“Karma and stopping it.”:Spike Speaks from Pike’s Peak

   “I, like you, like Ike.” I told his wife, Wifi_gurl when we met for this interview.
Ike eeks out a damn good living writing ‘Spike Speaks from Pike’s Peak’, a big-league blog on down-hill bike racing, and it’s an up-hill battle keeping up with this up-and coming writer, who just keeps coming up with Wit with which to watch his rising star rise by, and daily. Just yesterday, Spike spoke on
Karma and stopping it.‘:
“Them’s the breaks and them’s the brakes…he led off, then spoke at length of spokes, spoke-specs, and spooks-in-the-works; the whole works, all in one killer article.
‘, I said to myself, “paste this post on your pasta-maker, guy, or you’ll be pissed you didn’t. Or on the front of the fridge.” I did.

Yup, Ike’s in the fast lane and picking up speed as we speak. He needs it to drive traffic to his Mile-high site.

“Who’d have thought he’d have had a head for business?” Wifi asked me, rhetorically.
“Um..nobody?” I offered, foot-in-mouth.
She looked a bit puzzled.
“Sorry, that was tongue-in-cheek.” I quickly added, covering my butt, hoping she hadn’t gotten up-in-arms(?)
She hadn’t.

“I like Ike and I dig his doggie too.
” Wifi summed it up mischievously as I put on my coat.
“Can I put quotes on that?” I asked. She thought a second:
“Sure. I ‘Like’ Ike and I ‘Digg’ his dog.” she smiled.
“Me too, Wiffy, the ‘like’ part, I mean.” I agreed. “I’ll tell everyone in sight on my site, …and cite you as an objective reference.”
“Do that.” Big hug, worth the wait.
And so here I am.
I mean, there I went…


23 thoughts on ““Karma and stopping it.”:Spike Speaks from Pike’s Peak

  1. jsolberg

    @elgan – Incredible. How’d ya know dat? He moved to Denver only six months ago; more down-hill opportunities. And yes, all his pre-Pike’s Peak posts are archived as ‘Spike Spoke..from Spokane.’ I’ll send you a link. (After I write them, ha)

  2. jsolberg

    @elgan – Haha. I use a ‘found’ paper-shredder as a pasta-maker here. Gums up, but at least nobody can re-construct my fingerprints from the dough.Here, try on this lovely azure shirt:)

  3. an_OM_aly

    Steven Spielberg and Will Smith like Mike and Ike candies, which are kosher. Not sure about their wifeies, one was palying digg dug with the dog, the other making rasta pasta. Don’t quote me on that.

  4. jsolberg

    @transvestite_rabbit – nice to see you caught this one. I call it, maybe, *illiteration*. A parody of something, (but I’m not sure what). Fun to write though.Ike took Spanish in third grade. Twice, but then the teacher locked it up out of his reach. He’s still a little bit bitter, but sweet enough not to use that last of the SP-C words on the vowel-list.

  5. twoberry

    Speak easy, my friend, or I’ll remind you about the time Lou met Mary (“You’ve got spunk.  You know what?  I hate spunk.)Gads, how I miss J. G. Taylor Spink.

  6. jsolberg

    @DEISENBERG – Hmm. Odd. I’m thinking nebbe ‘wrong Ike’? There’s another, ‘different’ (and some) Ike , of ‘Ike’s Ukes’, eeks out a pittance down at the ‘Mall at the Uprooted X-rated Oaks’ My heart aches for him sometimes. Still, I kinda doubt he’d axe your bike. Where’s the profit in that? I’ll have Real-Deal Ike send you some new spokes. He gets ’em wholesale.

  7. jsolberg

    @transvestite_rabbit – Warms my heart beyond words. Lots of originals here too, on Audio (above) Words included. Al’s an alter-ego I use. Stuck in Hattiesburg in 1974, frantically playing every instrument, in disguise. Don’t have the heart to tell him who his Daddy is…

  8. jsolberg

    @twoberry – Haha. Wish I’d have been there. You’ve been missing him quite a while.(I have a nice spoof of baseball coverage here somewhere; game was suspended mid-flight of a ‘high fly ball’ because of ‘Improper Syntax’. Umpire insisted on ‘a highly flying ball’, commentator refused to say it, and the rest is history. Or not.Nice to see you here/js

  9. murisopsis

    I tried to read this out loud to the assorted family gathered but my blood sugar is low and I scrambled the words. My mother was confused – thought this was about The 34th President which skewed into a tirade about Chipmunky Cheeked Tricky Ricky Dick. Politics seems to be a hot button issue even when the politicians are dead…

  10. jsolberg

    @murisopsis – ooh, I’m flattered, and feel happy if you got past a few lines; it’s obviously written as a top-down joy-ride (to nowhere) in that convertible English language we love. I still have my fold-over I Like Ike button from early grade school. Had I known then what removing the first comma from the first line here could mean, I could have netted Sandy Milligan’s love, with a comma to spare, for a rainy,rainy, day.I like you; like your comments too. Don’t stop:)

  11. dirtbubble

    I have been working on this post for two days now, not because it is that difficult but because my mind is bent on parsing, dissecting, reassembling, and therefore now more resembling, css html php and WordPress functionality. I hate it. What a backwards way to “design.” Think outside of the box indeed. I’ve been trying to figure out which who everyone seems to know inhabits the inspiration. As usual I am out of that know. But I will tell you alliteration is my favorite device as long as I’m stuck in Englush that don’t rhyme so hot.

  12. jsolberg

    @dirtbubble – I know the feeling of turning something over for a while. Guess only Chuck Norris reacts without need for conscious thought.As to aliteration, I’m with the Airplane on ‘Baxter’s, where they sing: “We’re doin’ stuff that hasn’t got a name yet.” ( It does now, Jorma, ‘postured navel-gazing’) Anyway, my trick with vowel-substitutions should be better called ‘avowal-ization’ or something. Haven’t met too many others with the same disease.Anyway, thanks for the roll-model(sp?) on this one, dB/ jS


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