So much Canal.. so much Panama! (Pals Pt II)

WordPress shuts down your site if your post is titled ‘Part One’ and then you fail to continue within 30 days, so here goes…
Hey I didn’t say it world be easy to live your life where every utterance can be spelled both forwards or backwards. But so be it if one wants to be among the truly Enlightened.
Lately I seem to be lucky:
A neighbor’s mom approached me exasperated on the street, phone in hand. She’s had enough of her son’s arrogant attitude and had SMS-ed him ‘ED U R RUDE!’
He replied: ‘AM I MA?’. As if his obvious character flaw was an un-proven conjecture.
Now I know Edward. Once you get past his exterior bravado he’s a sensitive entity in fact.
So that afternoon I SMS-ed his mother with my advice:
Haven’t heard from either of ’em yet so cross yer fingers.

Been on the net a lot the last couple days;’s my job. Had to dig up the dirt on two job candidates here for a company I can’t name. Met one guy Damian, (under false pretense, of course) and barely escaped with my ears intact. What a gabber! The other fellow is a curious specimen; does ‘new-age’ lectures; I went to one, sat in the back row. He’s slick. Plus I’m told he works in private investigations for hospitals disputing claims.Name’s ‘Zelig’ and I fear he may be unstable.
Anyway I filed my report:


Next stop was a rare bird shop down at the ‘Safari’ at Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv. I volunteered to take my neighbor Ed’s older brother, call him ‘S’. Most of the exhibitors, turned out, were young female police academy candidates. ‘S’ got into a fight wouldn’t you know. Runs in families I guess. Anyway:
Hmm.. guess that’s the ‘takeaway’ as they call it these days.

Lucky Ed does have a younger sister, sweet thing. She was having trouble raising two ‘found’ kittens. They wouldn’t eat anything plus they seemed to be shivvering all night. I spent some time on net-research then an equal time convincing her to at least try what I recommended:
Last I heard they are still alive, albeit looking a bit silly in their purple knit 4-legged ‘ski-pants’.

Next time we’ll talk about how to create from scratch, no cheating, phrases for almost any situation. Hint: sit in a chair, pick a word spell it backwards in your head and see what comes out.
Here’s one: ‘PERCIVAL’ Ok a quick look at ‘LAVICREP’ and you see that with an ‘S’ you can get ‘SLAVIC REP. (Of course at a cost of making Percival plural or possessive. I went ahead and made SLAVIC REPTILE but now we have to deal with the ‘ELIT’, coming from the other direction. Need a verb ending in ‘EL ‘MODEL CANCEL? As you can see it’s a lot of Panamanian canal-digging in both directions. The reader is invited to flesh out ‘PERCIVAL. The big bucks, be reminded, go to Palindromes which make sense and don’t look contrived or contorted. Be well/ JS



15 thoughts on “So much Canal.. so much Panama! (Pals Pt II)

  1. happierheathen

    I don’t have to go to all that bother to come up with palindromes. I just hang around and let the Solberg Model 2000 generate them for me! 🙂

    I thought about aiming for true enlightenment once, but it turned out that I prefer darkness. Lots of good stuff happens in the dark.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Ha reminds me of the gallons of Day-Glo paint I went through in the 60s. Half a decade spent in UV. And I’m trying these days to wage a final frontal assault on the whole palindrome biz. Parts 3 and 4 will explain(?) How and Why.

  2. ordinarybutloud

    Trying to come up with palindrome sentences is making my head hurt. I will try this in about 10 more years. I’m going to bookmark this page so I don’t forget.

  3. duncan

    repeat attempt:

    A spoiled heiress from the little known Balkan principality of Palindrovia, had a preoccupation with things dere (which I dicovered moments ago is an adjective: ‘relating to the properties of things mentioned in an assertion or expression’. Descended as she was from a long line (5 to be precise) of Rakia magnates, who preferred to stick to the point, they decided to build a trunk to confine her in, to keep her focused. Unfortunately, the village pervert (nice work if you can get it), Percy, had a thing about this, and liked to watch. Thus:

    Dere Ella VI crept in it; Percival leered.

  4. solberg73 Post author

    That reptile Percival! I actually enjoy the far-fetched ones as much as my ‘new breed’ of almost conversational prose. The legwork to make ’em make sense is a charm in itself.
    I’ll still persist on ‘Percival’ though. He seems a font of inspiration.

  5. duncan

    Speaking of reptiles: Percy wasn’t the only one. A North African immigrant to the area, who had spent years learning the local lingo with the sole object of harassing innocent maidens, used to prowl the town every night with his flashlight, looking for an opportunity for voyeurism. He knew what Percy was up to. He got a ladder. Perched it on Percy’s windowsill. Shone the flashlight in. That was when the

    Moor Slavic reptile lit Percival’s room

  6. Roadkill Spatula

    You are the true master of palindromes. This was the first time I saw a numeral used in one, but 8 is the perfect candidate, being perfectly symmetrical.

    Glad to see you posting. You had dropped off the face of the earth for a while. I don’t get to read my WP feed as much as I used to because at my current office it is blocked. I can only get to comments and any links I happen to have or remember.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Yes I read your description of the less-than-perfect office net. I’ve been AWOL I’ll admit. BTW your site as do several others kills Firefox and so I can’t visit it. Some horrid bug or other; Have to restart the computer if I even click on the beloved RS.


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