh, and worse, planting highly visible and recognizable flower beds along her travel path, as a posthumous reminder of what had died.
Not saying this one is autobiographical, but I will note that after 6 months or so of carrying water cans in the back of the car twice a week, you could be forgiven for declaring the point made and ‘getting over it’.
Apologies for all the ellipses (missing lyrics, ‘un-transcribable utterances’ here.
I’ll have to contact the fellow some time and ask him what he thought he was saying. Or maybe the girl remembers, but I doubt it.

Flowers by the side of the road


Verse one-
Can you believe I just spent twenty-four hours on the highway
Just to meet you in this White Hotel?
Not to mention twenty years I spent trying to forget you..
Now we’re standing at the Wishing Well

I’ll say you broke my heart;
You’ll say you never meant to
All the letters that I sent you
Missing you night and day

Verse two

You know I stopped at every roadside attraction
You remember where we used to play?
Where the … waters so cool in the Summer
And the flowers take your breath away.


I’m looking for a sign; something to believe in
Love that will never die
Oh.. Oh, you don’t know how much I loved you
(How could you know?
How could you go?)

‘Our love will never die’
Yeah, that’s what I told you


I’m dying just to hold you
How could you ever let this go?
Verse three

Baby baby; a night to remember
All alone in this white hotel

We’ll go swimming in the Wishing Well

I’m leaving you a sign
Something to believe in

There’ll come a time
You’ll need someone to depend on:
There’ll be Flowers by the side of the road




4 thoughts on “Song “Flowers by the side of the road”

  1. somewittyhandle


    The lines bout the white hotel and the wishing well point me to the same old flame blown out in a previous song: “Blowing out my old flames”.

    Guessing snippets of the the missing lyrics: “I’ll say it’s all a game” “it’s time to surrender”?

  2. promisesunshine

    Challenge accepted:
    I’ll say it’s all ok
    good weather waters
    as we said goodbye
    made together this time to surrender
    our little secret code.

    One of my favorite roadside flowers. I tend to get seasick watching them go by.
    Catchy tune. I like the lightheartedness.

  3. eleanorio

    A friend whose marriage flopped after more than a decade (and three kids) recently told me that she met up with a lover from her younger years, and they renewed the old flame of their relationship. I asked her what it was like getting naked with someone who had last seen her as a svelte early 20-something. She didn’t actually answer me, as I recall. But I can’t help wondering the same about the characters in your song.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Risking a lack of humility (or failing visual acuity, I’ll mention that, were this in fact autobiographical, both of the players have ‘Peter Pan’ physiques, and with a bit of help from the make-up staff could pass for 20 at 60. (Ok, esp the ‘flower’ girl, an age-defying ‘freak of nature’ if I ever saw one! )


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