Jesus said it first: ‘It is finished.’

The Guy knew a water-shed moment when He saw one….as should the ‘malignant clown’ aka Trumpe-de-oil-de snake.

Try as he might to spin it, this latest non-photo-shopped repulsive clip is, one would hope, the last nail on the cross.
It makes Abraham Lincoln’s scandalous ‘Four scores,from seven years ago; check out the sex tape’ address look positively quaint by comparison, even given that ‘Dishonest Abe’ chose to brag about his sexual exploits on a hallowed Civil War battlefield!
At any rate, I’ll not claim to be prophetic here, any more than a rain-drenched hurricane-victim who cries out in the wilderness of what was once his suburban paradise: ‘Gonna rain, I’m telling ya!’

No, my thoughts are on ‘the economy, stupid!’ I project a massive savings in gas, time spent waiting at the polling booths, and the welcome end of ‘agree to disagree’ husband-wife discussions.
At this point, though, anyone still voting for the orange ‘pussy-grabber’ and still not tied to a bed in an institution is an indictment mainly on the US lack of facilities to help the insane.
Oh, and my back-up Scriptural texts were: “And Judas went out and hung himself” followed by ‘Go thou and do likewise.’ Sound advice from a Guy I’d actually love to have seen as President.


12 thoughts on “Jesus said it first: ‘It is finished.’

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Well, I just spent 3 hours reading every word in every major US, UK paper, plus the New Yorker, Wall St Journal, Atlantic, Vox, Politico, Wash Post of course, The NYT… etc. The GOP-Mobile is not ‘dented’, it’s totaled. Try it yourself and be convinced. (Of course Jesus’s ‘IT’ may refer not to the 2016 campaign, but to the future of a sane planet)

        1. solberg73 Post author

          Ah yes, and that’s a critical ‘duh’ moment I only realized about a week ago: I know *no one*, family, friends, pedestrians, clients, who would even dream of voting for that failed p*ssy-grabber. And so I’m kinda blissfully unaware of the alternate ‘rationality’ you once trusted to prevail in the end.
          Meanwhile, though, I still plan to anoint-with oil-this holy day, 8 October 2016 as if I’d just heard from the oncologist “Sorry, wrong diagnosis, yer fine till 2020!’
          Probably order ‘steak, well-done, baked potato, and drinks all around till I max my card.
          Hmm.. they might have already taken down the sign for the trump-sandwich: “White bread, full of baloney, Russian dressing, and a very small pickle.’
          Love being in touch with you here, even minus any real bio details gender, age, location. So even if you are secretly that famous ‘I’m actually a doggie, on the internet’, meme, well… so am I??

          1. promisesunshine

            ah ha! I once had an online friend who sort of insisted that I prove I wasn’t a naked dude on a naugahyde chair. Which I was then, and still am, disinclined to do, even though I am most assuredly neither naked, sitting in a nagahyde chair, nor a dude. I live in the center of our mutual state of origin, in the bastion of civilization amidst cows.I’ve been on the planet for half a century and some change, pretty well hitched for more than half of that time. Even though you didn’t ask, If you would like to know, my name is Carrie.

            A month and we’ll know for sure the result of all insanity.

            1. solberg73 Post author

              As sweet and discrete a reply as anyone could envision, and thank you for your trust. All I needed to know.. I’m left, now with only one critical question. “What do Naugas look like, what do they eat, or bite, and how many does it take to make a decent sofa? Oh, and who dey gonna vote for?

    1. eleanorio

      I’ve always had a warm spot in my gizzard for the Scots. They certainly do know how to call a spade a spade.

    2. solberg73 Post author

      Aha, now I ‘must’ spend some of my cripplingly-limited download allotment to read the rest.
      I’ve enjoyed for the last month a small, free browser-ap which ignores pix and gives me only gray-scale text. So my current insults are mainly ‘text-based. As in: For me, the Fuhrer may have a stupid-looking mustache, but it’s his words I more despise.



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