Mau-mau-ing the Bat-Stabbers: A Tutorial

 Ok, I’m no Thomas Wolfe, not even in sheep’s clothing. But I’ve vowed not to ‘go home again‘ until I figure this all out . (Oops, wrong wolfie.)

Anyway, it does not appear that I’ll cease creating/discovering Palindromes anytime soon. So far it’s a controllable addiction ‘(Don’t ‘pal’ until after sunset!’) and it powerfully staves off a host of mental ‘wormies’ while falling asleep. Just me, the alphabet, and my remembered English vocab there under the covers. ‘Mechanical‘, I admit, but I’m in the good company of none other than Bugs Bunny, who already in 1946 questioned the approbation cast on , in his case, a wind-up femme fatale bunny. Oy, don’t give me ideas!

I promised a Tutorial:
See, when you’re writing these things you often end up with several ‘threads, all ‘killers’ of course.
And then the challenge is to fit ’em together seamlessly. Wolfe didn’t have this problem in the ‘Electric Koolaid Acid Test’, Owsley’s ‘master-key’ kinda tied everythang together, at least in our imagination.
But, dammit, We Be Here Now, and in more prosaic days. ‘Get to work, bro.’

1) ‘STAB BATS‘ in this example-segment is what we’ll call a ‘Center-hog‘. Maybe because it’s short? And by the way, adding a shared S’ (STABS BATS) neither adds nor takes away from its category. Yes, I suppose, one could in principle go on about a ‘STAB’, interrupt the story for a while, and continue with a BAT , but whatever. Don’t pry my fingers from the clutch they barely have on this explanatory window ledge.

2) Our second ‘category’ is Divisible fragments: In this case, as an example, a poor fellow named ‘K.C.ENDER‘. Newly arrived in South Boston from Scranton, PA; he finds the ‘bright lights, big city’ a perfect place to, like ‘accelerate’ his ‘Oxy-thing’. Spell him backwards and he is, as you might guess, a ‘RED NECK.’
But for our narrow purposes, his name, and then his demographic identity, can be separated by intervening text in the resultant PAL. With any luck.

3) Oops, he’s got no luck. He ‘took too much’. And so Boston General’s got yet another ‘John Doe’ DOA for the morgue.
Wish I could feel more empathy; he prolly petted his little doggie, ‘Checkers’ every day or so, before leaving ‘down on the farm’ for ‘Paree’. Between deluded night-time outings with his kitchen knife, searching for bats. And so our ‘Framework-guts’ Category-3 here now needs to use BOSTON ‘OD’, matched later with ‘DO NOT SOB’.
This paired group above, in our example, is easily and fruitfully separable , I’m hoping you can realize, in the full version. You mention the bare facts, blah-blah some exposition, and conclude with a moral lesson.

Now not all scribbelings of ‘3AM ‘Gold’ are so easily categorized. Still, a glance at this post might, in the future, salvage a few of my many ‘hopeless mess of word-salad’ candidates from the Recycle Bin.

And, working by the Heirarchy we’ve clarified here, we end up with, for better or worse:



2 thoughts on “Mau-mau-ing the Bat-Stabbers: A Tutorial

  1. solberg73 Post author

    And the same to you, of course!
    Lately, I survive, but much of my nourishment is through the kindness (and wit) of acquaintances. And now wondering whether, were I still your age, I would have noticed this gem of letter-play. The list of daily things I ‘look at’ but do not see grows longer-in-tooth yearly. Walked right past a sale-priced display of the bats we use here in the stabbing ritual to mark the end of Hannukhah. Almost 30% off. Drat, have to make do, as usual, with a pinned-on plastic winged mouse again this year.


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