‘I’ve got to hand it to ‘Nobody’

Another song using a play on words. A triple: hey no one else to play with..
So, if you like the tune, well, I gotta hand it to ya! (Thanks, roughly)
And if you want a copy, we’ll meet, there on the road to nowhere, and I’ll hand-deliver a copy.
Meanwhile, I’m not exactly drowning in acclaim and purchases. I’d write better songs.. if I thought it would do any good.
Meanwhile, Enjoy:

Spoken intro: “Folks, here’s an old song from the first album. Sure you remember, that’s the one that sold about seven copies.
If you count the one I gave to my Mom. ‘Course she gave it back…
Anyway, it’s called ‘Nobody buys my Record’
We just wanted to prove we learned a little something since then
Put two and two together; Figgered out reason nobody buys ’em cuz ain’t nobody’d got a record player anymore
So we’re working with these little-bitty records..’CDs’
Little easier to work with
Anyway we got sick of staying up all night melting down doll-heads for the wax.
Tryin’ to save a little money on production
Anyway; works out pretty good, you can play ’em without a needle…
Well.. some of the songs sound a little better if you do use a needle.. but. Here we go:”

Verse One:

Nobody buys my record
Nobody spins my tune
Nobody buys my record
Not even the Man-in-the-Moon

Nobody sends me a dollar
Nobody knows I’m alive
Knocked down to a dollar ninety-five
Nobody buys my record:
I’ve got to hand it to Nobody


Well my single’s dying;
Live album’s dead
I got to keep on tryin’
Musta been something I said?
I’m on the road to nowhere
Nobody’s gonna meet me there
Nobody’s watching my detectives
Even they don’t seem to care

I’m just crazy about Nobody’
Nobody’s wild about me
Nobody buy my record:
I’ve got to hand it to Nobody

-“I’m just gonna play a little here”- Instru- keys
-“Blow, Junior! Nobody’s listening’- Instru sax-

Nobody buys my record
Nobody spins my tune
Nobody buys my record
Not even the Man-in-the-Moon
Nobody sends me a dollar
Nobody knows I’m alive
Knocked down to a dollar-ninety-five
Nobody buys my record
I’ve got to hand it to Nobody


9 thoughts on “‘I’ve got to hand it to ‘Nobody’

  1. promisesunshine

    Hey. I dig it. I especially like the discounted price of your record. 1.95, down from 1.00.
    Is there even the slightest chance you’re an Elvis Costello fan? I ask because of the detectives.
    Would it be too forward to be glad that I’m a nobody? Probably.
    Insert intelligent comment about chords and progressions and stuff like that.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Hmm.. I myself am a nobody, that’s why I get along with the hero here.
      Costello’s a talented writer; somewhat less stellar as a political analyst. I put the detectives line in just for fun. Just to appear intelligent, I guess.
      Glad you liked it

  2. somewittyhandle

    One night many years ago, drinking with friends in the Tufnell Park Tavern in Tufnell Park (funnily enough), North London, there was a brilliant but neglected bebop trio consisting of a drummer, a double bass, and a Fender-Rhodes. I’d been there on previous occasions, when they served as a very capable resident rhythm section to back up the evening’s ‘star guest’ -the young Courtney Pine was one I recall. On this night, though, there was no guest, so they played just as a trio, with hair-tingling subtlety, risk, and communion, to a half-empty room of nonchalant and inattentive hipsters. Amid the apathy, the piano man used to give a bit of patter between numbers. Secure in the knowledge that nobody was listening, he frivolously wandered gradually further off reservation in these interludes as the evening progressed. My favourite was:
    “This next song is dedicated to Susan. And if she’s here, I mean somebody else.”

    I can’t tell him, so I’ll tell you. Somebody’s listening.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Ah, a familiar mood; I need to be wary of remembering only the ‘hot nights, when anyone who wuz anyone was in the crowd. This selective reminisce does a disservice to the pair of sleeping drunks, our entire audience, at a back table of the ‘Dew Drop Inn’ in Tyrone PA. ‘Green green grass of Home’ might’ve been the inverse-spark that kicked ’em into the arms of Morpheus. So we’d try Johnny Be Goode, to no great avail. When the owner signaled that ‘You-uns can go home now’ at 1:30 AM, it felt like a mix of ‘job-well-done and, more dominant: Cosmic Despair.
      Thinking that I learned, at the Dew Drop, to ‘light one small candle and it’s as if the whole world finds salvation.’ Great motto, in principle, as long as the drunk has a wick…
      Meanwhile, whistling in the dark, I elevate negative numbers to full fan-base status. Entities, their reality based on their absence.
      Thanks much, as usual, for shedding and inspiring light on the subject/ JS

  3. dimebone

    Let’s acknowledge that ‘Nobody’ is a New York Times bestseller, also a Best Book of 2016 by Kirkus Reviews. It is certainly my favorite. It examines the mechanisms that systematically disadvantage ‘those marked as poor, black, brown, immigrant, queer, or trans’—those, in author Marc Lamont Hill’s words, who are Nobodies.

    I am glad you mentioned it.

  4. solberg73 Post author

    Great to get your thoughts here
    This song actually grew unexpected wings in the process of recording. The generic ‘nobody-no one at all’ became a playa, a fan, and a trusted confidant.
    Perhaps relevant to the book you mention and recommend. As usual, I’ll know more about it before nightfall… and thanks.


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