Ok: ‘Trumping Women’? Tried it; Dunna Wanna Work!

1)….When you’re famous….’ Hey, dat’s me! On that score, there’s almost no where I can show up in my small town without someone calling out ‘Yo, Yonatan, whas happening?!’ I am recognizable, but not for being an ‘A’-list party animal or a host of eat-‘n’run block parties. No, I built half the roofs, porches, decks, and additions here. Single-handed, I might add. (I have incredibly large hands, everyone is sayin’ that.) I erected great great structures, heavy, public, and impressive, without any immigrant workers, using only the fantastic musculature my mom and Dad gave me when I was a child. On top of that, every jogger, dog-walker, and baby-carriage-pusher on my street has learned to greet me with glowing respect. (‘A Jewish guy, working the fields, hands in the dirt, and with no Thai imported-workers in sight!) Plus I’ve been on TV a couple times: discussing UFOs, or as the ‘Savior of the American Colony’ in Jaffa docu-drama, and backing name-drop musicians as a conductor and multi-instrumentalist. So ‘famous’? Check.

2) ‘… and rich’: Ok, I own an historic two-story log house built in 1796 which I restored to ‘museum’ standards, a bunch of prime agricultural acreage in the nation’s breadbasket (central PA,) plus an attention-grabbing architectural ‘wonder of the world’ house on Main Street here, which I designed all by my exquisite self and also built, alone, and in record time. Add a VISA credit card plus a Bank-Israel card in my wallet. Oh and I never travel without at least One Hundred ! shekels of flash-cash ‘in-hand’.

 So… what’s the deal with hot chicks frantically dialing ‘100 ‘(Police) whenever I try to kiss ’em? Tried it three times now, expecting an Einsteinian different result. No-go.

Like I admitted in the Title:’Dunna Wanna Work’.
I’ve now kinda put on hold more serious groping, p*ssy-grabbing, stuff like that there…
And as to voting for the candidate who promised this perk but apparently can’t deliver, I’m so over the Donald.

At least Hillary, when she stopped by here last week, sat sweetly across from me in my proffered best ‘found-on-the-sidewalk’ chair, appeared to enjoy my ‘day-old’ rolls and poor-soul coffee, looked me in the eye like I wish my Mother ever had, and truly listened to my brief story. We parted with a warm hand-shake. Which I now realize ‘trumps’ any forcible kissing I might have disgustingly dreamed of.
Note: The ‘proviso’ at the top of the page: ‘Anything not fictitious here is real’ is very much relevant. What is true is that ‘Yes means yes, and No means no’, even for the rich and famous Solberg.


5 thoughts on “Ok: ‘Trumping Women’? Tried it; Dunna Wanna Work!

  1. solberg73 Post author

    Well, she already had my vote; so we mainly gabbed about college life, how to be tough but beloved. She was a year ahead of me in HS. (Ok, I made that ‘visit’ up, but you knew that.
    The house part is of course 100% true. Pix here… somewhere?
    So glad the election is finally over.
    As to my own male behavior, yeah, have to be Honest: I had ‘four scores’ seven years ago’, but history will not long remember. I hope. (Ha, getting giddy here; using jokes I left out of this post)

  2. solberg73 Post author

    Forgot to apologize for the delay in replying: I have so many ‘unmentionable’ life/ death challenges these days on the must-do’ agenda.

    Lately I’m scared of ‘skills’ tests’. They’ll ask me to pole-vault 13 feet, or kiss (and more) five girls in one day and I’ll beg for a break for coffee, a beer, a smoke, and fast-food. Used to be a bulldozer; now I’m barely a JVC ‘Cadet’. is how I explain it to folks who can’t accept that I’m now ‘old’.
    I’ll save you hours by looking myself for the posts about the ‘Big House’. Worked 2518 hours building it, (minus 2 hours when a guy on the street saw me totally stuck with a 14 foot wall-section half-raised and rescued me.
    How are the Nittany Lions doing these days? I do remember when it was important to know, Some kind of Paterno intrigue kinda happened, no?
    Oh, and it must be at least a tad distressing when they use your name as the word for tooth decay?
    Not to worry, for me you shall always be the Hebrew verb ‘l’khakhat’, le’shov’ (to move something dear and valuable from point to point).
    Thanks, no need to add, for your attention/ JS

    1. promisesunshine

      I try not to be involved with dental hygiene. I thought hijinks there, should have left it. hijinx. geez. I used to be able to spell. hyjinx. hijynx. google says I was right the first time. moving on.
      No home game this week. This is what I care about. I can drive from one side of town to another without aligning my efforts to when people are partying/watching football. Paterno got a crap deal.
      No need to ever apologize for delay. Life is chaos. And now I must le shove something. 🙂
      I very much look forward to house pictures. (especially the one of you trapped by a wall).


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