Oh where is my Amy? -Song-

Writing tunes allows one to construct Saviours.

Yes, in truth, “bliss is a pithy myth”, but if I ever meet her there will be a seminal event of explosive off-the-chart-ness.

Q: So, what’s the song, like, about?
A: Well, for starts, a dearth of vowels in stupid goddamn Hebrew.

Q: For that you need an Angel?
A: I didn’t claim to be normative; and yeah, at least someone to understand the utter depth of the hole I live in.

Q: And ‘John Deere’?
A: Ok, That verse is simple word-play. Amy will likely at least chuckle. I die to see her smile…

Q: And the ‘A mighty Fortress’ steal?
A: General malaise; what does religion even mean anymore in a country like the USA where folks have got vowels piled in the aisles?

Q: Think you’ll ever meet her?
A: Not too probable. I’ve waited 39 years and 119 days now for a Second Coming. All I can do is hope and pine for her.

 Anyway, we all likely seek a special Understanding Angel. In the person of a winged creature…. or even from discovering that the the supermarket now carries our favorite Philly cream cheese or ‘Goldfish’.
Like with ‘Rosebud, I’ll probably learn someday that the buyer for the chain was named ‘Amy'(!) So much for pathos.


-Phone robot message-

Amy, oh Amy, Oh my Amy:
Just aim me homeward
Where the vowels lay in piles in the aisles
And a rose is a rose, not a ‘ruse’
and there’re rows of ’em
Raising their spirits, a reason to rise

Every morning I feel more like mourning here
Mortgage is bondage
I bagged up my baggage
My luggage was lost by El Al
So I make-do with roughage
Women only want sufferage
Men just want coverage…

John Deers are green
Though the hue’s got detractors
Farmall’s too formal
for a number of factors

Dearborn’s been been born again
Skokie’s got Voltaire in a manger scene
posing with reindeer(?)
Been wondering: ‘Why are we here?
I’ll ask Amy; an’then I’ll get back to you
Bliss is a pithy myth
That much I know
No, no body was home when I called
so I left her this message; we’re back to the top
Oh my Amy!



9 thoughts on “Oh where is my Amy? -Song-

  1. solberg73 Post author

    Thanks; I’m trying to make up for the AWOL-ness. Had a spell of ‘challenges’, but lately, like in ‘Amazing Grace’ ;
    “I once was downed, but now I’z around, twas deaf, but now I see.”

  2. somewittyhandle

    I remember mon ami, Hugh, from Trinidad. Always hogging the farm machinery. If he didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

    Fabulously lush musical arrangement, and I love the way it waltzes off into the distance at the end..

    1. solberg73 Post author

      I’d been thinking of Howard, found in the desert long of tooth and toe-nail, actually. But any Hugh will do. (another of your classic quips fully enjoyed only after realizing, belatedly, their underpinning)
      Took all the remembered skill I still possess after a too-long break to do the simple fade-out for this version.

  3. Susan Bud

    Hey Johny,

    If you think that Hebrew doesn’t have vowels, newer try to learn Chzck… yll nvr ndrstnd tt…:)

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Yes, the salvation of knowing ‘it could be worse’. I of course thought of you in posting this tune; Almost written with your kind mind in mind. ♥

  4. eleanorio

    “Where the vowels lay in piles in the aisles…” If this is in the past tense, I’ll accept it. However, in the next couple of lines you firmly establish the present tense, so I have to ask, “What did the vowels lay in piles in the aisles?” It’s LIE, dammit! Thank you. My work is done.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      In loo (sic) of a crafty defense: Yes, of course I winced choosing that tense. My Dad, no small pedant himself, refused to abide anyone saying the ‘The cows were laying around’.
      There is a compound verb: “to lay-in” as in stockpiles of AEIOUs for eventual need. I’d hoped to skate by on that excuse. In any case, my work, on this song, is done, ha.


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