‘Johnny’s gonna sing a song/ and he wants you all to sing along’/

I myself have trouble resisting joining in, on the 2nd repetition of the chorus at least, with this C&W flavored song of heartbreak and giving up the ghost. It’s from the ‘Live’ album, and ‘Doc Hevel,’ another of my alter egos, sings the lead.(All the alters have Eng/Heb play-on-words names; in this case ‘Hevel doc’ in hebrew means ‘a thin rope’.)
Here are the words, followed by the tune. Feel free to, you know, what I said…

You can hardly recognize the man you tripped on
Down and out – tired and feeling blue
Everything I didn’t lose – guess I gave away
Nothing left I ever got from you

I went from rags to riches
Now I’m back with my own kind which is
Exactly where – you wanted me to be

Last night I laid awake and thought about you
Thought about the little things you said
Your love was like a burning sun
Now you’re just someone I can’t remember when
you crawled out of my bed

Don’t let the clothes deceive you
I never could believe you could have
thrown away a decent man like me
I’m tryin to look like nobody – no girl could ever love
Specially if she looks like you – and fits me like a glove
Well it’s time to take my broken heart
And give it to somebody smart enough
to never love a girl like you


4 thoughts on “‘Johnny’s gonna sing a song/ and he wants you all to sing along’/

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Yes, I too liked that line, and never claim sui generis status in a world of 7 billion(?) souls.
      I do need to thank the actual object of this truck-stop whine for the inspiration.Luckily, I need only to wait till she wakes up, there in the bed she once crawled right out of.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Hey what can I do? The crowd wants angst, I give ’em angst. and three(3) chords) Meanwhile I’m solidly with you on the brand choice. And glad you could listen to the song at least.


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