A Giant leap forward for Dr Nird

U GANDA?”,    ‘NIRD‘ ASKED. doing his theatrical best to evoke the classic: ‘Livingston, I presume?’
Hey, ‘a jungle is a jungle is a jungle‘, someone else once also kinda said.
The Idi Amin ringer-just shook his bald head, then repeated (backwards, as was his wont) part of the question: ‘DEKSA DRIN’.

“Ok,” thought Nird, “at least we got a tiny clue as to why the fellow’s got no fingernails.”
Our Doctor Nird was actually here in darkest Africa (he’d brought a flashlight) on a humanitarian mission, bless his altruistic heart in the Age-of Drumpf. Having almost single-handedly nailed down a cure, at the vastly-under-rated ‘B’-league’ Tirana Institute for Genetic Studies in Albania, for the dreaded bacterial agent ‘A coli’ (Aeoliaferagyrospiraduplicitus coli’, but it won’t be on the test, whew!) he’d somehow secured a measly 500 Euro grant from the WHO to further clarify the ‘vectors’; green monkeys (as a diet option) were very much on his ’round up the usual subjects‘ list, and N’gobu Eklesiabu Gana-doodah (“Ganda“, a village chieftan rumored to be ‘insane,yet ‘We have a choice?’, was his contact, if he was to have any small hope of ‘saving the world’s less Northern and Western also-rans.’
Dr. Nird’s breakthrough in the ‘double-helix’ racket is almost beyond words of praise…. A ‘short-circuit’ lab procedure which miraculously reveals DNA in all its glory in hours, rather than weeks. ‘SNAP DNA’ it’s being called in the bio-tech forums.

I, for one, won’t sleep at night till my Hero sits in Oslo and accepts the Nobel he deserves. (Even more so than Dylan’s ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall’ netted him a medal in Meteorology?)
Anyway, ‘Snap DNA’ allows, finally, for proscriptive cohort studies, within a reasonable budget, of the principle avenue by which this debilitating pox spreads itself…. sit down for this: Common kitchen Cook-ware! Missed by the firmly ‘inside-the-box’ ‘real pros’ busy separating skeeters from their teeters, this actually easily-conquered vector was totally overlooked(!). Not so these days, and largely because ‘SNAP-DNA’ has now enabled real-time data. Progress happens in ‘jumps, both forwards and backwards. (The US will be overdue shortly for a corrective leap in the preferred direction.)
And so:


8 thoughts on “A Giant leap forward for Dr Nird

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Incredible, what I learn from your comments!. Hadn’t craved Elbasani, for decades, since I first heard it deliciously described on my Hallicrafters short-wave ‘link’ to Radio Tirana’s ‘Kuchen-Korner’ gourmet-hour show. I truly loved that station; their sign-off Nat’l Anthem was sung, live, with at-times-in-tune guitar backing, nightly as I dozed off counting sheep in McCarthy’s ’50s-era Amerika.
      This post does have a slightly wince-inducing ‘white-man’s burden’ feel to it. But what ya gonna do? Old habits die hard.. or hardly at all. I’m waiting for SA to acknowledge HIV as an actual disease. Oh, and leave the monkeys in the trees, ya schvartes.

  1. eleanorio

    I confess this blog caught me off guard;
    the subject matter’s too hard
    for my poor pea-sized brain.
    You’ll have to explain
    In diff’rent words, not quite so large

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Oy, it’s 3rd -grade vocab in this song
      I cud dumb it, ‘but that wud be wrong!’
      (Like Nixon once said.)
      And I wrote this in a bed
      Not too short.. but not a meter too long.
      Ha, you birthed a monster, girl; I fear this’ll set a ‘president’ for ‘verse-only Comments

      As in:
      I can only respond: ‘LOL!’
      So I feel like a tongue-tied dumb-bell
      Mebbe go back to college?
      Try t’ ramp up my knowledge?
      But I still couldn’t best that damn ‘El’!

      1. eleanorio

        You know the only reason I comment in verse is because I cannot palindrome. I seriously considered posting a haiku instead of a limerick this time, but Albania and Uganda didn’t lend themselves to the minimalism required. I would have come out something like this:

        Darkest Afrika illuminated
        Scientist warns against green monkey meals
        Nird carries the torch.

        1. solberg73 Post author

          Oy, I love it! Not too late for The Kid to ‘turn Japanese’, what say!
          As to ‘being able to palindrome: I insist these days (“toward the end he must have suffered terribly”) to compose them in my un-aided mind’s eye, in bed. I’ve caught myself making horrific, glaring mistakes-of-direction lately. Pratchett and Robin Williams know what I describe, RIP.
          Still, it’s preferable to some fateful MRI, when the doctors emerge mystified as to how I can still wipe my arse.
          Your support, though, is probably adding years to my prognosis. Enough time to master haiku. Or hari-kari, I always get them mixed up.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Guess they’re like the ‘H’ in herb or the ‘K’ in knight, Orphaned, but not lost.
      Ok, I do get your point; but sometimes, when everything else is perfect, ya gotta strand a letter, Reminds me of drywall jobs where there’s a screw you just can’t get to, so you let it be.


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