Since You Asked… (someone asked?)

I’ve been both hounded and dogged by requests for for info about the author of my last post’s Guest Op-ed. The following is from the ‘About’ page on his Word Press site:

 “Dr. Dopp L. Ganger, originally from the Emmental area of Switzerland now makes his home in a more westerly hemisphere, specifically, the US Northwest. A writer and artist; (once a formidable math prodigy, he’s proud of his ability, even now, to, in his words: ‘paint-by-number, up to 19 digits, without a calculator!’)
Better known these days as a writer, a familiar face on the activist/gadfly scene, his chronicle of the noise abatement campaign he waged, and prevailed through: ‘Port-Noise Complaint’ is still read by students to this day. And not by all of them by mistake.
 His current work, a serious study of change-making strategies especially pertinent in this hour of great need, is titled: “Winning ’em over: It’s like…”

The handbook has been called both ‘original’ and ‘interesting‘ by critics, although, so far, not both. The Publisher blurbs: ‘Finally, a ‘go-to’ manual whose title ends in an ellipsis! Unique!’
‘El’, as he’s known to friends, hosts the weekly ‘Ganger Gang’ community-TV show on cable and is currently working on a long-over-due History of Palmistry, after, as he tells it: ‘spending altogether too much of my life searching for Heaven in the palm of my own hand!’
He lives, along with his many cats and dogs, who fell for him like the torrential rains there in Oregon, in a now-quiet neighborhood, saved , largely by his own efforts, from the once constant mind-numbing roar of the harbour’s tin ‘sound-box-from Hell’ storage buildings, now happily retro-fitted. ‘Hushed’ as they say. (See the riveting chapter of ‘Complaint’ titled: ‘Almost there: Re-riveting!’

Ok, anyone wishing to contact Dr Ganger is welcome to leave a note here, and I’ll gladly pass it onward.
The first, let’s say 10 ‘sign-ons’ will receive, post-paid, a signed copy of an earlier work of his: ‘Los Nogeros; a Reversal of Fortune’ which documents the fate of a backward lost-to-history Native-American tribe who once thrived on the exact lands where, now, ‘Dr. El’s ranch home stands.
Again; thanks, all, for your interest/ JS/ Tel Aviv


6 thoughts on “Since You Asked… (someone asked?)

  1. eleanorio

    I feel I should know this man. I wonder if his ancestors are Galitzianers. Any information on your end, my friend?

  2. somewittyhandle

    From Emmental, eh? I hear he was a big cheese, although there are some holes in that theory. He’ll be remembered with great fondueness. Build a better mousetrap, and they will come.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Ha; I’d always wondered why mouse-traps somehow attracted colourful bits of cheese to their ‘trigger-fingers’.
      Seriously, our Solberg-ringer here would be proud to explain that Swiss Cheese was, in fact, invented in order to safely stockpile a year’s sale-able merchandise for the treacherous middle-of-the-night yearly trip down the mountain to Market; (with a ‘Gott-sie Danke’ hope of returning alive), having escaped the Calvinists/ Zvingalis who were paying good money at the time for an apostate scalp. And I’m alive today because of his/our peoples’ new mousetrap. Although still dealing daily with the ‘Pin-head Dance-Troupe’ set, now armed with AK-47s and Semtek. History repeats as Farce, and curious minds ask: ‘What’s the 3rd derivative of Tragedy?’ ‘Trump’ comes to mind.
      A pleasant-as-it-gets ‘fin-de-seicle ‘ to you and yours!/ JS

        1. solberg73 Post author

          Great, you’re hired! Of course, we pay by the pound…
          (Oh, and thanks for helping me to stay marginally sane these dark days; your input, along with that of others, is frequently the only positive note of the day.)


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