My speech for the Million-women March:

And so, Sisters (and brothers), I stand here, arm up-raised in a fist, and proudly say:
‘Yes I can: stand here, arm up-raised in a fist, and proudly say:’
‘Yes I can: stand here, arm up-raised, blood of a thousand martyrs draining toward my feet and say:
‘Yes I can: stand here, arm up-raised, lactic acid building up in our collective muscles, and say:
‘Yes I can: stand here, arm up-raised, thinking we can’t do it alone, not me anyway, not much longer at least, and say:
‘Yes I can: stand here, arm up-raised and say: ‘the sign I proudly hold (held) actually can (should) be used as a weapon. And say:
‘Maybe I’m actually left-handed?...Carry it on, Sisters… I might be a little old for this?’ and say:
‘Hope my back-pack’s still on the bus! ‘Yer either on the bus or off the bus, right?’ Wait, that was Keesey-Koolaid!’
‘Next speaker… Your mike.’


9 thoughts on “My speech for the Million-women March:

  1. promisesunshine

    I love this.
    What should my sign say?
    Also, I think my little online revolutionary group would get a kick out of this. Any chance I could share it with them?
    (I just found out that I can leave a backpack on the bus. Pretty excited about that. It’s a long bus ride, and I’m not much of a bus sleeper.)

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Yes of course; share away. (For what it’s worth; mainly a whimsical take, from a fellow who’s been to DC tear-gas parties plenty for one lifetime.
      I’ll be back with sign-text, if I think of a killer.

  2. Kakalakola

    Solberg, you tower above the competing beasts like a giraffe in a circus parade, except for the 40 foot whooping crane.

    If you think the rally is rowdy now, wait until someone attempts a Mike drop. 😛

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Predictably, Mike, the ‘reserve-prez’ , is not too much better than the orange-menace heading the ticket, and, especially for women, it’s a tough call where to aim the telescopic sights.
      World-weary cynicism aside, I’m 100% supportive of a mass-outrage statement. Imperative, for any one of decency, not to accept this crudity as the new ‘normal’. We shall see.

  3. solberg73 Post author

    If I may parse your point: SSDA (conveniently typed by arthritics on the left-keyboard 2nd aisle) says:
    ‘ we’re all working hard to become the country’s most trusted retailer’. With that in mind we feature ‘Gloria’ and many other re-assuring women’s likenesses on our publicity. The daily contribution of consumers of their gender has enabled us to be where we are today. And our ‘Ace’ incentive program encouraged them to earn valuable second-incomes in today’s tough times.’

    1. solberg73 Post author

      In the middle of the night, when my brain switches to base ‘primal’ mode, I dream-kabong my tormentors mercilessly, paying little heed to the legal ramifications, or in fact to the sheer tactical in- advisability of replacing Gog with Magog. A sickening turn of events is upon us, no question. Now where the hell is my ‘This too shall pass’ macrame? Probably tossed it pre-Drumpf, back when, like the mute kid who only finally said ‘Soup’s cold’ after years of silence, I also thought: ‘Hey, up till now everything’s kinda been OK.


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