Something sweet about four-letter worlds

Recall that we earlier made a fairly exhaustive survey of three-letter combinations which can be re-arranged? No? Well, we did. and now we can move on to more fertile ground: the 4-letter words mentioned in the title.
(and if you, dear reader, don’t find this fascinating, well, you better click out before THIS SITH SHIT HITS the WP fan. CYA, but do come later, ok?)
This story belongs, I suppose to ERIC, a student at RICE University, and his girl-friend LOIS, who is getting her master’s in SOIL management there.
Eric, who changes his major like some folks change socks, suffers as do I , from synesthesia, and one of its attendant symptoms;  helplessly watching, in one’s mind’s eye, as letters, all coloured and aromatic, float in a kind of bee-swarm off the page… and all words with the same four letters, for example, are distinctive ‘members of that swarm’.
Lois, her hands and feet a bit deeper in the rich soil of normalcy, none-the-less tolerated his quirks. A sweet couple, they should be together for a hundert jahr’n.
When they met, Eric was pursuing studies in both Chem and Bio. “I’m gonna be a STAR,” he told her, “with my Bachellor-of-ARTS in both TARS and RATS.” Lois gazed at the horizon, trying not to laugh.
That was before it all became serious. And serious it did  became  when the two of them sub-let the apartment of Lois’ close friends, MARY and MYRA, who’d gone off to join the ARMY. Lois thought the coincidence odd; Eric called it ‘predestined’.
Who knows, but it did keep happening. One by one their friends ‘manifested‘ (let’s call it). BRAD, a truly DRAB fellow with limited charisma, landed a job right off-campus in Houston portraying Wm. Shakespeare, a BARD of some note. Then, in turn, BARB married an ARAB, ENOS got a (disastrous) NOSE-job, KURT discovered his roots as a TURK, and even Lois’ dear sister Mimi,  studying vocal performance in Sherbrooke, Quebec, took the summer off to fly to Norway, just to sing SOLO in the LOOS of OSLO.
That was probably the ‘convincer‘ for Lois. “If this ain’t an OMEN from NOME I don’t know from omens!” she said to herself, and, blushing, turned to Eric and whispered:

“Let’s turn out the lights, put in that DISK you love, and have a SKID of KIDS. You know the one; we’ll play it again and again.
“You mean “RINA: ‘Singing through the RAIN‘?” Eric asked, but of course they both knew.
And so we pan out discretely. Watch a FLEA do cartwheels on a LEAF, a FOAL LOAF around on the ACRE test-plot Lois was given to CARE for, down by the RACE-track (after KAY’S  YAKS failed to multiply, but instead just SHAT in the Trainer’s HATS.


The wedding was a magical affair: In a pink fairy dress, DAWN blessed the couple with her WAND and they exited to happily-ever-after-land in a hale of rice, thence to the vehicle they’d rented. A RACECAR, duh. You had any doubts?


5 thoughts on “Something sweet about four-letter worlds

  1. eleanorio

    Ah, yes, I remember Mimi. She had a lovely voice, a mezzo-soprano, very mid-range. Difficult to teach, though. Everything was “Me! Me!” She was one of those students who thinks she already knows everything. I did get a postcard from Norway, though, where she was having a great deal of success. She’s no longer singing solo, though. Her tenor boyfriend Lars got her preggers and now they’re married with children. Mimi was a little loose in Loos, wouldn’t you know!

    1. solberg73 Post author

      Hah. i wouldn’t have guessed you knew her. What a small world! Still, you’ve attracted numerous coincidences in the past here, but digging through 892 posts in the Archives…

  2. Roadkill Spatula

    Lois eventually retired after winning a substantial settlement from her dyslexic plastic surgeon, who had attempted to perform liso-puction on her thighs. (“¡Ay, los lios que me causa mi cliente!” complained his Cuban attorney.) She now paints oils of the old homestead’s silo whilst singing “O soli mio…”

  3. solberg73 Post author

    Yes that surgeon has a history of messing things up. but the Silo-girl shouldn’t complain. Her apartment has never been cleaner and more organized than since the operation.
    And she’s lucky: on male patients he never uses anesthetic, just a rubber hammer to STUN you in the NUTS.

  4. Kakalakola

    Solberg, you tower above the competing beasts like a giraffe in a circus parade, except for the 40 foot whooping crane.

    Strangely enough, LOIS made me think of Clark Kent, which in turn made me think of LANA. Not sure if she ever hooked up with anyone named ALAN though. Or if KENT participated in the Oakland TEN-K Plan.


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