‘Curtis’? No, ‘Courteous’ (unless I hallucinate..)

    And I’ve done some of that. (‘How many milligrams in a pound, man?’)
But we’re not here to discuss my habits…
I have a new sub, a nice well-behaved high-school kid. I’ve watched his interactions for a couple days and while I perhaps disagree with a few of his conclusions, no one can dispute that he voices his thoughts on issues with calm respect. That’s enough for me.
Now some readers may remember an admittedly corrosive and divisive blogger who used to haunt our playground. For some reason he/she was terminated; not sure of the details. A while later there was what many believed to be a reincarnation, returned from the Second Great War and perhaps a bit more well-behaved. That blogger seems lately to be AWOL.
So imagine my surprise when, after reading a few dear posts from a new kid whose high-school photo profile reminds me so much of my own school-daze, I start to hear rumours that he may be the Great Satan, albeit in as convincing a disguise as one could dream of creating. And indeed, some of the heavier-foot-on-the-throttle kiddies here didn’t even wait for the light to turn green before rudely calling the kid awful names. For some reason this disgusts me.
Look, I am two very long steps away from piling onto their trashing band-wagon.
1) For some reason, trained scientist that I am, I await proof of his satanic majesty before changing my typically even-tempered demeanor. As I mentioned above, the fellow’s debating style appears, albeit based on a small data-base, to be entirely typical of a well-read and bright young kid. I see no ‘confrontationalism’ so far.
And 2) Even were it proven that he is no other than the Troll we love to hate, someone please tell me how, in the name of your sweet Jesus, we have decided to give ex-miscreants zero room to re-think their actions, to vow to ‘do it right’ this time, to fit peaceably into the Xanga matrix.
Searching for personal extremes in order to understand what the detractor-crowd must feel, I plug in the few humans so far in real life who have wronged me. And yes, if your life has been ruined by Curtis, I suppose I can deal with ‘Never Forgive, Never Forget.’
But in general, if a blogger’s only War Crime is calling me a hallucinating fool, albeit un-dressed-up’ as a model he never met and asked for her picture, I’m quick to let it be.
After all, on substance, he may have been correct had he called me those names.
I’ve already admitted to hallucinations. Can foolish thoughts be far behind?

Wu: Aha… By positioning yourself nicely on the line, you’re cool with however it turns out?
Me: Right you are. Either there’s no rubber mask, just more kid the whole way to the center….
Wu: Or an Alien inside. Boo! And carrying a Cookbook.
Me: Haha. I ain’t scared of no aliens. I’m inedible, first off, plus, seriously, all they got is  keyboards.
Wu: So he could take off the mask here, right here, on your site, no problem?
Me: Of course. Assuming there is one. Otherwise it’s called ‘flaying’ Ouch.
Wu: So this post is like a Neutral Landing Site, you could call it?
Me: Yeah. ‘We await in Friendship’
Wu: Unless they’re really, really gross ‘n scary, then what?
Me: I’ll just run away and hide.


46 thoughts on “‘Curtis’? No, ‘Courteous’ (unless I hallucinate..)

  1. ordinarybutloud

    Yeah, I hear you. I employ a ‘live and let live’ philosophy on Xanga most of the time. But then again, my life hasn’t been ruined by anyone, Curtis or otherwise, so I’m not sitting in a place to judge. Also I’m…indifferent…about people posing as other people. I sorta assume that no one on Xanga is who they actually say they are, more or less.

  2. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – Good points, and we have much in common. Still… *raises hand* Me, me is who I claim. I’ve even posted explicit directions to my house, with phone #s. Buried now in 989 posts, but that’s ok, nobody came when it was current. ‘Cept for the anonymous hit-man who pushed me off my bike, ha.

  3. ordinarybutloud

    @jsolberg – oh yes, I am who I claim as well. I’m sure lots of people are. I just *assume* they aren’t. 😀 I’m cynical and overly cautious that way. I haven’t posted any directions to my house or phone numbers…but then, I have kids and dogs and hamsters to protect.

  4. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – Thanks, and I may have come to my senses. Didn’t think it through; The scene at check-in, hiding it from the stewardesses, the holes in the seat-cushions, the Mossad. I’d still so like to visit w/you in Podville sometime though, to meet the chicken who lays such golden literary eggs:)

  5. we_deny_everything

    Sub … sub is the opposite of dominant, isn’t it? Or maybe a military vessel equipped with a torpedo? Or perhaps ersatz? Anyway, the Kid Who Shall Be Nameless (KWSBN) has been known more than once to confirm Godwin’s law, namely, an online discussion will arrive at Hitler if it goes on long enough. We can’t have that in our little corner of the web. End of rant.

  6. jsolberg

    Oy, I just hate those ersatz subs; they just *look* like they shouldn’t sink, but ten minutes in the water and yer breathing through a reed already.*re-opens rant*: I suppose I’m describing a suspension of judgment, a milder disease than ‘a stubborn willing suspension of disbelief’. Problem is, on lots of the issues kids that age seem to feel obliged to settle, the evils of the 30s and 40s *do* have relevance. Godwin probably gives a temporary absolution when the reference is needed to save a life or a mind. Which we all know is the real goal of Xanga.

  7. the_rocking_of_socks

    I always liked Loborn. I didn’t always agree with his/her views, but he/she was always very nice to me. I figure, if a few words on a computer screen is enough to ruin someone’s life, or even their day, it must not be much of a life to begin with.

  8. Lovegrove

    I’ve had negative dealings with he of whom thou spoke. However, I just ignore his comments once I know it’s him, even if I agree. Life’s too short to get all het up over such stuff.

  9. jsolberg

    @the_rocking_of_socks – You spoke wisely; I myself had only to compare the xanga-horror, so to speak, with tons of real-life horror, and Thought-Palaces crumbled into trivial sand piles.(And don’t forget that I have yet to be convinced of an alien inside the rubber mask. Who knows, there may be a child-actor inside the Alien, ha.Thanks so much for your input. Missed you.

  10. murisopsis

    I am never in the drama zone. I have no clue about the identities of those pugilists that seem determined to duke it out with all the other fish in the pool…. I refuse to swim or fish. (Especially when there are some who feel mice make great bait!!)

  11. jsolberg

    @murisopsis – Such a good Mommie to your little cuties. I’m sure you see it in their up-raised eyes; the trust, the eagerness to get through the maze in record time, not for the cheese, but for their Mistress’ approval.I’ve also hardly been in an argument since I been here, but I do keep abreast of the playas. Guess it’s cause I don’t watch TV or have a goldfish bowl.

  12. elgan

    I, too, have no idea who is targeting or being targeted by you. My presence at Xanga has been rather sparse of late. Spotty, even. I’ve had my share of trolls in the past and refuse to get involved. The delete/ban key is a helpful tool in the war against internet spam trolls, or WAIST for short. WAIST not, want not.

  13. blonde_apocalypse

    The loudest and most ardent critics of His Esteemed Curtisness are far more hateful, far less sensical and far less self-aware than The Curtis, and since this is very obviously true, it leaves one conclusion: the curtis bashing has nothing to do with the behavior of the Curtis and everything to do with the fragile egos of the Curtis Hunters. I’m not saying The Curtis is always (or even mostly) right, but most of the people who are capable of seeing reason can at least come to some kind of detente with The Curtis. The abiding haters of Curtis usually have their panties unreasonably in a wad to an extent that it becomes clear The Curtis is their own personal boogeyman and their irrational fear of him pushes them on to their McCurtis Witch Trials, and from them, no one is safe.

  14. dirtbubble

    I was on a flaying kick when I first arrived at Xanga, before I moved on to cannibalism and whatnot. Ah reverie. In the Xangapocalypse I’m ready to throw my weight behind whichever side is winning and then wait for my chance to seize power by treachery.

  15. AgainstTheWind1

    Trolls have been a more discussed topic than religion, politics and even bacon since my first site, years ago. Two thoughts: Isn’t it boring, yet?! 2: besting politics and religion I can understand…but being a more popular topic than bacon?? That’s just ridiculous! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! It’s BACON!!

  16. DivaJyoti

     tried and tried and tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, I’m one of the last to fall. And that’s not because he recently fucked over my entire evening under yet another false name without any of the usual photos he identified with himself.It’s not what he did to me, it’s what he did to someone else. Just as Granny had warned me, but I did not listen to her then. Now I’d have to say she was right, I was wrong. Granny can say, “I told you so.”I, too, frequently made fun of the curtis haters and supported all of his different blogs for a long time (he’s used the current picture before, that’s how it’s obvious when you pair that with the writing style, no one is rushing to conclusions, it’s just what it is).@blonde_apocalypse – I only recently, this week came to realize that Curtis causes a great deal more harm than some simple case of butt hurt.  When it comes to a little butt hurt (which you refer to as p in a w ~EW) I can take it and dish it out quite easily, as can you.  I took plenty of crap from him for however long he’s been here without EVER taking it seriously, UNTIL….y’all keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, some day I can say “I told you so.”

  17. Roadkill_Spatula

    I plead the Schultz-st: “I know nothing!”@ordinarybutloud – My own blog is a tissue of lies (where did that idiom originate?). In real life I’m a frustrated professional martial artist living in Tonganoxie, Kansas, working as a hog butcher while I wait for my big break. All the Spanish is from Google. The handyman pics are stolen from This Old House and Family Handyman. The brilliant kids I found on Facebook. The perfect Colombian fiancee is actually a Mexican dishwasher at the local Waffle House. Her recordings are poorly masked plagiarizations of Eydie Gorme’s big hits. I’m not actually in Colombia, I’m smoking in the basement waiting for my shirts to dry.

  18. ordinarybutloud

    @Roadkill_Spatula – Exactly. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Shoot, I’ve actually even *met* some people here who could nevertheless be perpetuating a gigantic farce and paying people to meet with me at Starbucks. YOU NEVER KNOW. Sometimes I’m alarmed at how far I’ve allowed myself to go with this whole thing, posting a photo of my HAMSTER, even. (but do I have a hamster? Do I even have children? Once you slip down the rabbit hole anything goes).

  19. ordinarybutloud

    @Roadkill_Spatula – oh yeah, definitely lying about the gf. Who has time for elaborate restrictive eating plans??? Other things I’ve lied about: writing, trying to be a writer, lawyering, being married, being in my 40s, being on the fence politically, living in the United States, being human and driving a minivan. It’s just my real life is so *dull* in comparison to my fake life.

  20. jsolberg

    @sometimestheycomebackanyway – I was sure you’d see it, guy. And having been mainly almost complimented in my post and some of the comments, I’d say relax, continue your ‘couteous’ blogging style, and the question marks may shortly evaporate. I do have a beer and a root beer in the fridge specially for you. But be careful which you choose. Drinking age, you know. Cheers, friend.

  21. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – @ordinarybutloud – Wow, bliss is having two great stand-ups right here outside my window. I laughed so hard security came and asked if I had my admission ticket in my pocket. ‘Guess who I am, really’ and role-playing quickly became an internet thing-of-attraction, and on the whole, I’d say it can facilitate personal development in good hands, but exacerbate flawed personae in the opposite case.Thanks for the show.

  22. chromepoet

    How many pounds ARE in a milligram? Enough to buy a new bicycle. I feel you talk of a community of which I know nothing. I recognize the word Troll but people seem to say Troll as if it were a bad thing. Trolls make me laugh. Often they use language with skill and cunning worthy of, oh I don’t know, William Buckley or that Rush guy with the drug problem. Sure, what they write has little purpose other than to cause a chemical change in the reader that triggers reptilian emotion but really, it’s just words, words from someone who doesn’t matter (another similarity to WFB and the radio guy).How very easy and secure our lives are that we have time to feel threatened by words, written on screen, not even screamed in our faces as God meant insults to be, by a Nowhere Man (Nowhere Person … don’t want some PCing Troll hammering me).

  23. jsolberg

    @chromepoet – Your thoughts always goose-bump me right off the roosting-pole. Yes modern virtual insults, uncannily resembling the real thing. But still, just ‘more sh*t that don’t mean sh#t to Gracie’s tree.Great to see Buckley listed with his cheap heir. Damn Sophists.

  24. twoberry

    Just the same, I’ve learned never to fall in love with, or get too enthusiastic about, any of the friendships I’ve made on Xanga, with the possible exception of Zakiah and Donna Lou and of course it’s not possible to exclude present company.  As I’ve often said, no one has any proof that I’m not personally an 8-year-old Asian girl with a wicked sense of humor.


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