Song: ‘Like you said on the Valentine’

Ok, this simpleton mebbe ate too much grade-school candy-heart printed-message (USDA Dye #104) expressions of Love, and
without a helmet.

Long-term damage: at age 45, his doomed emotional grasp still included fantasies written on confectionery-sugar in the ’50s
Still, if you are choosing a ‘hero’ in the psycho-drama, your heart goes out to the ‘fairy-tailed’ fellow, who, to his
credit, stead-fastly upholds his part in the deal: once you give an “I’m Yours” to a chick, it’s, like …4-evah.
The ‘Angel’ little stone mentioned here, found on the beach and lovingly inked ‘I’m yours’, was luckily written in non-
colour-fast script. Such that, after having been dumbly run through a laundry cycle and found by interested-parties, its
inscription was by then illegible. Details, not needed for enjoyment of the tune…


You’ll say ‘It’s Over’
And I’ll say ‘I’m yours, and you’ll always B mine!’
Just like you wrote on the Valentine

My Guardian Angel
I kiss your hand; take your little stone
And walk out that door.. to the cold unknown

Stand in the corner;
Turn out the lights and I hope to die
Just like I said when we kissed goodbye

Let’s talk this over
Roll down that hill, just another day
We’ll sleep on the beach, at the hideaway
You say it’s over?
I say ‘I’m yours, and you’ll always B Mine’
Just like you wrote on the Valentine


9 thoughts on “Song: ‘Like you said on the Valentine’

  1. promisesunshine

    Must be a reason there are so many songs about love. It’s a battlefield, a many-splendored thing, a rock. It bites, hurts. It’s tainted. It will go on. It’s lost. This candy heart ditty is destined to end up in a Google search of songs about love.
    Am I imagining that the ends of the lines go a step below what the lady in the back row expected? See. I’m trying to say intelligent things about the song techniques.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      The chords are indeed complex, a mirror of life. And you are correct; the final line does descend below expected ‘sea-level’
      Now who is this ‘lady in the back row’? And should I send her a candy heart?

  2. somewittyhandle

    Powerful song. It rakes up the times when (I suppose almost inevitable in any life), the word ‘always’ is abruptly re-defined. A painful reset. You think when you find love, it’s the coda, the cadence resolving to the root chord. Turns out to be just one consonant in a descending cycle of fifths (ascending in fourths?). Even then, for a while you think the Odyssey might lead you back, 12 heroic labours later, to the original key, where you belong.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Your take is truly (and typically) ‘straight to the heart’. Does me mini-bliss to read it.
      Tactically, I’ve written tunes with a recurring upwards-minor-3rd modulation, principally because after only five verses I’m back in the arms of my Penelope, she with that knitted ‘thing’ I cried when I received… but coyly avoid being seen in public wearing.
      Oy, so ‘off-topic’ and after only two sentences?
      The hypothetical woman in question here is what we professionals call, in the argot of the trade ‘saccarine-averse’. Unable to exude, let alone, gush, any professions of endearment. I’ve looked for the icon for decades; it’s simply ‘greyed-out. ‘Something inside that was always denied for so many years’…
      Prolly candy hearts; that’d explain it. Economics: The profit/loss stats for trucking ’em from Bucharest out to the sticks of Transylvania in the 50s.
      And where is Debby Levitz, my 3rd-grade heart-throb. ? “I’m yours” on her candy heart: Does she know what that profession implies?!
      Seriously, no song is considered ‘posted’ until I hear from you, and thanks, guy. ♥

  3. eleanorio

    I don’t think contracts written on candy hearts are binding, thank the Gourd. Very nice tune. I think the musical phenomenon you and Duncan are trying to describe is what we in the know call a “deceptive cadence”: instead of the very satisfying IV, V, I ending, we land on a VI chord. Try it sometime. You’ll love it. It’s gonna be huge.


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