Thinspo text-width: What’s the deal with that?

Sorry, you’ll have to click here to see the full horror, it can’t be put into words.

And there we are, text, as if  hiding behind a string of spit from prying-eyed Readers.
Too many sites have fallen for this tragic bait. I have no idea what the attraction is.
I can see an obsessive dieter doing it once, as an in-joke, but for anyone hoping for serious readers? The impression given is somewhere between
1) reading through an eighth-inch crack in a door-frame, or
2) wrenching out someone’s final words on his death-bed, one last-breath syllable at a time.
I’ve been tactful to this point:
Number of times I modestly called the format-fiasco into question in a carefully mono-syllabic
comment: 11
Number of times I’ve been  acknowledged: 0 {MAKE THAT 1, and very sweetly, too. Thanks, DJ.}
And so obviously,
Number of times I’ve succeeded in making the world a wider, better place for humanity: Zilch=0/0.

Yes, I’ve never expressed my claustrophobia in irate terms, never once typed:
You Fool! If you personally get all orgasmic over seeing ‘approximately’ hyphenated approximately 3 times on a single line, that’s none of my business. But why force anyone ‘normal’ to indulge your fetish? Call me when you lose your lisp, so to speak./JS
That’s pretty much the



Wu: Hey guy, why don’t you just carry a ‘stretcher’ when you visit sites?
Me: Thought I was doin’ the jokes here.
Wu: Two can play this game. And where’s my rim-shot?
Me: Yer Mamma’s a rim-shot. Anyway, bro, there is a work-around.
Wu: All ears
Me: You just highlight teh whole damn ribbon of spit, hit ‘Copy’, and paste it into Notepad, then read it like God intended.
Wu: No joke. That’d work with the suckers who scribble their purple prose on a purpler, dense-as-sin, street-map of Manhattan too, right?
Me: Guess so, but I hardly ever care by that point. Figure they’re prolly lost in the subway system anyway, metaphorically speaking.
Wu: Metaphorically speaking.


34 thoughts on “Thinspo text-width: What’s the deal with that?

  1. Lovegrove

    When I visit a site, if it has loud music prone to distract, or if the background adds to the difficulty of analysing what is written, then I usually leave the site immediately. If one is more interested in form than content, that leaves me uninformed and discontent.Depending on my mood, I may leave a comment as to why I depart to help the blogger comprehend why I depart without comment, although in such a case, I comment.

  2. blonde_apocalypse

    One of the first things you learn in Psychology is that you look thinner if you are in a crowd of fat people. Seems like this would be true for columns of text as well. Want the people to seem thinner? Make the text columns fat.

  3. jsolberg

    @blonde_apocalypse – Yes, kinda like wearing vertical stripes. Of course we are too tactful to engage in speculation as to what may drive these horizontal minimalists to such extremes. Some folks just have a problem with their ‘dimensions’, I’ll venture. Without being specific.

  4. Lovegrove

    @jsolberg –  I understand your frustration. Don’t be concerned though.Not everyone can merely reach my level of erudition. … Most people pass it!But a gentleman does not mention such things. What! What!

  5. jsolberg

    @xXxlovelylollipop – Oh no. I’ve been outed, kinda. By which I mean that you may have seen a site rather recently on which I commented about this. No not yours. I went there to discuss something, ‘pero el infierno era demasiado estrecha’, so to speak.(If I ever see anything I don’t like on your site, unless I kick the bucket first, I’ll feel free to share it with you, dear. You have a wide ‘corazon’)

  6. jsolberg

    @xXxlovelylollipop – Yes I saw that. Ouch. I was too busy being an invalid myself. I’m having a strangely slow recovery. Mouth still feels, after a week, like a punch in the face ten minutes ago. And my left leg, which I thought only bruised, now has what looks like a bullet wound emerging. Wow, imagine trying to read all this as a vertical column of words, ha.You’re sweet, but you know that:)

  7. PPhilip

    If no one ever comments upon the way the font and text is set, maybe no change will come about, but then again run on sentences is such that the person who understands, understands and the persons and people not wanted will stay away.I set my font on large and it just makes my blog look fuller and more wordy;)winky means I am being sort of ironic, sarcastic.Why some blogs are narrow, might be due to a cut and paste job without knowledge on how to fix it. I have done that too.The cheapskate/entreprenur in me won’t pay for xanga premium and the ads cut down on the space I use to write also. I guess I should subscribe to you, your wit and powers of observation are pretty good.

  8. jsolberg

    @PPhilip – Thanks, and ‘A Wise Choice’, as they say in the restaurant no matter which wine you order, ha. Hope you enjoy the site. I suspect a Theme, promoted by some adrenalined theme-bois, is the culprit. Like folks who wear painful shoes just for the name on the sole.I nixed all my ads; didn’t have time to read ’em anyway. ‘Spect to die any minute.’ though. msg me, i’ll explain.

  9. jsolberg

    @sometimestheycomebackanyway – Does my heart good to see you say ‘Amen’. I’ve lately, after 5 years of silent suffering, taken a bit more of a confrontational tack, at least on issues which could be remedied, in principle, with a simple HTML keystroke. As opposed to politics and religion, where the ring is already over-full with punch-drunk prize-fighters.

  10. jsolberg

    You are correct, of course. But Sisyphus was a mythical figure who was condemned to rolling a stone uphill, only to have it roll back down. In another version, he used what the Legend calls a ‘xangasite’ (not sure of the spelling; it’s Greek) to attempt what he thought to be a more do-able task, to convince mortals on various issues of civic import.In the End, he went back to the damn Rock, but at least changed the page-margins on his hill.I do enjoy our conversations.

  11. hevcoh

    Oh my, I never understood that! I like to set my textboxes to be 95% of the available space. Gotta love fluid width! The less scrolling I have to do, the better. Or I might burn too many calories.

  12. dirtbubble

    Those sites give my scroll button finger a real workout. It would be interesting to know something about the history of this style – my first guess is that it was created by a well-adjusted fat man in his late 30s with minimal CSS skills posing as a well-adjusted fat girl web designer in her early 20s who pretends to be thinspo for marketing purposes. Together they conspire to prezombify the susceptible female offspring of the Great Unwashed – to what end I’m not sure. But what really mystifies me is the apparent endless abundance of photos that show nearly suicidal,promiscuous teenage girls doing lots of drugs with mannequin-shaped boys somewhere between the disco and the beach.

  13. DivaJyoti

    Thank you for this reminder.  I had already forgotten that I need to work on making it more user friendly!  My short term memory is definitely not what it once was.  In fact … oh well, never mind, lol.I’m going to work on that first today.  I allowed myself to get sucked in to a DJ bashing blog last night and it really tapped out my energy, but I think today will be better. Are there any other problems reading my theme?Thanks for helpin gout!

  14. chromepoet

    Or, you could turn your screen 90 degrees to the left and read bottom-to-top/left-to-right. Might be a good eye exercise. Never know. Make them eyeballs thinner ‘n stuff.

  15. Lakakalo

    (d:ɥbnouǝʇ,usıʇsnظuɯnןoɔuıɥʇɐǝs-nɐɔǝq).˙ǝuɐɹɔbu-ıdooɥʍʇooɟʎʇɹoɟǝɥʇɹoɟʇdǝɔxǝ’ǝpɐɹɐdsnɔɹıɔɐuıǝ-ɟɟɐɹıbɐǝʞıןsʇsɐǝqbuı-ʇǝdɯoɔǝɥʇǝʌoqɐɹǝʍoʇnoʎ ‘bɹǝqןos


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