Instrumental Song: ‘Broken Wing’

Apologies for the blank screen on this now-lost video: a soundtrack I did for a ’70s PBS documentary about inner-city kids putting their lives back together.
Yes, there were lots of children: muscled shades of beige, brown and black on playground swings, riding the damn things   higher and higher until they realize that the only limits to their dreams and success in life are…
Um, …the length of the support chains and the height of the playground infra-structure (!).
Sorry, broke the wonderfully-supportive PBS mood!

I include it here for posterity. The rights to the original version, recorded laboriously on now-dinosaur TEAC 4-tracks, were long-since sold to Turner, Sony, or whoever. Doubt they’ll lose sleep over seeing this remake on my lonely WP site.


2 thoughts on “Instrumental Song: ‘Broken Wing’

  1. somewittyhandle

    I’m assuming from the title that the city was Buffalo.

    I love this number. It is full of drama, movement, choices and barriers. It really fits the subject.

    I’m interested that you refer to it as a song. Were there words somewhere at the back of your mind?

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Haha; City of broken wings
      Thanks so much for your thoughts on the tune. Shot in Harrisburg, PA (Philly was ‘taken’ by our PBS rival station.
      Ok, I consciously (or not?) built it on repetitions of the short theme, each one ultimately failing to arrive at a safe landing zone/ exit from the ghetto. Until one attempt finally makes it.
      Not to draw over-flattering comparisons, but Tchaikovsky, turned out later (to me at least) did the same trick in the Pathetique, 4th movement. With musics greatest ‘When will all this winning stop?’ passage, about 3/4 through. Of course he ends it all with a deathly minor-key iteration, the contra-bass giving up the ghost in sadness. Perhaps he had his glass ready to drink as he wrote it.
      Thanks again for the inspiration, Duncan


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