SONG: “(tear up that) Suicide Note”

mona Here is a slightly more ‘serious’ song, wherein the singer explains to someone the futility of ending his life prematurely. The tune was,  oddly, on the top of the charts for ‘Latin Music’ for months, on a major song-writer’s website.

Even though the lyrics aren’t in Latin(?)  OK, ‘suicide’ was borrowed from Latin I suppose. I’d love to see the day when we no longer ned it, and can give it back.
The ‘despondent’ here has apparently suffered a set-back in Love/Relationship, but not all those who leap into the blackness cite that reason. An acquaintance of mine a few years ago hung herself in the kitchen on her birthday, minutes after returning from shopping with her sweet daughter and new grand-daughter. No note, not even an ‘Oy! scribbled on the two un-shelved bags of groceries she’d just bought and left by the door. Vastly unsettling and even maddening, it was. “What, nothing in a beige size 14? I’ll show you!” someone theorized, but we haven’t a clue.
Another friend, though, did have a problem with his ‘Runaround Sue’ girlfriend. One cold February morning he placed his hand on a tree-stump in the backyard, hatchet at the ready, and asked ‘his’ girl if she could be ever be true. She shook her head ‘No’ and a second later he threw his bloody index finger in her face.
He can still play the piano, but favours the black keys these days. I heard the girl entered a nunery, but that might be rumour. ‘Digicide’, I guess that’s called. In Latin.
Anyway the song starts in C minor, goes uphill from there, and is less than 3 minutes long. I’m thinking those are all selling points.

Here are the words:
Tear up that suicide note – it was never meant to last
It’ll never change a thing – not the present or the past
She wrote what she wrote – you might as well be dead already
Just go out in style

You thought her love was true – maybe you never asked
Maybe she never knew – you fell in love so fast
She wrote what she wrote – you might as well just frame her picture
That Mona Lisa smile

Listen to the music – and cry
Just listen to the music – and cry

Pick up your broken heart – you’ll live another day
She was never meant for you – it only feels that way
She wrote what she wrote – you might as well get used to missing her
You’ll be doing it – for a long, long time

Oh, and the Mona Lisa Smile? Alive and well, as of 5AM this morning at least. “Now, with Less Mona, More Lisa!” Or something. (The editor puts the picture at the top and not here where i wanted it.Oh well, she’s accustomed to being on top).


5 thoughts on “SONG: “(tear up that) Suicide Note”

    1. solberg73 Post author

      No worry. She is the girl in the song, a good friend of mine. And very much alive and well/. I need to edit and re-arrange the post to make that clear. Thanks for listening


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