Song: ‘Sawed off Euphoria’. For Cookie, wherever you are

No law that a song has to be over 2:32. Esp if it’s titled ‘Sawed-off… etc’
I have hours/ days/ months of what to say to her, bless her many-chambered heart. A couple years drinking in her wisdom/ word-salad, and you’re blessed/ scarred for life.

Excuse the ambivalence. Just now I’m certain that if I knew where she was, I’d walk there. Or swim. Crawl?
And the chorus, begging for ‘A Love that will never die.’ is not necessarily or even particularly for ‘us’; it’s kinda a universal port-noise complaint, no?
I do need, some time, to WIKI that AA wry saying: ‘life and death, but not serious.’ Along with a ton of other Mormon Sterno heart-string-plucks she’s left me here adrift with.
So there ya go. I owe it to fans to ‘explain’ the tunes, right?

Sawed -off Euphoria
I think I ‘know too much’
But I paid for the story
And I can.. look, but
I can never touch that
One simple feeling: Love that will never die

Blackmail’s in season
I think I paid too much
But’s all for a reason
I can think, an’ I can
be such a stand-up comedian
Dying to say Goodbye…

And she wants to know why….
Verse Two:

Stand in the shadows
Then you wait for the rush
Well it’s nothing the matter
But it’s life, and Death,
but it ain’t serious
All an illusion
Lose if you nevever try

Sawed off euphoria
Guess I paid too much
But I, fell for the story
An’ I can look, but I.. can’t touch
That one simple feeling

Love that will never die

I wanna know why
wanna know why
I wanna know why


7 thoughts on “Song: ‘Sawed off Euphoria’. For Cookie, wherever you are

  1. promisesunshine

    I do kinda like the life and death but not serious thing. A drama queen like me tends to get all up in the importance of the thing, only to discover that it was no freaking big deal.
    I’m sure that’s not the case here, but the song is out there for others to learn from.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      true enough; Like I said, I do need to research what she told me, second-hand. Whatever works, I watched her struggle and succeed over demon rum. (pending any news since the last 30 years…

  2. somewittyhandle

    The wry saying makes me think of Hertzl’s fin-de-siecle joke about the national attitudes in the protracted run-up to the inevitable Great* War: the Prussian says “Die Lage ist kritisch, aber nicht hoffnunglos.” The Austrian says “Die Lage ist hoffnunglos, aber nicht kritisch.”

    One of the problems with paying too much is it pushes the prices up for the rest of us.

    *amend adjective as appropriate

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Fascinating in the extreme. Sadly, I’ve not as yet had the free ten minutes to flesh out this critical and monumental/earnest question. Working almost 24/7.
      In a tribute to the broad range of ‘inputs’ this rare bird gave me, and re: labouring daily like a dog: she’d likely say” One’s too many, and a million ain’t enuff.’ More AA


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