New Art Director at the Janus. No birth cerrtificate for now…

     Yes, the local Janus Museum of Reversible Art has just hired a new Director, a Mr. Barak ‘H’ Kandinsky (no relation) Born in Guam, his family moved to Poland for a term, where, to quote him “I learned to do things backwards and forwards.”
So far I wish him all the best, even though I’m torn between my real affection for my friend Traci’s inspired oddball ‘tropic art, and my hope that Edna, who’s worked there under several administrations, will keep her job.
Edna tells me that ‘BHK’ started out running, in both directions, on Day One. I suppose it’s to
be expected that he hang that minimalist Suleman, both of them having ties to Egypt.
Anyway, one of his first requests, I hear, was:
La’Allah, What was Bushinsky thinking!?” he added, to himself.
Edna had no choice, and Traci was dutifully canned. So it goes in a democracy.


20 thoughts on “New Art Director at the Janus. No birth cerrtificate for now…

  1. Roadkill_Spatula

    I suspect that a fair amount of obsessive thinking goes into your never-ending search for the next palindrome. My kids have told me about obsessions they have or had. My son’s is one of the most interesting: listening to sermons or lectures, he spells out the words in his head, divided into three-letter segments. I think he keys them with his fingers also.

  2. HappierHeathen

    I don’t know if I’m curious or afraid of what might happen if you should immerse yourself in some culture whose writing is bottom up rather than top down. Multidimensional palindromes would probably melt what remains of my mind. In the meantime I will continue looking forward to your wizardry.

  3. twoberry

    I never realized before how much Lo-Allah and Halleluiah sound alike.  Your posts have been missed, and yes, I just commented on the last one, wherein I forgot to ask if you have a pair o’ Katz in your family.

  4. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – Guess I was thinking about the Presidency when I wrote that ‘reversible art; finding a new guy to be president of the US quilt every four years.That’s dear and revealing that you love particular words. God made you to be a writer. And ENAMEL, yeah, ‘L,M,& N’ in reversed order garnished with the two most colourful vowels; what’s not to love?

  5. jsolberg

    @HappierHeathen – I’ve seen something similar to of what you speak, but it’s more than my mind can handle while in neutral, trying to fall asleep nights. Thanks for the ‘wizard’. There are good ones and bad ones, of course.Speaking of Morse, the word FIRST has such a perfect rhythm in dahs and dits, and backwards too. I wrote a whole song once on the theme. Try it and see.

  6. jsolberg

    @twoberry –  Just one Katz, a ‘Henrietta’, from Byalistock.And those two words are of course from Semitic languages, hence the similarity. I do wonder how Scrabble in Hawaiian looks. They seem to have a very limited alphabet.

  7. jsolberg

    @we_deny_everything – Clever. Looks a lot like Welsh. (Did you see ZSA’s email joke: Guy in a bar goes up to two fat ladies speaking with a strong accent, asks ’em “Excuse me, are you two ladies from Ireland?” One of ’em angrily replies “It’s Wales, asshole!” So he corrects himself: “Sorry, are you two whales from Ireland?”Reminds me, I forgot to comment her on how funny I thought it was.

  8. gnostic1

    Very well done! Burned to a crisp in fact. It is sometimes a bit disorienting reading each part of these posts backward, as well as forward, to see what is hidden. Seeking, one finds; finding, one seeks.And your Rec button works! O frabjous joy!


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