Accusatory Spam: It’s “the new abnormal”!

Breaking news from my net-scatology labs (the study of on-line shit-types):
An interestingly-novel genre of un-wanted junk mail has these past few weeks erupted into a full-blown SPAM-SPASM.
Not content to waste humanity’s valuable band-with hawking fake products I neither want nor need, sending transparently-bogus ‘warnings, and (70%) asking that I come over tonight for a hot time with ‘Candy Babe’, the bearded mouth-breathing Idi Amin clones are lately passing themselves off as aggrieved ‘stalkees’ Here’s one example:

je accuse

And almost a third of my “unrequited love-letters” now (I get 40 a day or so) are this new breed of sickness.

je accuse too
They all, of course, go directly to G-mails excellent Spam Folder. But I need to check it in case someone real has been un-fairly flagged.
Note: I used to get one spam a week, something like that. Until ten minutes after I signed up for a one-week trial of a charlatan ‘people-finder’ site. They sold my full name, e-mail address, and US street address to these filth-mongers, and within seconds.
I did find one post on Google where a poor fellow got the same f*ck-you text, but I’m wondering if this ‘trend’, like so many other signs of decay in the sickening age of Drumpf,… trending.
Not that I encourage others to pore through scat like I do. It’s temporary, I promise.



13 thoughts on “Accusatory Spam: It’s “the new abnormal”!

  1. eleanorio

    Just on a whim, I checked my spam folder in gmail: five items, all of which I had at some time or another labeled as spam because I didn’t want to have to bother going to the email address from where they were redirected to unsubscribe (I have all my BU mail sent to my gmail address so I don’t have to go there anymore than I have to). Looks like you got on some really bad lists. Thank goodness gmail has such a good filtering system.

  2. dimebone

    I have just one Gmail abuse-scam, namely,
    “You mad bitch, you made me hate my guts last night …”
    It seems I was much cleverer than I knew.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Oy, my brain hurts trying to make sense of the scene. That’s one of the real damages from this intrusion into otherwise understandable life.
      (I do recall your experimenting with ‘playing along’ with Nigerian princes)
      Not sure I’d have the time for that these days, personally. Still trying to get Bannon to give me back my damn lettuce.

  3. somewittyhandle

    Disappointingly, the worst today’s spam offers me is:

    Earth Shoes Final Day: Up to 40% OFF during Memorial Day Weekend – Happy Memorial Day! View as a webpage Earth Brands | Logo Earth Brands | Logo FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS. ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS. ALWAYS Happy Memorial Day! Happy Memorial Day! 40% off all

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Shoes aside, at any price, I’m mainly aghast at the juxtaposition of ‘Memorial Day (yeah, for folks we loved who died, often violently) … and the Happy Happy Happy wishes.
      No Israeli (I at least hope) could read this sacrilege without wincing.

        1. somewittyhandle

          For the non-US reader, there is a lot of confusing stuff going on here:

          1) What are we remembering? (I resorted to Google to find it was the USA war dead remembrance day).
          2) “Memorial Day Weekend’: How does a day last a whole weekend?
          3) What’s Happy about the occasion?
          4) How does the event bring about a discontinuity in the supply/demand elasticity curve for footwear?

          1. dimebone

            War dead? weekend? elasticity? No. the true meaning of this day (ask any American) is . . . . . mattresses.
            . . . . specifically. a MATTRESS BLOWOUT.

            1. solberg73 Post author

              Yes, of course…’Blowout!’ Particularly resonant for grieving shoppers whose loved-ones and relatives were ‘blown UP’.
              (I just realized that I’ve not learned a great deal on the central question here: the unmistakable new trend in spam-style. No one else on the web seems to have noticed… and I googled every search term I could imagine. ) Five more ‘insults this AM. Ex: “For christ sake stop sending me your naked pix!!”

  4. Roadkill Spatula

    Never seen that kind of spam. Makes you wonder what kind of people it is designed to target. I personally can count on one finger the number of hearts I have broken in the past couple of years, and still have a digit left over, but there must be a market or they wouldn’t be doing it.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Tim, I’m kinda obsessing about this truly new and publically-un-acknowledged major trend.
      Almost half, these days, of my spams accuse me of sending nekkid pix, text-stalking, or (!?) “wearing bad cloths (sic) which make me look stupid”
      I’ve only found one other co-victim on the blogs; he had the exact same text.
      And you and I are neck-and-neck on the meagre hearts-broken count.
      But my style is to pursue this mystery till its explanation becomes clear.
      Thanks for the comparative data-point, at least.


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