DST Update: Figured it all out.

OK, I jump out of bed every morning about an hour before the sunrise. I just love the feeling that I’m ‘more gung-ho than the Sun’. But perhaps more important is the early-morning quiet, the last lingering darkness which I’ve made a point to gawk at…and which of late includes my planetary-friends Venus and Jupiter, shining there for me every morning albeit at ever-so-slightly different celestial angles.
But, back to earth, the biggest gift, as a human living among other proto/quasi-humans(?) is the absence of the, how to say it?, ‘audio-visual-olfactory shit’ they spew from the moment they crawl out of their lairs. Traffic, car-alarms, dogs on or off leashes defecating on my sidewalk, wasted-protoplasm morons blathering into telephones, pickup trucks laden with Thai slave laborers, garbage truck workers screaming at each other or the driver. There, have I said enough? And none of this fits in with my love-affair for Venus, as I hope you can understand.
And so, I’m happy that I finally ‘got it’… what so bugs me about the clock change. It’s manifestly *not* losing an hour of sleep; hell, I spent three decades at least on 4 hours of sleep a night. No, it’s the sudden disgusting head of al diseased camel poking its head into my precious early-AM hour of engineered euphoria.
Having understood this, I shall simply arise at the ‘newly-proclaimed’ 4:30AM. Stay tuned for ‘how’s that working out for you, Johnny?’


7 thoughts on “DST Update: Figured it all out.

  1. happierheathen

    Funny how we appreciate the same kinds of things in the quiet but approach it from opposite sides of the meridian. DST probably sucks about the same from either side, I think.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      A: Your comment inspires deep thoughts; a testament to my esteem. We could define ‘arbitrary’ as the theme of my reply. Yes, the Egyptshines likely thought that the longitudinal line through Giza would be forever the ‘prime meridian’, underestimating the Greeks, Romans, and more fatefully, the Anglo-Saxons on an island they didn’t even have on their maps.
      We two are about 5/12ths of a rotation apart: my morning QRM starting 10 hours before yours. I will say that, as one who gave away a full scholarship at a major ‘higher-learning’ institution in the 60s to work full-time for the ‘Revolution’, which perhaps because it was televised kinda didn’t work out like we planned, I do still have an un-staighten-able ‘bent’ for radical solutions. That having been admitted, I’m pondering this AM changing my watch by, say, 8 hours. Put my crops on computer, and arise at 2PM. Donald Fagen/ Steely Dan: “I rise when the Sun goes down/ cover all the games in town..”
      Why settle for a one-hour shift , cow-tow to Caeser, when I can just as easily overturn the chess-board and enjoy watching the pawns and rooks roll under the furniture?
      At any rate, I’m happy to have ID-ed the crux of the malaise here, and thanks for your help/ JS

      1. happierheathen

        I think one’s gotta be weird enough that normality is not expected of him in order to get away with things like that. Holy cow, that’s the shortest book I ever wrote right there.

  2. somewittyhandle

    I am sad to report that old Launcelot, my alarm clock of many years, was killed by a fox a few months ago, and a successor is yet to be hatched. Your post brings him to mind, as he and I also used to enjoy the “before we join the others” spell at the beginning of the day. It occurs to me now, though, that he had a much more sophisticated system than the twice-yearly hour change. He made a daily DST adjustment taking into account numerous factors celestial, terrestrial, and perhaps bestial. He used to annoy my most annoying neighbour tremendously with his early rising: a service for which I was always grateful.

  3. lupusreallysucks

    For a couple of years I arose faithfully at 3am to write. It was the best time of the day for all the reasons you mentioned. I don’t recall when/why I stopped doing that. Recently I’ve thought about trying to reset my mental clock to those early morning wake-ups. I’ve hardly written at all since they were abandoned.

  4. solberg73 Post author

    Interesting; I disallowed myself to have any roosters mainly to avoid even having to talk to neighbors, each of whom has of course a dog or two who bark 24 hrs a day. Life is short, and I’ll suffice with un-fertilized eggs as a small price for not having to see arrogance and hypocrisy face-to-face.


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