Stood up by Myles Standish (!)

Steadfast in my desire to interview stand-out actors on the historical scene, I was understandably thrilled by the offer, from his ‘agent’, to have a nice sit-down with Mr. Standish.

Not-with-standing my Trumpesque ignorance of all the details of the man’s life: (I’d been hearing ‘more and more about the work he’s doing, along with that of the great, great Frederick Douglass)’ , I’d agreed to meet him, yesterday 2 PM at a cozy restaurant in Plymouth, Mass.
I withstood the embarrassment of hogging a reserved table-for-two in the corner of what turned out to be an almost standing-room-only hot-spot (so much for ‘cozy’) until 2:30, when I called my ‘contact’ person on my cell.
“Um, Standish has been kinda stand-off-ish lately..”, ‘Jim’ kinda apologized. “I’m working on it. Give him till four, and if he don’t show up, just leave the hundred bucks with the owner, and I’ll be in touch.”
The ‘click’ when he hung up was a perfect sound-effect for my ‘duh’ moment:
Had I been had? And the ‘finder’s fee hadn’t ever been mentioned!
Plus the long trip, Tel Aviv to Boston’s Logan airport, had me comparing the ride with the two-month voyage of the Mayflower. Unfavorably. (I flew ‘stand-by’, thinking it apt.)
Never mind, paying my bill for three cups of black coffee, I apologized to the owner for tying up a table for nought.:

“Who were you waiting for, if I might ask?” he asked diplomatically.

“Myles Standish!” I crowed, as if a bit of name-drop might repair my lost self-image.
“You’re kidding?!” the owner said, and I felt the hoped-for rush… until he added:
“He’s been dead for 360 years, Bud! Jim sent you?”
I hung my head.
Walking to the bus-stop, I had time for some soul-searching.
Why hadn’t I Googled the guy?!

Hadn’t I learned my lesson from the failed meet-up with ‘Edmund Hillary de Witt Clinton’? I’d prepared lengthy questions on Engineering, Mountain-climbing, and Politics after some too-hurried Wikipedia research.
“Oh well”, I comforted myself, “I’ll write the interview on the flight home.”

Alternative facts’, they’re hot these days.

And that’s me in the corner, losing my pride.


4 thoughts on “Stood up by Myles Standish (!)

    1. solberg73 Post author

      A ‘Pride of cats’ might be an oxymoron. Only rarely do I see a tabby, after an unsuccessful jump or a failure to ‘stick’ a landing look around hoping no one was a witness.
      I will claim that Drumpf’s obscene ignorance compounded by apathy is lately a positive role model, functioning as a contrast. Here I am today studying French history so as not to make the fool of oneself that Drump made with the NYT, blathering on about Napoleon. (s)
      Hope you enjoyed the post, and thanks for your part in inspiring it.
      I’m digging in for my interview with Henry James Joyce Brothers Karamazov. If he even shows up?

  1. somewittyhandle

    From Tel Aviv to Massachussets to interview a dead Englishman? He who took the military principle of “The best form of defense is attack” to its logical conclusion: don’t just attack before they attack you; attack before the thought of attacking you has ever occurred to them!

    I await the interview with interest.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Any interview will of course need be also fictional. (Even the photo is from Google, with a fellow looks a bit like me by chance in the background)
      Yes, can’t say I admire the dude over-much. Sickened me, to tell the truth. Looked in vain for an admirable character whose name was as easily played with. (Oh, and I’d originally planned to use ‘Not-with-standing’ to mention my views on shootin’ Indiuns in the back, but I blew the word on a Trump dig. ) Lets hope he keeps shooting himself in the foot…


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