Cowboy Song ‘Blazing Lassos’

 Short version:
Clifford‘ returns from El Paso un-sure of the authenticity of his souvenir purchase.
A quick back-yard test confirms, at least, its efficacy
He convinces his BFF, Gifford, to accompany him on a road-trip to Fame
Disputes over background music may or may not have contributed to an unfortunate early demise of the pair.
A musical interlude respects their memory.. until
They emerge, somehow un-scathed and un-deterred, and fulfill their dream in Norman, Oklahoma.

Add: I’ll simply encourage anyone visiting that town to endeavor to support their act. Tell ’em ‘Johnny sent us!‘ and get a dime off on admission.
(Oh, and Haile Selassie was the President of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974; he was never known to have roped a calf)


Verse One

I’m back from El Paso: Is this a real lasso?
It looks Ethiopian (What do I know?)
It’s ropy and classy
An’ highly silas-y
To the lawn, I’ll give it a throw
To the lawn now we’ll give it a throw

Verse Two:

I can snag my old bicycle three out of four
We’re off to the rodeo, what do you know?
With the radio playing my favorite tune
We’ll be stereophonic rangoons
We’ll be stereophonic baboons

We’ll go Um-pah-pah’
We’re gpnna be in rodeo
(Sounds Ethiopian

Verse Three:

Clifford and Gifford, two peas in a pod
But on one point they differed: Scheherazade (!)
Gifford’s fer salsa
but a mile out of Tulsa
They ran off the road and got daid(!)
No, they ran off the road and got daid… (The End?)

-Paste-in Solberg Requiem-

Verse Four Happy ending

No, a clown trying to peddle electrolye beer
Gave the wanna-be showmen
a ride into Norman
Where the pair now appear in a poor-man’s wild-west show
with slick pyrotechnic appeal
They got slick pyrotechnic appeal


6 thoughts on “Cowboy Song ‘Blazing Lassos’

  1. promisesunshine

    Even the lady in the back can tell your time signature changes for one of those lines. So, not only are your lyrics amusing and clever, but also your tune is complicated and clever.
    Also handy that nobody got hurt. exactly.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Well, sweet lady in the back, the ‘requiem’ part is still 12/8, it only ‘feels like a change-up. (Thanks; I had to re-check it myself; I have scant knowledge of any technique, simply write songs.)
      But thrilled that you liked it. Now to get the tune on AM radio…

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Oy, I got fatigued with character development and ‘killed ’em off’ already after the third verse!
      Now that you mention it, I do have calliope patch I could use, y’know, to make a few bucks on this tune. Crazy how dolts with much sh*ttier songs become millionaires, an’ I’m here all alone on WP.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      I only dimly remember setting the click-track for 6/8 time. For me the fun was charting the ‘fiddles’, oh, and , in loyalty to the ‘sounds Ethiopian’ motif, skewing the ‘F’s (if it were the key of ‘C’ into a grey-zone approaching F#. (In the song, the ‘skew’ occurs under the -E- in the word ‘Ethiopian’) I’m actually used to, by now, that scale-aberration.
      As I hinted, I paid scant attention to anything much other than writing a tune.
      “Um-pah-pah, Um-pah-pah. We gonna be in the rodeo”,, an obvious crib from (West Side Story?) should have tipped me off.
      A fun song, I’ll agree. And thanks for listening.


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