Shrink: ‘Depressed, huh? I’d be too if I had your problem.’

Me:Kinda puts you out of a job then, don’t it?’

Shrink: “Well, I prefer to say ‘I know when I’m  licked‘.”

Me: “Yeah I guess. Me being convinced I have some horrific undiagnosed terminal disease, yet sacared to go find out…”

Shrink: “Nah, we could deal with that one. Worst case, you pay me in advance…no, it’s the blog thing that’s intractable, untreatable.”

“Wow, I’d thought it was brain-cancer or the chickens…”

“what, chickens eating your crops? A piece of cake! I teach you to accept and move on. Oh and move the chickens. But Fear of viral-less-ness? That there’s a can of worms if I ever saw one.”


   OK, this didn’t happen. I can’t afford a shrink. No loss, he can’t fix me anyway. My prognosis is poor. Keep blogging, check Stats hourly, start losing tons of weight, let my toe-nails grow like Howard Hughes… The only question is whether I’ll be coherent enough to ‘Delete Site‘ before the End.

But seriously now, what’s a guy do to find a little Action in this WP cow-town?

I shouldn’t complain; I’m new here. And so far, at least one of the two ‘Q’s is truly heart-warming. That’d be ‘Quality’ (as opposed to ‘Quantity’. The replies I do get are uniformly break-yer-heart thoughtful.
Still, on Xanga (EL: ‘Will you please forget about that rigour-morticed carcass already!’: )… I got used to 10, 20, 30 comments on a post. Not to mention seeing my dumb face on the Front Page almost daily.
Last night I did an experiment: Searched a topic (synesthesia, about which I’m, for better or worse, conversant) and chose four or five blogs on which to leave comments. So far (16 hours and counting) I haven’t gotten much of a rise out of it, but hey, there are tons of topics waiting to be explored.
Is this the way to ‘find ‘Friends’ and Fahrvergnugen?
One could proffer all kinds of explanations. Perhaps on Xanga my coterie of readers felt duty-bound to comment. Maybe even out of pity(!).
Here, followers are easily lulled into a sense of anonymity, not knowing whether I have a tracker aboard. Xanga worked with an in-house tracker ‘Footprints’, which displayed the user-name of visitors, who knew they were being noticed. But, nicely, entire posts were also readable ‘off-the-record’ in the ‘Read my Subs’ module, so one had time to breathe, and quietly decide whether to throw your two cents into the ring.


And so in temporary conclusion, how does anyone feel about his/her volume of traffic? And am I alone, deluded, hopeless, and un-shrinkable in feeling only half a man if I’m not ‘viral’ 24/7 ?


20 thoughts on “Shrink: ‘Depressed, huh? I’d be too if I had your problem.’

  1. somewittyhandle

    During the miners’ strike led by Arthur Scargill here in the UK, back in around 1983, there came a day when, demoralised, hungry, and broken, two (2) coal miners broke through the picket line, amid castigation and cries of “scab”, and returned to work.

    The situation was described by the unions as “not a single worker returning”, and by the government as “a steady trickle returning.”

    I’m happy to have a steady trickle of readers.

  2. happierheathen

    Hmmm. How do I feel about my volume of traffic? Having just thought for a few seconds on the topic for the first time ever, I’d say that I feel blessed and honored.

    I suspect that most of us are unshrinkable in at least one way. 🙂

  3. Roadkill Spatula

    I would love to see more comments, but my blog is an oddball anyway, jumping around as I do from handyman stuff to reflections on multiculturality to what-I’ve-been-doing photo-reports. I have collected about 70 subscribers here, but the usual 4-8 comments come from a handful of faithful ex-Xanga friends.

    Seems like with the higher concentration of intellectuals on WP, you could develop a bigger readership. WP suggests using tags to attract readers. Looking for blogs with similar interests and commenting there ought to generate traffic, but I have yet to see any blog similar to yours. You already comment on the blogs of people who comment on yours (elgan, dimebone, MelFamy, etc.).

    1. solberg73 Post author

      yeah, i might as well just tag everything I write as ‘word-play’. I can’t seem to write a declarative sentence without declaring my love for the letters/words.
      hey, Tim, could it be possible that the absence of an equivalent ‘Front page’ is oddly the key missing in the WP experience? much as 90 % of it was total drivel or schlock, it was still an overview of ‘where we live’.

  4. eleanorio

    Comments? You mean you actually got comments on Xanga (Let it lie in rigor mortise for Fabio’s sake already!)? Wait, I actually remember a time when I, too, got comments on Xanga. Then I didn’t. On WP I do not expect comments. Ever. If a blog I have written moves one of my paucity of readers to leave a word or two, I am blessed. Otherwise, Religion has nothing to do with it. I suppose one of the reasons I do not have the copious readers others do is that I don’t publish my blogs with “tags”. I’m not advertising myself. Maybe WP has a “help” section you can consult. In the meantime, nature abhors a vacuum. Whatever that means.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      And I, nature boy, am here to fill that vacuum. I’m using tags/topics a lot here. an excellent way to find the tons of blogs about relevant topics. For now it seems to be a partial answer to the holes in the platform.

  5. whyzat

    I get similar results on Xang II that I do on WP. With few exceptions, my subs in both places are old Xanga friends. Weirdly, I feel a little insulted when a stranger with a fancy blog “follows” me. I feel they are just trying to increase their numbers, not communicate. It’s a bit xenophobic of an old Xangan to be so zany.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Well, some folks like to whistle as they say ‘Every new person is just a friend you haven’t met yet.’ or similar.
      I was ‘liked’ by three bloggers/sites on this post, none of whom read it , as far as my stats show. Hmm.. ‘Friends who haven’t met me yet, either, ha.’
      (I love your final sentence, by the way, before I forget.
      One last story, I got an email a couple days ago from some blogger, an immigrant to Israel, on whose site I’d commenetd, nicely and helpfully. He demanded that I never read or comment on his site ever again, and then apparently used some plug-in ‘blocker’.
      I would think that with 20,000 comments or so that I’ve written in the past, this would have happened at least once before, but it never did.
      I was shocked. But also relieved to find out early that the dear soul is mentally unstable.
      hope that’s not why I wrote about being depressed. It *IS* the chickens, Doc. Somebody gave me yet another one, sickly and old, yesterday. I’m nursing her back to health now, what else could I have done?
      Anyway, thanks for your input. those of us who share a memory of blogging as it ought to be will probably work here to re-create it, if possible at all./JS

  6. Beth1285

    From what I can figure out, you’re from Xanga, too. I’ve been trying to rebuild my friends/followers from people from Xanga in hopes that we can recreate the same atmosphere here. I haven’t been successful yet… There is definitely minimal traffic here, and it’s hard to get anyone to comment, from my experience. I get the feeling people are here to blog more than make any sense of community like we had on Xanga.

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Yes, Beth, I was happy and somewhat well-known back in that Xanga town. All that’s left on my site is the ‘placeholder’ page folks got with the transition.
      I’ll be happy to help you feel more beloved here in the supposed big-city. (there’s no instant way to locate your friends from Xanga, it’s one-at-a-time work in progress process. Not sure I met you there, but it’s a pleasure/ ex-jsolberg

      1. Beth1285

        Thanks! Luckily a handful of people shared their new sites here, so I have a few friends, but yes, it’s a slow process. Every now and then I’ll search “xanga” on keywords and come across people who have added that to their posts. I do the same in hopes that other people have the same thought!

    1. solberg73 Post author

      yes, lots of folks have either left or been forced out by not paying, I have only like, six active souls there anymore, and all I can do now is comment, and then check back, ugh, for a reply. The Team dropped the ball big time.
      I’ll be happy to converse with you here. About subjects I have any wisdom on that is, ha

      1. whyzat

        Interestingly, Fauquet on Xanga said that the Xanga team has recently helped him solve a problem he was having. I didn’t even know that there was still a “team.” (or if there ever was one) Pardon my skepticality.

        1. solberg73 Post author

          Yes, I read that. (I’m Everywhere, Bwaaah!) and also wondered. technically, i have a site. XSA-MD paid for it, but they can’t get off their asses to click a switch on.. yeah, I’m watching my team-spirit go to zilch.

  7. Kakalakola

    Solberg, you tower above the competing beasts like a giraffe in a circus parade, except for the 40 foot whooping crane.

    …and maybe the musical chickens…


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