For Christy, ‘Of blessed memory’ -song-

Note: I wrote this almost immediately on hearing the report of the space shuttle Challenger’s demise on Israel morning radio.
Should have, perhaps, waited for the various commissions to determine what went tragically wrong.
Thus, my ‘targets’ in the lyrics are not all equally guilty of any albeit-rhyming deficit.
I do remember, days later, charting out the horn parts and thinking that ‘attention to detail’ was the key to human progress.
But, truly, writing a tune is not rocket-science. And this song, from how many years ago now? might itself have ‘anomalied’ on the pad.
Anyway, a sad incident in the dangerous bizness of getting ‘up there’. May their memories be blessed.



Heard the news; ‘good numbers, this mission can’t miss’
But Dan Rather from the Tower of Babel; now this:
Another oddity, falling into the sea
Was never meant to be

Just a billion-dollar funhouse in outer space
It’s a great leap forward for the human race
Above the burning sand, another master-plan
Turning at our command

I know you people want rock-n-roll jingles
Correct me if I’m wrong?
But somebody’s got to ‘pologize;
get you back where you belong
instru break-

What kind of joker put my money in an orbit like that?
Why don’t you send ’em Chuck Berry and a picture of the Man in the Moon?
I’m almost out of time;
Now I’ll never cross that line
Untill the End of Time

Sell the rights to the runway, baby it’s a wrap.
They say that kids can’t find Alalbama on a map
Maybe some other day
We’ll find an easy way
Till then, we’re here to stay

Heard the news; good numbers, this mission can’t miss
But Dan Rather from the Tower of Babel; now this:
Another oddity, falling into the sea
Of Blessed Memory



9 thoughts on “For Christy, ‘Of blessed memory’ -song-

  1. promisesunshine

    1. I remember this moment. Maybe my earliest memory of Important News. I wasn’t much for news then either.
    2. Is this possibly a cha cha? With a cha cha rhyming scheme of AABBB?

  2. solberg73 Post author

    Was such a human-‘interest’ event at the time that perhaps half the earth’s population was aware of it.
    Prosaically, yes, the rhythm is solidly cha-cha. The rhyme AABB with modifications.
    That on looking back at it: I never apply any ‘book-lerning’ technique. That I know of.

    1. promisesunshine

      I’m going to send you back to the tape on the that rhyme scheme. I hear two solid A’s and 3 short B’s. Whether you did it on purpose or not, you have invented a chacha rhyme scheme.

  3. eleanorio

    My husband and I were en route from Brandon to Winnipeg, maybe just past Portage-la-Prairie when we heard the news on the car radio. Yeah. Pretty horrible.

  4. somewittyhandle

    I remember the moment the news came through. I was just starting my afternoon shift in a metal coating factory in Birmingham (the original B’ham, not the Alabama replica). I was in the middle of a burette titration to establish how much caustic soda needed to be added to the etch tanks, when it went over the radio on the shop floor. It raised many questions. The only answer I had to hand was 2 x 20kg bags of hydroxide.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Your reaction, not-unexpectedly, parallels mine; to re-affirm diligence in at least the bailiwick under our control. I’ll always appreciate R. Feynman’s ‘rubber bands in ice-water’ instinct during the investigation.

  5. dimebone

    I remember that on the day after the tragedy, Sun Ra, he of the Intergalactic Arkestra, said it had been a mistake to name the vehicle Challenger. “You don’t challenge space,” he said. “There can only be one outcome.”

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Thanks, John; hadn’t heard that ‘take’, but it’s quite apt. Yet perhaps self-deprecating and/or modest names have a tougher time in Congress with funding requests.


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