Flash: Pauli skips the Inaugaration

  Wolfgang Pauli, a ground-breaking physicist and temperamental dead-ringer to my own proud grandfather, Ira Schlosser is noted for, among quite a lot more, two things everyone sentient ought to know:
(This in addition to keeping Albert Einstein company for years at Princeton, while the Genius struggled with the ghastly thought that perhaps his best years were behind him.)
At any rate, and pertinent on this dark day, the first is his ‘Pauli Exclusion Principle’. Integral to the maddening but proven hair-ball that is Quantum Theory, he ‘legislated’ the simple(?) fact that a quantum system can never simultaneously contain two like members who share the same ‘numbers’.
Not to worry; there are plenty of numbers: in essence the stricture disallows inviting to a dinner-party, for example,”two straight white males with brown hair, green eyes, ten cats, and a beat-up un-inspected Subaru”. Whew. I’m probably ok for now.
The second ‘what to know about Pauli’ is his famous put-down, uttered to colleagues after having listened to a long lecture by a younger hopeful. Asked what he thought, he quietly intoned ‘He’s not even wrong!’ My grandpa would be proud.

So, you ask, what’s the relevance of all this to today’s ‘Nekkid-Emperor’ Coronation?
1) Were Wolfgang still with us to assess the gang of wolves who now no longer even bother themselves over-much to dress as sheep, he might be moved to ‘corollary’ his Exclusion Principle:
“A time-tested, ‘decent though flawed’ political system cannot co-exist in Time with its polar opposite.”  Mutual annihilation is the result. (Although the decay process may require, in this case, 3 X 10^7 seconds. (a couple weeks)
And 2) ‘Not even wrong!’ was just waiting for a target so apt! Those of us on the progressive side of the intellectual spectrum have learned to tolerate wrong-headed but at least ‘fully-formed’ competing theories. Arguing with an un-schooled, artificially-colored and flavored, puffed-up amoeba, however, is a skill we may have to work on. One hopes, not for too long.


17 thoughts on “Flash: Pauli skips the Inaugaration

  1. happierheathen

    The thing I like about the new spokespuppet is that people find it acceptable to be mad at him for the status quo.

    I certainly do know first-hand how the decay rate of calendar pages increases over time, so I think it kinda humorous: 300E5 / 86.4E3 >> 14. 🙂

    1. solberg73 Post author

      A fascinating and novel un-explored take on the Situation, if I parse it correctly. Like blaming the trailer-manufacturers for trailer-trash? Feel free to add.
      As to the intriguing ‘formula’ on that I also will need ‘Rem’ lines.

      1. happierheathen

        Some of the finest human beings I have ever known were trailer trash, as I was when I knew them, so you’ve chosen an analogy I can’t quite grok. I believe that it is very, very good for the world to have an American president who is so easily despised, one who invites public ridicule and catalyzes public resistance. The world can’t afford to respect American presidents any longer. I mean, is it not a terrifying irony that Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize winner?

        The tricky part in my equation is the ambiguity of the expression of it, which arose from my own abundance of mental laziness. What I meant to convey is that the result of the equation is much greater than fourteen (days of two weeks), rather than that the result of the equation should undergo a 14 bit right shift. That right shift would just discard the number — it’s small enough that there’s no integer left after division by 2^14. So, there being 86,400 seconds in a standard day the equation is 3*10^7 / 86400 = 347.22. I just kinda dashed it out there the way I thunk it, decimals placed by foible and all, and was past the math and into the humor by the time I imposed the ambiguity. Sorry ’bout that.

        1. somewittyhandle

          I think I see the source of the confusion here. You’re thinking in terms of the American imperial couple, which = 2. The metric couple = 50 (they’re very liberated in Europe, you know). Thus, internationally, a couple of weeks is 350 days, or 3 E7 seconds, as the man said.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      OMG! That’s a ‘jump out of a warm bed to write down’ for sure. Wish I’d thought of it!
      It appears that the Mad Pink Hatters really done it big-time. Five million world-wide.

  2. somewittyhandle

    It was certainly a bizarre spectacle from this side of the pond, seen through the BBC filter (which becomes more coloured, if not opaque, year by year).

    I confess to being mystified by the pink hat brigade. Has anybody (including themselves) figured out what they are campaigning for or against?

    1. promisesunshine

      The pink hat brigade was able to unite in our diversity of cause. I think maybe this sums it up: Respect my existence or expect my resistance.” I like to think it’s about human rights.

      Congress wants to leave the UN. I think Trump is a diversion.

      1. somewittyhandle

        By ‘diversity of cause’ do you mean that anyone with any cause (even opposing causes) could join the movement?

        If so, I don’t see what the march is demonstrating except membership of the human race, which we’re all constantly demonstrating admirably without wearing out any shoe leather, and no hat required.

        1. promisesunshine

          Apparently pro-lifers were discouraged from coming-which I think is unfortunate. It was a lot against Trump. It was a lot for women’s rights. Maybe the overriding feeling is that what is said about or done to the weakest of us is done to all, and we’re not going to be quiet about it. It was worth a little leather. And the hat kept my head warm.

          Membership in the human race by mere existence is not always guaranteed. The US is a mess.

          1. solberg73 Post author

            I’m in love ‘n I wanna have your children (i’ll ask first) !
            Seriously, everything I’d thought to throw into this conversation; you’ve said it better.
            My friend Duncan, no slouch as an observer of culture and treatment of women, may wonder why this demonstrative act is necessary. My quick reply would be that, while Decency and Respect have (had?) become almost axiomatic, a deviation such as this one, so grossly ‘deviant’ simply demands and compels ‘responsible adults’ to, sadly, restate the credo, in whatever hats they deem ‘en vogue’.
            You go, gurl!

            1. somewittyhandle

              I’m also a great admirer of our marching correspondent, and I especially take the point about non-guaranteed membership of the human race.

              I also have no doubt of the need for a demonstrative act.

              My problem is that the message of the marchers was seemingly indecipherable, so that act was demonstrative of nothing (to me, at least).

              For example, the march seemed to have both pro-Trump and anti-Trump people, marching side by side. Likewise, it had both vocally pro-life and vocally pro-abortion people. It had people who wanted “Justice for Quinn” (I have no Idea who Quinn is, even after googling). It had people who wanted “More Water.” “Peace Forever” “Revolution Now!” and I even spotted “I cannot believe we still have to protest”.

              In a televised interview with one of the bigwigs of the ‘movement’, she professed “You don’t have to be anti-trump to march with us, it’s not about that. Whatever you believe, that’s what we’re marching for.”

              Longer strings for yoyos?

  3. solberg73 Post author

    Thanks for that illuminating addition. In my own somewhat ‘world-weary’ post on this, I chose only the medically-provable problem of maintaining an up-raised fist too long (for 4 years?) But of course, as a veteran of marches, I’ve certainly noted the ‘grab-bag’ dilution factor. A classic line from ‘Rebel without a Cause, has the main character being asked ‘What you rebelling against?’ Unless I err, he answered; ‘Dunno, whadya got?’
    But somehow, in my opinion, none of this takes away from the feet-on-the-ground proof that folks have already seen enough of the absurdly-unfit pretender-to-the-throne. And are willing to travel to say it, however flawed the focus becomes.


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