A Plane crashes on the US-Mexican border. Q: Where do they bury the survivors?

A: No one knows yet, but it’ll be a YUUGE problem.

Most everybody’s heard this joke, where the answer is: “You silly kitten; they don’t bury survivors!”
With the US election pretty much over, simply stepping on that pedal which magically opens the kitchen trash-can lid and tossing in the charred evidence of momentary forgetfulness still leaves the whole house reeking of ‘burnt-toast’ smell. Cool fall weather, and opening all the doors and windows does help some. Dad, Mom, or even a son/daughter ignoring his/her stupid/smart phone for a long 5 minutes will try to figure out why the toaster f*cked-up, then rush out to Best Bye for a replacement. ‘Made in China‘ (both the cause and the solution of life’s problems, as someone once said of alcohol.)
I continue to daily read at least 50 commentaries from every news- outlet-color of the rainbow. And many of the ‘sharpest knives in the drawer’ these days are asking seriously how the Nation can possibly heal the wounds, the ‘rabble-ization of the duped millions, the gutter-ing of speech caused by this historically un-precedented icon-ization of a hopelessly unworthy and toxic creature. Burnt toast will be the least of our worries.
I’ll not add more of my own feeble thoughts, but simply link to a few of yesterday’s articles worth reading:
Michelle Cottle in ‘The Atlantic’: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/10/what-will-happen-to-the-trump-die-hards/504032/
And Matt Taibbi’s excellent piece in the Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/the-fury-and-failure-of-donald-trump-w444943

My thought is that these Pied Piper-led ‘deplorables’ deserve serious and thoughtful attention from the new administration; they have understandable concerns which need to be addressed. Quickly. Right after we get Miss Universe’s BMI back down to Barbie-doll standards. And no shovels will be needed, one hopes.


11 thoughts on “A Plane crashes on the US-Mexican border. Q: Where do they bury the survivors?

  1. happierheathen

    The collapse of empire is just reality reasserting that there is no right way to be an asshole, so it’s a fitting end because we deserve it. Whether we deserve it because it’s a good thing or because it’s a bad thing seems more a matter of perspective than objective fact, but that we do seems beyond question. There’s just no way to make the claim, without reliance upon sentiment, that a society which chooses its own leaders and is now choosing between those two twatwaffles deserves to survive.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      I’ll contend that ‘our’ City on a Hill didn’t deserve this present almost-existential challenge to the smooth transition process. My post concerns how the nation will excise the cancer it suddenly learned was consuming its “white” blood cells.
      Ok, the lesser of what you consider two evils choice is kinda clear. Don’t you think that if there were a realistic alternative on the Dem side he/she would have prevailed in the long ‘bubble-sort’ we endured? One by one (yes, even the Bern,) had their ‘What’s a Leppo?’ moments.
      My faith is in the intact workings of the government, millions of steady experienced civil servants, to keep the boat afloat. Even after an incendiary ‘non-concession’ speech by a burnt-out flamethrower.

  2. promisesunshine

    Somebody told me today that we should vote for Trump because Putin has threatened to nuke us if we don’t. Somebody told me a while ago that she believes when Trump leaves office, he will donate his ex-President parting gift back to the treasury. Apparently some women are still voting for Trump because they think he’s pro life. (I would believe pro white life)
    My rational friends and I are frightened.
    I’m wondering if I should pull my kids out of school and take them to Disney World (egads) before the end. Or maybe I should send love letters. Or maybe just do a lot of drinking from now until November 8.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      I have mixed feelings: sad, disappointed, apprehensive; I am lucky not to have any ‘friends’ I need to watch their masks slip off of though. Now if I were in PA it’d be a different story; I’d need earplugs just to sit and eat breakfast at my beloved Conestoga diner. It’s like ‘There’s a rat in the house, but he’s hiding under the bed at least, and not running along the kitchen counter. Yet.
      Ms. Rodham sez to watch cute-kitty gifs, ha. (Did you mean take the kids to ‘live’ at Disney? Fantasyland?
      The NC arson is troubling. I smell a ‘false-flag’ provocation, but who knows?
      We’ll all be smarter in just a few weeks.

      1. promisesunshine

        False-flag is the consensus of my thinking friends. Not surprised that you would think that as well.
        I meant literally take the kids to Disney, while it and we still exist. That was Sunday night thinking. On Monday morning, I have no interest whatsoever in going to Disney.
        PA is scarily rural. I sense that we will have to hope the rest of the country (except for NC) carries us.
        Sigh. Serious doesn’t suit me.

        1. solberg73 Post author

          It’ll be ok, but it does help me a lot to have your hand to hold. (God knows, I’d have to hold hands with an Indian 12-armed goddess if the polls were in the opposite direction.
          Still, I’m reading Al Gore’s graceful concession speech (after truly being ‘rigged’) and wondering by what unknown bad karma a civil population deserves to have to even conceive of armed gangs of ‘poll-police’ convoying down the Schuylkill. Hope they get lost in S. Philly.

            1. solberg73 Post author

              Yup, previously in dog-whistles but now in direct references to my beloved town. (You may want to at least change your FB feed preferences to ‘normal’, or ‘balanced’, if the option exists. Sociologists have recently become scarily aware that FB’s policy of feeding sheep only what they will probably agree with is a toxic element and cause of today’s myopic polarization.
              My own source is Google’s giant hourly aggregation of everything worldwide ‘fit to print’. I read it all, right to left, East to West, it’s all there. (Even check Centre Co. weather lately, ha. And news: ‘Little doggie found his way home after 20 years; owners overjoyed!)

  3. eleanorio

    Remember our good friend Alycia from Xanga? She has asked me twice now if I would sponsor her to become a Canadian resident in the event the polls go the wrong way. I have reassured her each time that I don’t believe her countrymen are that stupid. At least I hope they’re not. The scariest outcome is the one where people feel the contest is a fait accompli and don’t vote at all. PLEASE VOTE, PEOPLE! REMEMBER BREXIT!

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Yes of course I remember her; my warm regards.
      No shortage of fears lately, from voting-booth gun-battles to the one you mentioned, where, like in baseball, all three outfielders think ‘The other guy’ll catch the fly ball.
      BREXIT, which I am belatedly trying to understand, did have an element of polls so confident of ‘common sense’ prevailing, that…um.. it didn’t.
      I second your entreaty to vote. Some messages do need to in ALL CAPS.


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