Song: ‘Missing you…Not!’

Unless you’re one of the stone faces on Rushmore, dear Reader, you must certainly be familiar with the ‘un-announced onset of moments of passion and memories’
But as someone once advised about deciding to suddenly go jogging, the best wisdom is to ‘find something else to do until the feeling  subsides.’
Memory is well-known as a selective, tunnel-vision experience.
Here, in this song, the conclusion is that ‘we only remember the good times… times two.’ (Or “too”- also.)
The human brain does that; otherwise you’d lie awake at night thinking about what an asshole you are.

Of course some folks (women, ok?) are frustratingly  incapable of even putting the ‘times’ on the table for perusal and/or reflection. Need to Google what the professional call ’em.
My advice, though: Don’t call ’em. No matter how teared-up you you feel drunk-dialing, take it from me: Go jogging instead, brother.

Verse One

I was blind
But now I see
I thought I was missing you
But now I know that we
Only remember the Good, times 2

Verse Two:
I bought you flowers:
You said I paid too much!
You think I never cry?
That I don’t need your touch, girl,
Only remember the good times 2

It’s just like you left it, Baby
Nothing is changed
Once in a while I just let myself cry
Guess you know how much I

Tried to belong to you
Tried to be strong for you
Write every song for you
Oh baby.. right or wrong

Verse Three:

I read your letter:
Sounds so tough
I thought I was good enough
Seems like you can’t find the time to remember
the good, times 2


Verse Four

We watched the sun rise
For all it’s worth
No spooks, no evil eyes
The lowest place on earth
Girl, just remember the good times two

-break and finish-

You got what you wanted, Baby
Nothing at all…
Once in a while you can let yourself try
I don’t know, let’s call it…



4 thoughts on “Song: ‘Missing you…Not!’

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Something especially satisfying to read a reaction from someone who, by chance, knows of what we speak here. After En Gev, below sea level, I’m certain that I could also have carried her on my back to the summit of Everest, and to a similarly un-reflected-upon ‘deposit’ on my ‘hashbon. ‘
      Hoping you enjoyed the tune; I’m reflecting, as we speak, on the month I spent writing, performing, and recording this attempt to make sense of it all. Not to be passive-aggressive, but doesn’t she have some complementary obligation to at least register.. something/ anything on the emotional mass of the history?
      Oy, Romanians: can’t live, neither with ’em nor without ’em!

  1. eleanorio

    The first two lines had me thinking this was going to be a rewrite of Amazing Grace. I can say unequivocally (and vocally) that it bears no resemblance whatsoever to that song.

  2. solberg73 Post author

    Yes, obviously a quote; reinforces the ‘revelation’ theme here. ‘Realization’ is a better word’
    ‘I once was dumb.. my life was hell/
    Was deaf, but now I smell’
    (easy song to parody.. but what a powerful tune!


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