OMG I did it!! Killed the evil Meebo!

    Just Wow! Nothing else I did today can compare to the thrill of seeing Xanga back loading in a split-second, and not having that useless and annoying bar and its balloon blow-buddy filthing up my page. It’s also disappeared from my view at least, of  other victims’ sites.
Now all I want is like, $30 an hour for the probably days I wasted of my life staring at “waiting for rd.meebo.con” in the task-bar (bottom of browser)
The screen-capture here, (courtesy of explains three ways to defeat the Beast. I used the third method and simply added the pest-site’s name to my Hosts file. The browser still tries to call the site (it’s in the page’s source-code after all), but is re-directed harmlessly to, which is the web address of my own asshole, or something similar.

“Get thee behind me, Satan!” Oh, and taste leaden death...


23 thoughts on “OMG I did it!! Killed the evil Meebo!

  1. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – Serious folks like us don’t ‘chat’, we deliberate, ha. (An odd word, sounds like re-chaining the freed) I’d of course love a conversation with you, but have yet to see any on-line mechanism’s charms. (We do pretty well right here though,plus others can eaves-drop for added fun)

  2. Roadkill_Spatula

    My employer has some IE modification that blocks Meebo on my work computer. I wish they’d block the ads, too. I found it deliciously ironic that Chrome’s adblock blocked the annoying animated Chrome ads on Xanga, back when I was using Chrome. I switched to Firefox when Chrome suddenly got sluggish. Never did find out what the problem was.

  3. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula –  Oh, this workaround here, the third (bottom) option , is browser-blind. Works along with the network-protocol level, to short-circuit the calls to the Devil.I’m aware of course that I’m enjoying free use of a site precisely because Xanga maketh ad money in mysterious ways. I just didn’t need that bandwidth-hog pigging up 5% of my screen, and 90% of page-load time. God, my site loads at the speed of light now!

  4. jsolberg

    @promisesunshine – Interesting. Our Israeli version of the toy’s called a ‘Nachum Tachum’. Kids punch them to death, but they bounce right back. I sure hope this dread amoeba’s out of gas on the highway to hell by now. Wait, I mean I should have filled up his tank before the going-away party. Nice to see you here/js

  5. jsolberg

    @tjordanm – Ha, in the end the Black-list will be longer than the White. And I should have known without research what to do. I’m always envious of your acquired grasp of the arcane protocols, btw

  6. elgan

    I thank you for this most valuable information. You have made my viewing pleasure that much more pleasurable. As for the chatting, I do miss our chats, as sporadic as they were. Maybe we can google up again some day in the not-too-distant future.

  7. jsolberg

    @elgan – You are quite welcome. I do feel I’ve performed a public service, for folks who feel as I do; less so for the inveterate chater. And you are so far my singular and therefore best example of the sheer fun of quick real-time back and forth talks. Scary sometimes though, to grammatically compose a speedy comeback. The texts are saved, along with my other prized posessions in the ‘Chatt-el’ Folder:)

  8. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – What a wunerful world; I get paid in affection for overcoming an infection. And no, I suspect that if I were in breach-of-xanga or even personna-non-grata I’d have been given my formal notice by now, instead of sitting on the HomePage with the anorexics. Thanks OBL. Nothing like a compliment from a heavy hitter:)

  9. jsolberg

    @ItsWhatEyeKnow – *coyly misses the ball* Well gee, gracias, even una boca de gracias. But our latitudes are pretty similar 32N), so I believe they say “over there”. Oh, *that* down there(!). Yeah, that explains the wetness. Excellent profile-pix, btw. I’d sub just to look at it.


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