Surfer Dreams

“Mild-est Tuesday evening in Southern Indiana since Chile’s signing of the Halston-Mayes Agreement. In 1994 the island nation of {illegible}…

I have excellent web-access while dreaming, and lots of the articles I read while solidly in REM overflow with vital information about which I was un-clear or unaware.
I suppose this odd new form of sleep-walking (‘sleep-surfing’?) will bless/ plague me until I quit doing so much waking-life net research just before bedtime. Meanwhile, I wake up informed.
Except this morning, for example.
I sleep-read and re-read and re-re-read the above headline for maybe a solid hour just now. (4AM to 5AM) There on the bed cocooned in my patented fitted-sheet protection against mosquitoes. To its credit I suffer not from Dengue, E. or W. Nile, malaria, or even ‘chicken-gumbo'(sp?) disease.
No, I suffer from ‘sleep-paralysis’, as in “I ain’t gonna get out of bed until I understand this-here article.”
But what to make of it? This time I simply couldn’t scroll past the bold headline.
Dream-analysis would say that the message, the trigger, is the unresolved feelings I have in real-life encounters with stories whose mystifying titles only become understandable after a full read plus WIKI links.
So, mystery solved? Except for the deal with Chile. Am I fer-it or ‘agin-it? And Indiana weather??: ‘mild’, compared to what?

I raise these questions here kinda like the kid in the joke who asks his Dad deep questions, three times in a row, only to hear a distracted ‘I don’t know, son.’ Finally the child apologizes for bothering his Father, to which the Dad replies: “Hey, if ya don’t ask, you’ll never know?”

For me Void Press is like that Dad. I learn next to nothing about my posts, my creative(?) output. (With the exception of a handful of much-appreciated commenters)

Still, I dream of, like, piles of feedback. Probably the only way I’ll go viral here is by abandoning the mosquito-net and contracting Chicken-gumba, whatever. ‘A high fever, at times accompanied by delusions’. Yup, sign me up.


10 thoughts on “Surfer Dreams

  1. promisesunshine

    If you google “Halston-Mayes agreement” you are likely to find links to porn videos. Indiana is a conservative Christian state, to my knowledge. (Unless I’m completely wrong, the vice presidential candidate on the loony side is from there. vice seems strangely apt in this conversation). And Chile could be the pepper. So I think you might be having some mixed feelings about porn. Subconsciously.
    Or not.
    Just making conversation.
    I wish I could be a horde of commentators for you.

  2. solberg73 Post author

    You’re sweet, ya know that? ♥
    As to anal-ysis: this is only one of a thousand similar ‘texts’ I’ve had displayed in my ‘mind’s eye’. Thanks for the leads. I do need to ‘get to the bottom of this’; *Someone* is writing this pepper-porn, and it ain’t me.

  3. Roadkill Spatula

    Your comments regarding the lack of feedback remind me of a certain fellow-Xangan who threw pity parties on occasion regarding the lack of comments on his posts. He has done the same a couple of times on FB. Your comments, however, lack the plaintive tone; your subtext indicates that you and your blog will both continue living whether or not I respond.

    And wouldn’t you know it, I return to FB following an extended hiatus in which I must have been doing better things (I really can’t remember) to find that good ol’ JXS has been posting up a storm! I look forward to wading through your posts, especially if I can figure out how to do WP on my phone, which I use far more than my laptop nowadays.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Ha, A.G. Bell was prophetic: ‘Watson come here, I need you.’
      So pleased to note your putting ‘pity-parties’ in a separate pile from my ‘restrained petulance’. Not every ‘note in a bottle’ tossed into the (walking distance) Mediterranean is gobbled up by beach-combers these days. The devil FB ‘succeeds’ in drowning them in a morass of unread sea-floor flotsam and/or jetsam. 2016’s Sargasso Sea.
      I do see that you’ve been occupied with the ‘triviality’ of moving, which in your inspiring case obviously involves lots more detailed love than simply moving boxes.
      I do have a deja-vu feeling that WP is ‘the new Xanga’. My doomed hopes of recreating the ‘village’ we had there anew here on WP were …um… doomed from the start. Like the fabled Maytag repairman, I get calls once a year or so, when a prong breaks off in a power plug.
      Regards to Alicia, hoping she’s safe from the loose-cannon (pop-gun? ) vile creature running for El Presidente and liable to twit-attack anyone even daring to share her name. Please explain, to this ex-pat, how such a horror-show could have happened in a country we both love and call home/ JS

      1. Roadkill Spatula

        My wife is also baffled by the support of nearly half of the US voting public for the aforementioned candidate. She finds him a similar phenomenon to the late Presidente Chávez of Venezuela, who was the ragging partner of ex-presidente Uribe of Colombia. With the current master of diplomacy (i.e. wimp) that is leading Colombia, the exchanges of insults between the former leaders are the stuff of nostalgia.

  4. happierheathen

    Someone’s probably said it before, but my take on it is that dreams are just our neuroses laughing at us at a time when we cannot escape by way of distraction. No anal-eye-sis required to figure out that every last one of us is at least somewhat crazy — the only question is what you’ll do with it. And what you do with it is write cool shit on the internet every now and then, which makes you quite valuable indeed. To we few enlightened souls who’ve been lucky enough, one way or another, to bump into whatever disk drive on the internet was holding your words at the time.

  5. solberg73 Post author

    Great comment, as expected. Each nights dreams seem lately to be an order of magnitude more “Duh, who’s writing this stuff??” than before. Seriously, having developed internal tools for ‘total recall’. I google repeatedly ‘no-comprehende’ phrases, click ‘auto-detect language’, and am shocked to read translated phrases which ‘explain it all’,… in Albanian! Wish I were making this up; a girl from Tirana in a tiara, tempting but inscrutable (3:30 AM)
    “I need help” I’ll admit it.

  6. Roadkill Spatula

    Google turns up a Holston treaty, summarized as follows on Wiki: The Treaty of Holston (or Treaty of the Holston) was a treaty between the United States government and the Cherokee signed on July 2, 1791, and proclaimed on February 7, 1792. It was negotiated and signed by William Blount, governor of the Southwest Territory and superintendent of Indian affairs for the southern district for the United States, and various representatives of the Cherokee peoples, most notably John Watts. The treaty established terms of relations between the United States and the Cherokee, and established that the Cherokee tribes were to fall under the protection of the United States, with the United States managing all future foreign affairs for all the loosely affiliated Cherokee tribes.

    The island nation of Palau gained its independence in 1994 and has been celebrated in crossword puzzles ever since.

    In 2013 the following news item was released: (WMC-TV) – Teresa and Mary Mayes both accepted plea agreements Friday for the kidnapping of two little girls and the murder of their sister and mother. Teresa’s sister, Bobbi Booth, is shocked at the outcome of her sister’s plea agreement, but is relieved it is over.

    Chile has nothing to do with any of these items, as far as I can tell.

  7. Yonatan Solberg

    Thanks for the leg-work. I’ll assume all this angst is screaming at my sleeping id without citing links, ha. My next post on the phenomenon may shed some light on the working mechanism.


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