‘Pushback’: the ‘Elephant in the room’ whom you ‘Threw under the Bus’ has escaped ‘Into the Tall Grass’. ‘So, how’s that working out for you, Snowflake?’

Someone could rightly call this ‘ A post about nothing’, like Seinfeld, but I differ; it’s a post about ‘discussions about nothing’. A level above (or below?) the froth and foam.
I wish I had a shekel for every instance where I avoided using a currently (this week) en-vogue catch-phrase. Something so disgustingly sheep-like, so pathetically ‘needy’ about adopting trends.
The scene described(?) in the post’s title here could involve just about anything, know what I’m sayin’? In my daily perusal of at least 50 articles from news and commentary outlets, I’ve developed somewhat of a pass/fail attitude to style. To the point where one ‘pushback‘ (ugh!) kinda auto-triggers the ‘click-out’ reflex. Sorry, hacks, nothing personal. And my 40 or so favorite writers each have blemish-free records in the cliche department. Warms my heart to have them agree with me. (or more likely, the converse.)
 Actually, I’ve been a jargon/slang war-resistor since the early ’60s. I might have called something ‘groovy’ or ‘far-out’ once each, before starting to put them in ironic quotes.
So, to conclude: what’s a fellow to do with a rambunctious elephant no one mentions, a beast who needs to be un-ceremoniously sacrificed, but who somehow evades the quiet ignominy decreed upon him and camps out in an un-approachable thickly-vegetated base camp, from whence to taunt you, yea unto causing you Emotional turmoil? Yup, that’s the question in this post. Kinda.
I say, use him at airport departure ramps to elegantly guide the 767s backwards toward their take-off runway start positions. Last I heard, that was called ‘pushback’! But then, me ‘n the pachyderms both have long memories.


9 thoughts on “‘Pushback’: the ‘Elephant in the room’ whom you ‘Threw under the Bus’ has escaped ‘Into the Tall Grass’. ‘So, how’s that working out for you, Snowflake?’

  1. promisesunshine

    wowza. I added one letter to a word in a phrase up there and changed the meaning drastically to exactly suit my entire problem today. Not gonna tell you which phrase. Sorry about that. But wow.

  2. melfamy

    LFMAO! Is that your final answer, or what?
    On a serious note, oft have I been stuck in the same Cul de sac. Orange is a special challenge to a Florida-based master of the poetic arts, or so I hear. But hark! I have, through total blundering ignorance, and in an astonishing parallel to the student who thought the uprovable theorem on the chalkboard was a homework assignment, and solved it, I have found a rhyme for our citrine friend.
    Juice runs down my cheek with each bite into my orange
    As noises, like squeaks, are emitted from a rusty door hinge.
    I hope this helps get those boots on the ground.

  3. solberg73 Post author

    Aha; I just knew the title was incomplete. Haven’t heard the ‘low-hanging’ metaphor in Hebrew but we do have one about ‘searching for the lost car keys under the streetlight’. (where it’s easy to see, as opposed to where the keys probably were lost in fact)

      1. solberg73 Post author

        Yes, we are at half-staff here. (the flag, not the filling of critical US government roles, which is currently at 6%.
        Ok, my Inner Scutinizer is working as we speak on the tension between enjoying the rare opportunity to witness a melt-down close-up, and the awareness that for many the drama is much more than a spectator sport. I can, I suppose, be forgiven: having X-ed out 4 years of my life on the calendar in advance, I now find myself with a ring-side seat at a hanging. The stuff of Greek theatre, and in our time. ‘Feet of clay’, ok, but ‘Brain of Clay’? Un presidented.


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