I’d say this is ‘id’ speaking

     Dead drunk on the brutal concrete floor. Not thinking, as is typical of the species, “Why’d she say that, the rabid dog?”
No, me a lingualist to the last dying synapse, I’m mano-a-mano with the elusive English category: Words what end in ‘id, all the better to make her feel really, really bad.
I do prefer the ‘ending-in’ searches, them-there being less vulnerable to crude dictionary attacks. Which at this point I need  like a retro-virus.
And ‘Rabid’ is too good for her. Implies that even germs find her attractive. So what does that make me?
No, ‘vapid’ is more like it. Something to do with a vacuum, I think. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

 Cuz the chick sucks as a friend. One day hot, the next day, frigid. If I felt like joking, I’d say that on average she was ‘tepid’.
But I don’t. No, I jus wanna die here, nostrils smashed into the solid cement.
I do want to know what makes this horrid woman tick, though. Call it ‘morbid’ curiosity, I care?
I wuz stupid to fall for this Cupid in sheep’s clothes. Pulled the wool over my eyes. She prolly sez the same about me.
“Your coming un-rapid!” she screams, knoweth-ing not what she’s sayeth-ing.
“Am not!” I counter. I will not be called ‘un-lucid’ by by this putrid little arachnid.

    I roll over on the dismal floor-without-pity, seeking my ‘flat’ side, teeth biting into the aggregate. Oh well. It’s been years since I had a million-dollar smile. Nice even teeth I got: 1,3,5,7, and 9 are missing. I lose a cuspid about once a year, and a bi-cuspid ‘bi-annually‘. I
don’t even know what that word means. I’m losing it, is all I know. Pallid, I lie on this insipid floor, in this fetid vocab-id swamp, where even words fail me; sinking forever into the languid, liquid depths.
Yes, I guess it’s over, Friends. I’m defeatid.  (no, your ‘defeated‘(!) -ed)


18 thoughts on “I’d say this is ‘id’ speaking

  1. jsolberg

    @we_deny_everything – OMG! It’s truly humbling when the big-guns weigh in and I realize how many ‘perfectos’ I missed. Shoulda msg-ed you with the rough draft. As to laid, a sufficiently fervid admirer might consider that in lieu of an e-prop or two. Although I’d have to check with my task-manager first.Thanks so much for the input; you are a huge inspiration to me as a blogger, having read your site; a pure delight. (Yes Readers, go thou and do likewise!)

  2. jsolberg

    @an_OM_aly – haha. Good eye. I purposely had the editor misspell ‘your’ for comic effect, but this gives the jokelet 3 meanings. And of course Adam came up with most of English, 6K years ago, when he named the animals and had words left over. Our job as children of God is simply to find the fossil ‘Lurid’. They got the bones, they win. Keep digging, L. Probably a Muskogre entombed in the lake-bed too.

  3. Roadkill_Spatula

    Horrid may be too tepid a word for this post; maybe fetid? Insipid? Cussid? Good hick misspelling there. The fervid druids did make a bid to make you a member. The chambermaid, too, though she has a different… well, never mind. Don’t want a lurid scandal. Let’s just say Cupid did his thing. No sordidity… sordidness (that one passes spellcheck) around here. Splendid effort, my yid, as the Hebrew homie said (gosh, I hope that isn’t offensive). Sorry for my torpid humor; typhoid left my brain flaccid. Or maybe rigid?

  4. jsolberg

    @elgan – Well, there are rigid rules in this squalid business I gather; probably going for adjectives mainly, and created for some unknown reason by adding -id. But not always the connection shineth. Yours ring true though: a rigid rig surviving a squalid squall.

  5. twoberry

    The liquid on the grid falls mainly in Madrid.(I just hate it when I can’t get a tune out of my hid, I mean head.  I toodle off now to amuse myself with a strip of eld — The Wizard of Id.)And then there are all the -oid words, where maybe you can do something with pairs like OVOID/OVID but I’m not finding very many interesting ones and …I’m gonna be late for work if I don’t quid commenting.


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