My Anonymous Honey: what to do?

I’ll interrupt the palindrome series (plenty new ones to present) while we enjoy for a second the sweet quandry/dilemma I need to address before I go nuts.
In a nutshell: I returned last night after dining out to find a generous bottle of fine honey sitting on the table by the front door. Wrapped in only the top half of the original tissue-paper which perhaps once encased it, there  remained only a small tag saying  ‘Shana Tovah (‘Happy new year). No name, and also no label on the bottle, a generic one kilo (2.2 pound) jar.
And of course the question is: Who left it there? Whom do I thank? (for it is truly delicious!

What does a guy do in a situation like this I ask my ether-advisors?

1) Important to state that ‘It could be just about anybody.’ I have no enemies and tons of folks here for whom giving me a present wouldn’t be a surprise.

2) There may be a down-side of asking acquaintances one by one, whether they gave me the honey. Why, because if not, then they may feel guilty or somthing. They’ll look at the floor, trying to figure how to admit that no, they’ve failed to express their love. And I don’t want to put anyone in that corner.

3) And so the Hint Method: I do have one good friend who has bees, and I almost called him just now, meaning to ask, by the way, how the honey business worked out this year. (I didn’t call mainly because I wanted to write this post first while I still have the question on active.)

4) Ok, not a lot of folks know in fact where I live. I just moved to a new place, a total junkyard of a negleted once-proud house and have spent over a month making it even livable. Meanwhile all the neighbors, many of whom I’ve never talked to, wave at me fondly when driving past. A sign of their usual ‘adoration’ of the small magician in me, who isn’t afraid to work like a dog in order to rescue a house. Any one of them could have given me the honey. And there are also quite a few  satisfied customers, many of whom still owe me money. perhaps the honey is an expression of ‘interest’.

5) Some have suggested a secret female admirer, her battle plan-of-attack being the mysterious giving of gifts. I don’t know what to think: I’m cute, admittedly and all options are open. Maybe her next move will be to break in (not much of a challenge so far) and to wash all the dishes, do the laundry, and leave me a warm meal on the table? Thinking that at that point I’ll be powerless to resist. Hmm..

6) Anyway, hard to sleep until I know the truth. In one sense it’s agruably a bit thoughtless(?) to put an innocent guy in a fructo-limbo like this.

Soooo… anyone know, maybe from experience, how to make this all turn out well?



16 thoughts on “My Anonymous Honey: what to do?

  1. dimebone

    Act indifferent, and I am sure the perp will be revealed soon enough. After all, there is no point in leaving an anonymous gift unless she gets a reaction.

    You might look for beehives in your neighborhood. Survey the local flowers, and track the honeybees back to their home.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Good suggestions, both. ‘Tailing the bees is clever; sometimes we forget who did the heavy lifting to make the sweet honey.
      Meanwhile it’s exciting to anticipate the Solution.

  2. eleanorio

    In anticipation of this happening again, you could leave a present for the giver at the site of giving, addressed to the honey elf. Remember the shoemaker and the elves? Just like that.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Precisely El. I had a meeting with a friend last night where we discussed at absurd length the wording of just such a sign. She opined that it’s likely from a neighbor who appreciates the cleanup I’m doing on this very public long-time eyesore.

  3. Anita

    Keep in mind that anonymity may be part of the thrill of giving for your giver. Not even a handwritten few words to send off to the handwriting identification experts – this is a hardened, practiced giver who may have a long history of participation in “Secret Santa” groups, or similar organizations.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      I love the facetious description of my donor. Yes likely a serial chimney-dropper, probably has reindeer in his backyard. Hey we’re looking for any lead no matter how small in this case. Tnx 4 ur help Anita

  4. ordinarybutloud

    I think it’s the bee person. I feel like it’s someone who has bees. Because if I was going to give someone a gift anonymously in a jar, it would be something I grew or made on the premises.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      We think alike and that direction is also my most likely suspect. The reason I don’t call him is… guess I just want to stretch out the ‘could be anybody, ain’t I lucky!’ halcyon daze.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Ha , guess I’m searching for Emanon. here usual Hebrew for ‘John Doe is ‘Ploni Almoni’. And like I told OBL above the temptation is to save the resolution of the mystery and relish the gift for like, forevah.


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