Serpentine bureaucracy has crippled the Snake river?

GUEST EDITORIAL: (These big guns write so colorfully; I’m in awe.

Serpentine bureaucracy has crippled the Snake river; let’s put it back on its feet!

Now just a toothless shell of its former glory, the famed waterway has been running on empty for as long as even an elephant can remember. Thrown under the bus by ‘cogs-in-the-system’ pointy heads in Washington for too long, we ‘out of the box’ visionaries now need to take off the blindfolds, to ‘push back’ on the Gordian knot of paperwork which has woven a rats-nest of dog-in the manger monkey-wrenches which threatens to stone-wall any hope of a cloud on the horizon.
Now, before any coldly-calculating hot-heads rush off mindlessly to storm the barricades, a bit of level-headed planning is, as one might guess, advisable: Leveling the playing field-of-dreams will not be ‘built in a day’, (nor , perhaps, before even the ‘fat lady sings’). Yet a journey of a thousand miles begins with reversing the course of ill-fated high-level decisions whose ‘low-hanging fruit’ are within our grasp. I refer to our building a ‘stitch in time’ ‘bridge too far’ with the lone-wolf countless myriads of fellow travelers whose support we shall need some fine day, like a fervid mushroom needs the Sun.
So: ‘What is to be done?’, as J. Lenon once plaintively asked. Demonstrations on the very banks of this once-mighty tributary will not, alone break the back of Pacific Coast vested financial interests, whose choke-hold on the reins of power will not simply melt away overnight upon seeing our restive mass of warm bodies willing to pop-tent a random night or two against the stream. Neither will Facebook ‘Likes’ , the digital ‘finger on the pulse’ so currently ‘en-vogue’ easily ‘un-friend’ the enemy within.
No, the Hour has come to finally de-fang the merciless and mis-guided Arrow of time; to wrest from the jaws of defeat even a transitory (but crucial, never forget) ‘Peace in our time’. I have a dream, as did M. Luther, that one fine day men and women of all hues, sons of share-croppers, salt of the Earth of crop-dusters, will sail, rainbow-colored, up the beloved Snake River to its watery feeding-grounds, the spring-fed heart of darkness from whence it draweth breath and sustenance.
Thank you for reading.
Disclaimer: The author is the owner of, and principle share-holder in ‘Metaphors R Us’, a licensed advocacy group based in Portland, Oregon. He holds a degree in Environmental Polemics from a renowned university, and his latest self-help best-seller: ‘Winning ’em Over.. it’s like..’ is available at fine booksellers everywhere.


6 thoughts on “Serpentine bureaucracy has crippled the Snake river?

    1. eleanorio

      Indeed, it is good to be cautious, for you can never tell a book by its binding, nor should one bite the hand that one shakes upon first meeting. Always look both or more ways before crossing the street, for the road is long and winding, and wider than a mile, in some places. I, for one, would never look a gift horse in the dentures, nor allow the Snake River to turn into a series of oxbows or, worse, ourobouros pools. As we say, “Bite your tail!”

      1. solberg73 Post author

        Thanks for your sharp-eyed reading El. Both you and the fellow above are quite competitive in this salad-preparation racket.
        Watch for a bit of a surprise when I reveal more about the guest-writer.

    2. solberg73 Post author

      Duncan, I obviously thought of both you and the lovely El when deciding to reprint this; I’ll have the fellow’s bio up here shortly. His ‘talents’ make him an almost ‘no-brainer’ for public office lately.


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