Dear ‘Wrist-watch phone-ists’: The End is Nigh!

OR: “The Format which I Fear-might destroy my ‘Fermat’s last Floor-mat’:

Guess I ought re-do-  this post
For easier viewing by the ‘Shrinking Universe‘ crowd.

The immortal Pierre de Fermat famously scribbled:
“I have discovered an amazing theorem, the margins of this page being too narrow to contain its proof.”


So… how are y’all doing reading this on yer bite-size screens?
To me, a ‘computer‘ is a robust box on a desk, holding components you can hold in your hand, and replace if needed without an electron microscope.
 Text is, at the least,  the sentence-length of a cheap paperback book; pictures are real viewable images, not minuscule thumbnails, and a keyboard is a tactile human-sized analog of the proven typewriter.
And so even my attractive latest ‘add-to-shopping-cart’ home-decor item, (the above-mentioned floor-mat) is at least large enough to scrub a pair of homo-sapien’s feet on. The artfully rendered and embossed image there-on (created and manufactured by Americans, in America, (albeit from 7 countries-of-origin at last count) shows a road-kill-flattened, presumably dead Fermat taking up most of the scene, but crowded ignominiously by border icons and ‘apps‘ on the margins.
I cannot but admire the fellow; gave his life to pry into the mathematical guts of our life on this planet, and presumably any other where two times two equals four.
Still, this post is less a love-letter than… um… hate-mail(?) Nah, make that ‘WTF?’-mail.’
Ok, I’ve actually built car-seat platforms for passenger-side monitors, inverter power-supplies, removable mouse and keyboard plywood panels. All in order to have a ‘portability’ option for a ‘man-sized’ real computer. Dunna-wanna work, I’ll now admit. And even a lap-top is an epic-fail outdoors… because of screen-glare/ sun-blindness (choose one).
But for now, I prefer to die, life-sized, as  my beloved “Last Fermat”… over the sheeple option of trying to execute anything digitally-serious on a wrist-watch.
Yes, at last count, 9 out of ten pedestrians here were disgustingly observed walking the street with some small zombie-device held in front of their oblivious gaze. (Only up-side is that I can now masturbate in public with no fear of being noticed.) Jus’ kidding, of course, but their unprecedented un-awareness of our local Earth, its flora and fauna, and the sun and moon have me nightly sobbing over the dismal future of Humanity.
To my relief, I can, still, distinguish between a  reply ‘sent-from-my-watch’ and a  response from a fellow fossil like me. Certainly, one can still click ‘Like’ on a key-chain dongle, but a comment like “…perhaps you neglected Euler, Gauss, Pascal, and Poisson in your line-up of floor-mat super-stars?’ can only have been typed by a fellow Koolaid-Refuse-nik dear to my heart.
Sooo.. is The End Nigh? I seriously wanna know/ JS


5 thoughts on “Dear ‘Wrist-watch phone-ists’: The End is Nigh!

  1. happierheathen

    It seems that paying attention to humans of unlike mind is just a good way to unlike your own mind…

    We lived in the wilds of Las Vegas for a time… way, way too long a time as I hate even passing through… and something that struck me as interesting was that the public cell phone consumption that began in the upper middle class and trickled down into the lower classes was being shunned by the upper middles. At the higher end establishments no phones were ever in evidence, even as handy shopping lists, and no ringtones were heard. So there’s hope…

    … says the guy who still mows a lawn that has jack doodly to do with feudal aristocracy any more…

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Wow, as often happens, a wide range of topics: I learned most of my ‘as actually spoken’ Hebrew thru mega-hours on 830 Megahertz, before encryption. Listened as seemingly innocuous phrases by party A were revealed to be cultural ‘game-overs’ for party B. Ha, learned not to make the same mistake myself in conversation. The point is: in those days the cell-phone crowd was uniformly well-heeled, mostly professionals and very often name-drop SWL logbook ‘catches. Today, were I even able to listen in, it’d be to the moo-ings of the great unwashed. Times change. I do like your opening pearl of wisdom. I may need it more and more as I become a Luddite re: the direction of ‘progress. Hmm.. I thought I’d be forever ‘fer-it’ just on scientific principle; never dreamed of myself as a ‘back to the caves’ kinda guy. To the issue, miniaturizing human interfaces has a stone-wall in the road; the physical goddamn size of our bodies, fingers, field of vision, As long as we’re ‘meat’ based, of course. I’ll not be sad to exit as anachronism; a 6 ft man resembling that ‘Da Vinci?’ circular drawing. While Samsung sells ‘nano-penises’ to the ‘latest gadget’ hordes. ‘Smart-Schvantze 7.0′ what, you don’t have one?’ I hear them saying already. Thanks for the typically inspiring comment, bro

  2. somewittyhandle

    And yet it was not until 1995 that somebody found a margin big enough for the proof. I was abseiling down a spreadsheet escarpment, armed with a paint roller, at the time, and was pipped to the post.

    1. johnny

      Has is come to this, that I needed to thumb thru ‘Idioms: UK’ clear down to ‘P’. Bingo, plus a trademark pun for the extra point. depending on sales, I’ll put you on the next rug. (I’m now reminded of a post I did 10? years ago, with a cartoon, to ‘teach’ the importance of commas and inverted quotes. A poor fellow scribbles: ‘I am writing, writhing on the floor. And variations there-of


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