This new ‘G-Mail-Invert’ function will need tweaking!

I for one never asked for an ‘Invert’ click-button confusingly placed there right beside ‘Send’. Had to learn the hard way what nightmares it can create. I expect the ‘Forums’ to be filled with stories similar to mine here shortly.
A neighbor with three dogs, and 3X10^26 fleas, asked me to help her secure the services, finally, of the pros. ‘Eduard’, at the Armenian Kennel Club, was happy to send a man over surprisingly quickly considering the travel-time. ‘Tomas’ came armed with a serious spray setup, ‘fogged’ the infected area professionally, took a small payment, and left, hoping for the best. Three days later: she’s happy, the hounds are grateful, the fleas are…um.. deceased.
One thing left; to write a quick thank-you note. Thinking of the language-barrier, I penned a short gushing compliment:
Early that evening, I’m baffled by a return message: “We do are best to help many clientes. Pls tell me how is your un-happy? /Ed

I wrote back immediately explaining that were were totally thrilled with the service, and asked why he even thought otherwise.

He answered: “Youre letter–mad.”
Checking ‘Sent Mail’ in a panic to determine whether anything I’d written could have been mis-construed, I was shocked to see that my stupid ‘Invert-enabled’ account had in fact send this:


Happy End: Eduard understood and accepted my profuse apologies, adding that his own experience with G-mail contained similar snafus.
I should have sprung for an int’l phone call I guess. But scramblers and encrypters these days, you know… Face-to-face only, for now?


10 thoughts on “This new ‘G-Mail-Invert’ function will need tweaking!

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Thanks 4 da tip, bro! Woulda died in my sleep stupid w/o it otherwize. Just wishing (too late) dat my next post weren’t about a GNAT who drinks TANG. Damn!

      Seriously. reminds me of how I once blithely thought that programs would be written forever in 6502 machine language. (where I could code this in two-dozen 16-bit bytes in my sleep.
      Fell asleep a couple years, woke up to C+/- whatever, obscure Windows, and the world using my Rip van Winkle body as compost.
      Thanks for reading and commenting; I’ll be returning the favor

      1. happierheathen

        It’d be a timely tangent, Gene Cernan having recently left his last footprint.

        I’ve always been the sort who ordinarily only sleeps with those with whom I’d wish to converse over breakfast the next morning, so I’ve spent only utilitarian moments in the company of assemblers.

  1. promisesunshine

    I really must wake up smarter. Ha.
    In other news, that was cute. I like how you changed it up. (Recalling that I’m barely conscious,) I didn’t see that coming.
    The “invert” button is made up, right? Or does your computer come equipped with it?
    Nosing into your private business…. what are you working on constructionally right now?

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Yes, ‘made-up’. My style, but hey, lately today’s nightmares are tomorrow’s awful reality, so it pays to be ready.
      Fair question: ‘what have I built lately? Couple porches, re-painted stuff, and built a table, mainly cuz the wood was left-over. I had to buy much longer rafters than I needed: here, you eat the fish they happened to catch that morning, so to speak.
      Be well. JS

  2. eleanorio

    Oy. We’ve already got revert (undo) buttons, now “invert”. What next? Divert? Pervert? Oh, wait, we’ve already got one of those. Soon they’ll be calling bold “extrovert” and italic introvert. I think we, the users, should remain alert.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      ‘Extro’ and ‘Intro’ are certainly do-able with current AI tech. It’s ‘Subvert’ and ‘Convert’ which scare me. The former convincingly reverses the writer’s sincere intentions, the later ‘mines’ your correspondence, and re-assembles the words into a proselytizing ‘tract’ Your recipients quietly ignore you there-after, much like we hide from the Jehov-Witt’s on their bicycles.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      I do try to portray my caricatures/ characters in a sympathetic light. In these dark days, we needeth not a twit-fight with Armenia (‘stole our name!’) or South America (ditto)


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