Fame and Adulation.. or Notoriety?

     So much fun working publicly in the Town Square, my car squeezed perilously into a sidewalk spot between the ‘Map of the Village’ sign and the Concrete Cows some elected official decided to purchase as ‘Outdoor Art.’
Main Point: Any passing motorist who doesn’t blow his horn, scream ‘Yo, Yonatan!’ or otherwise acknowledge my Presence must be either a newly-arrived immigrant, or someone who owes me money.
One can bat around forever the advantages/disadvantages of small-town life. Today, I chose to relish the plus side. (…and vowed to make a ‘collect my receivables’ run this evening.)
    Last night, feeling inexplicably irate, I fairly blew up at the Super when Cheese-slicer lady  put my order on hold in deference to some bozo’s shopping list of crutons(?)
He defended himself: “How was I to know your shopping-cart had priority?”
Of course I stilled my phantoms forth-with, and apologized for being edgy.
Cheese-lady then took my cell #, to install plastic roofing on her porch. Cruton-guy did likewise, recognizing me as the highly-regarded gutter-and-down-spout local expert.
I do keep a safe distance though, from the Frozen Fish aisle . For some reason, statistically, work-contracts negotiated there have a higher percentage of ‘dead-beat’ non-payment.
A sign on my car I should put? ‘Will work for fish’ Nah, could be misconstrued.

Wu: An a-typically brief entry
Me: Yeah, bothers me too. Innocent Readers are forgiven for imagining  that my days are spent constructing blog-posts.
Wu: And the horn-blowers? They likewise knoweth  not whom they distract?
Me: Absolutely. I had this killer idea for a poem. Now all I remember is the smile.
Wu: Or the simile…


12 thoughts on “Fame and Adulation.. or Notoriety?

  1. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – Thanks, as qlwqys for your discrete letter-subs. Now I’ll have fewer ads for ‘women’s’ products.And yes, I’m attacked here if I venture out without the fake nose-and-mustache. For the sin of being able to paint inside the lines, roughly. A careful fish in a small but world-class sloppy puddle of children calling themselves ‘contractors’. Gives me contractions just to look at their work.

  2. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – My sympathies. Just don’t open the door.I dearly wish I could swim the Med, squeeze through Gibraltar, brave the Atlantic to the Gulf, rest a few minutes, then build you some awesome cabinets with one flipper tied behind my back. Only problem is I’m about 3 miles from the Mediterranean coast, and I’ll dry up and suffocate till I flip-flop to the beach. Other than that, we on, sister.Once again, get well soon.

  3. dirtbubble

    I guess you’re stuck with fresh fishunless bad business is your wishThat’s mostly what I got today. That and I think I will one day, if I can mange to make the switch, prefer either a small town or a big city to this bloated cow town called Denver. Being both anonymous and infamous is such a drag.

  4. jsolberg

    @chromepoet – Oh, nothing special, me *or* the pisceans. It just happened, but yeah, now that you mention it… I did have a killer poem but forgot it amidst the hubbub like an errant pigeon careening off high building walls forgets the famous flight-critic Icarus’s accident report.

  5. jsolberg

    @elgan – I’m so jealous of your 99 profiles. Your gift of Premium a while back was a really sweet present, although I only ever created 4 pix for myself with it. Bon apetit (spell-chek suggests ape-tits.)

  6. Roadkill_Spatula

    Renown has its ups and downs. I once got a tiling job as a result of my ex shopping at Floor & Decor and getting into a conversation with a lady at the checkout line who mentioned that she needed to find a tiler. / Seems like you could find a niche designing special sealed cabinets so people can odorlessly store their gefilte fish, ludafisk, anchovies, smoked salmon, stockfish, smoked salmon, and slightly opened sardines.


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