Guess who’s not coming to dinner?

Mary had a little lamb
Slice of ham
Half a yam
All I got was
‘breast of spam’
She fleeced me white as snow

I’d followed her to school that day
Sad to say. I’m-a
fool that way…
Followed her to school that day
Breaking all my rules

See, everywhere that Mary went
She left that scent
Of unpaid rent
Very broke… or badly bent
In debt I-was sure to go.

Now Mary’s in a little jamb
Cute, but damn
I gotz to scram
Scary; ‘Sooo… dat’s who I am?’
Um.. Yes (as well as No)

Temporary romance

Flyby Night-School of Cosmetology
Joey’s Diner
1727 RR Ave, Apt 7 (ring bell)

Mary somebody…

High points:
First ten minutes

Low points
Everything thereafter

Things usually go down-hill after ‘Breast O’ Spam.’ / Live and Learn

Wu: Tell me this didn’t happen.
Me: Fine. ‘This didn’t happen’. Cool?
Wu: Glad we cleared that up. I mean, ‘like moths to a plug-in candle, Fly-By attracts only the most leprous lepidoptera from the far side of the tracks…’
Me: Hey, I thought the sign said ‘Cosmology’ They list Emma Lazarus as a founder, you knew that?
Wu: Odd. Mary’s sayin’ you only wanted your nails done for free.
Me: Haha. I can do my own nails. OK, I got screwed.
Wu: Well, at least there’s that…


6 thoughts on “Guess who’s not coming to dinner?

  1. Roadkill_Spatula

    Emma Lazarus as in “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”? (I just found out from Wikipedia that she was an early Zionist.)”A little jamb” is an interesting image. A fat lady stuck in a door. Presumably it was not the exit or you wouldn’t be able to scram (or scramb?).I have heard that in Hawaii spam is popular and that they have many recipes for it. I have not been to Hawaii.As Popeye the Poet sez, “Iamb what Iamb.”

  2. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – Yeah, carpenters such as we am have a real problem seeing ‘jamb’ for anything else. And is it ‘traffic jam’? There before Exit 17 (Strawberry Road)? ‘B’ is silent on the issue.Sure, *that* Emma, who sub-let her mantra to the cosmetology school for un-weds here. Probably lost a whole slice of Xanga there. It’s Fiction, kids.My G-mail spam folder evokes page-ads for Spam recipes every day. Nah, not that hungry. Although what we call ‘Loaf’ in the Army here is just a rose by another name.

  3. jsolberg

    @elgan – ‘Nother one for the ‘Curious’ Files: I just finished ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’. Thought to add it here, even though the post isn’t getting tons of attention. I’m sure folks wrongly think Nursery Rhymes with cursory. (Help, I’m syntactically stuck now, ha.Oh, and the other half a yam I saved for you. Guess you can re-split it with the a good sound man.


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