All you can say is: ‘This fellow needs help!’

Sadly, experience shows that lots of folks exhibiting clear signs of recognized mental illnesses go un-treated; one notable recent example was even elected as President of a powerful nation, whose stability is now at the ‘frothing-at-the-mouth’ whims of an easily-diagnosed ‘Napoleon‘ who, if beds were more available, would be tied to one.
But our subject for today, a lesser threat to Humanity, only ‘makes pots’. Pottery. (I came upon his story on a site devoted to ‘Poetry’ (!). Apparently he lost his way. They do that.


Ok, his symptoms, in order:
1) Calling out to a ‘wonk-user, or a ‘God’ who’ll give him the input he needs. Good luck with that…
2) Deficit in ‘awareness of place and time’: Anyone sane finding himself in Topeka is cognizant of his grim fate(!).
3) ‘What color is mocha?!’ : Certain facts, like the European Union’s standard colour-chart, or ‘What is A Leppo?’ought to be known to anyone running for the highest office. And if not, the fellow needs modelling clay and supervision.
4) Perhaps the wonder-drug ‘Compudex’ is his problem?  Odd. Like oxycodone, it was supposed to have been his solution…
5) Fascination with reptile regurgitation is a well-known danger-sign in cases like this.
And finally:
5) The desire for quick-fixes/ monsters from Heaven. The real work of fixing the Nation’s woes will (will not?) be done by
normal, mortal, trained professionals. ‘Fire ’em all’ at the country’s risk. What’s next, boasting of being a great, great pilot, believe me’ because he has no ‘inside the seat-belt’ fixed opinions on how to fly a 777?

You Americans are lucky that this palindrome fellow here is only a dream-potter.
It could be worse. (oops, it already is!)


7 thoughts on “All you can say is: ‘This fellow needs help!’

  1. melfamy

    People still tell me that a President Hillary would be worse, and, by law, I must regretfully allow them to live.
    Many Americans are subjects if a massive case of classical conditioning, they have been trained to become enraged at the mention of her name, or terms like liberal and “Democrat party”. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, And Alex Jones have every reason to celebrate a long awaited victory, god damn them to hell.

    1. promisesunshine

      a republican said this to me today when I suggested that a lot of people are worried: I don’t believe that. This is the assumption that Republicans have different goals (usually assumed to be nefarious) than most dems. That really isn’t the case. But that narrative is too ingrained to overcome.
      I wanted to shake her. What moon are you living on.

      1. solberg73 Post author

        Yes, I recognize these folks by now by ‘smell’: the burnt-plastic and transistors aroma of cheap AM radios, stuck to one channel, buzzing out thru cheap speakers the idiot-wind of small-handed big-mouths.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Duncan, I realize anew, and more ominously every passing day how dark is this cloud , and how much my previously-trademark sans-souci has been taken from me, despite my constant whistling in the dark. Even the dumbbell Bush,’ son’-of had me in sack-cloth and ashes. But I now feel a primal, instinctive compulsion to ‘do something’. “Solberg, save us!” pours into my ears under the covers, and I sob quietly, knowing that I do not possess the requisite heroics.
      Aside: having no experience nor desire for ‘sushi’ I am at least safe on that front , once the pan-asian trade wars begin in earnest.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      We shall see. Incompetence alone is rarely the impeachable charge; with so many ‘also-ran’ incompetents sitting as the jury (House of Reps and Senate) , this Trump le oeil can probably skate.
      But the Second Amendment people, ya know.. no jobs, gap-toothed husbands and wives trading accusations: “ told me to vote for him!!” It could get ugly. But of course it’s always darkest before the dawn.


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