jsolberg contact info

I do intend to stay with Xanga, possibly in parallel with the wordpress exiles. I love this site and its open-ness like crazy.
But since the possibility exists of a ‘go-to-black outcome. here is a handy refrigerator-magnet calling card. Just Right-click and ‘save Image’. or transcribe. CYA’ALL.
(Oh, and do pray for Wes @TexasTidbits while they fix his heart. The ‘meat’ part, I mean, the rest of it is working wonderfully for like, centuries.


24 thoughts on “jsolberg contact info

  1. SoapAndShampoo

    Dude! Definitely putting your email in my contacts. It’s great to see you’re still blogging; I hope you’re doing well IRL. You were always supportive of my writing here on this account and I always appreciated it much. Your posts were unique and entertaining, fun things to see in my subscription list. Whatever happens, it’s been a pleasure knowing you here.

  2. HappierHeathen

    Gotcha. In my gmail contacts list, that is.I believe I put some contact information into my blog at some recent point, but I might be mistaken as I so often am.

  3. jsolberg

    @HappierHeathen – Yes, I copied that 5 and 9. Also found you at another QTH-wordpress. I’d set up one myself but I’m trying to quit smoking, drinking, and home-brew morphine, and the concentration needed to format a new site would severely compromise my efforts. for now.

  4. scifiknitter

    I have you on my contact list. You’re a person who I hoped would surface long enough to wave a flag. Dunno if any of us will really stay in touch when Xanga changes (whether it turns out the light or turns into a WordPress powered site, it won’t be the same). I’ll drop you a line one of these days. I’m easy to track down – I’m scifiknitter everywhere.I don’t plan on coughing up the bucks to stay part of the Xanga community, either for the redoing or the redo. So my blog here will go *poof* more than likely. We’ll see, but the revenue stream is tightening here as my husband moves towards retirement at a faster pace than we had planned…

  5. bupana07

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  6. ZSA_MD

    Thank you for the info. I have added your email address in my file. Perhaps I will see you in Israel when I come to The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Insha’Allah. It is such a pleasure knowing you.

  7. twoberry

    I’ll shoot you an email forthwith (glad I added the last three words to that sentence!)  Definitely want us to be in each other’s address book.I’ll be at http://twoberry-bob.livejournal.com/ I’m pretty sure.  But darn, I hope that Xanga 2.0 survives somehow, because it’s such an incredible FILING SYSTEM.  Not just my Scrabble word lists, but my doctors’ appointments, hyperlinks to favorite websites, so many things.  And of course THE COMMUNITY we’ve built.

  8. splork_splork

    I didn’t even know about this until I read your post. How very sad that xanga might be coming to an end! If that does happen, I will very much miss your wit and brilliant writing here. I’m truly honored to have had you as a “xanga friend” for so many years, and I hope we can stay in touch.

  9. jsolberg

    @lily_scarlet – Beautiful, Rosa. (with and without the comma. I still remember gazing at your intense eyes the day we met and saying to myself ‘there’s a book in there… or more likely at least a trilogy, ha.”I’m steadily emerging from my Poe-morose-Ravens-heckling me stage. And will then scoot around on the net finding the stars’ new nesting places. Love ya/ JS

  10. jsolberg

    @elgan – Yup, still here at the Olde Same Place. A little fancier than when we had our brief meeting, possibly even better food and more comfortable chairs. All the best/ JS

  11. jsolberg

    @somewittyhandle – Nah, us free-loaders have to sit on the bench in the atrium waiting for go-dot dot com to eternity. Google has appealed to me to help them raise 48 billion Euros by this thursday evening or else they shall be forced to close up shop. Where does it all end? And with a whimper?


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