‘Xanga-Pro-active’… or just ‘Drunk & Disorderly’?

    I was just now on the Blogger site Google forced me into creating in order to comment on posts by a writer here who jumped overboard, abandoning this perfectly sea-worthy Xanga ship for the desolate horse-latitudes somewhere else. Seriously lonely anywhere but Xanga.

     Mixed feelings though. I have a good 200 Subscribers, but receive input here from barely 5 percent of them. What’s an agressive drunk to do?
Well god-dammit, I’ll show them who’s the boss! It’s currently raining like hell outside, so I’ve
got time to kill. I’ll go down the list and each and every stinking derelict who hasn’t found it
in his heart to have anything good or bad to say about my 1000 carefully-composed posts here will get a tactfully-worded (hah) private Message explaining his debt to Xanga-society. While I’m at it, I’ll check when’s the last time they seem to have even looked at their Page. Workers found innocently dead, through no fault of their own, will be respectfully removed from the premises. For those who simply fell asleep, a brief attempt shall be made to awaken them, after which, depending on the results, they may also be escorted to a nearby landfill.
But God be ye Merciful in Heaven, Amen, unto the Condemned who appear to be conducting an active ‘Life as Usual’, but have forgotten or ignored their signed-in-blood Oath to pay me attention. Plenty of rotting fruit in that Vintage where the Grapes of Wrath are stored, and I shall wickedly enjoy tossing it at their blithe heads.

Later, after sober reflection:
Sorry, everyone. I wuz drunk. I might have said stuff, you know, that I didn’t mean. Damn, wish there were a ‘Delete Message’ option. You-uns guys is just fine by me. I’m sure you got your reasons./ JS, Embarrassed in Tel Aviv

And of course none of this, past the first paragraph, really happened. I just whole-clothed it to see how it hung on my shoulders. “An interesting approach…”, I told the drunken tailor, “but it’s not, you know, ‘ME'”


23 thoughts on “‘Xanga-Pro-active’… or just ‘Drunk & Disorderly’?

  1. HappierHeathen

    I’m intoxicated so the best thing I can say is nothing at all. But of course I’m intoxicated so that Submit button calls out to me… What’s an aggressive drunk to do? Were it me I’d write a treatise on the importance of proficiency at cunnilingus. But me, I’m either drunk or aggressive, very rarely both at once. And my wife appreciates aggressive cunnilingus so it doesn’t really matter which I might be.Guess I’ll go wake her up now. See what you did?

  2. jsolberg

    @HappierHeathen – Have to ponder whether that was my intention. Just dawned on me that it just dawned on you guys stuck in the western hemisphere. Needless to say you’re in the famous-these-days 5% I mentioned. (so why did I say it, duh) Pleasant sailing

  3. elgan

    Meh, Blogger isn’t any worse than any other site I’ve tried (and I’ve had accounts at five). I don’t like the browse features at most of these places, Xanga included. Only one of these sites has an actual directory of blogs, listed alphabetically and by most-recently updated. Otherwise, you have to rely on other bloggers’ favourites, or try to find something readable from the front page. Not to mention that, like most blogs, there’s more dross than gold. Anyway, you get more comments per update than I do, JS. Quit yer drunken whinin’!

  4. jsolberg

    @elgan – I’m so happy for the substantive input my friend. Not sure how I’d configure a site, but the ability to see ‘What’s harpooning?’ across the length and breadth of choppy seas is, in my mind, critical. I mean, the model is surely a crowded party. You find a quick spot on an upper balcony and reconnoiter the horde, no? Other sites feel so sterile and compartmentalized. Xanga, though, *has* a balcony, the Top Blogs (sic-) but I mainly feel, while standing on it, that I’m actually *underneath* the crowd, peering upwards through a sewer vent. And we haven’t even addressed today’s Je-accuse, the 5% comment rate. That’d be another wonderful(?) feature, a colour-coded graph beside each member’s name, indicating how many hours per week he/she foolishly wastes on-line here. At least we’d know how much feedback to expect.Once again, thanks for helping me to think clearly, El

  5. jsolberg

    @DEISENBERG – Funny you should mention him; one of the players I truly admired in my youth. I’d expected Cal Coolidge, but then maybe you’re still sore about having voted for him, haAt any rate, I see your frequent in-person page-reads here, and silently feel damn honored, which is genug enuff for mir.

  6. Roadkill_Spatula

    I don’t worry about my subscribers list because they’re not the ones cluttering my inbox. The 5% figure is about average, I suspect, although I think I may hear from as many as 10% occasionally. I hear most from the people I visit most, which is to be expected, same as with Facebook. I also get more traffic when I post more frequently. This fall I’ve posted infrequently and I don’t usually time-stamp so my post notifications get buried in people’s inboxes.I don’t understand how the “classier” blogging sites work. Most of the people I know over at wordpress, blogger, etc., get maybe two or three comments,  even some of the famous ones (like Douglas Farah). Tumblr seems to get lots of traffic but consists mostly of people reposting each other’s photos.

  7. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – You confirm my general working impressions. Hard to fathom moving to another site if the goal is more interaction; on that score xanga rulez. and I may simply need to respectfully awaken the dead among my subs, or more likely, give them a proper funeral.

  8. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – Haha. Yes,some of my entries here could have profitably been dropped from an ultralight on hapless local natives with more ‘bang’.And it’s precisely the folks who subs-n-run that’s got me curious. Elvis Costello sings, in his remake of ‘For the Roses’ about an ex who abandoned her cup of coffee mid-stream, then adds “but at least you thought you wanted it/ Which is more than I can say about myself.” Not perfectly parallel, but still apt. (Dang, I will never learn how to spell ‘paralel’, will I?

  9. jsolberg

    @Roadkill_Spatula – FB, for me, is the dumb pachyderm in-camera whose demise I patiently await. I’ve never even looked at a page (a ‘wall?) I’d feel trivialized trying to build a supposed life-profile-whatever in front of hordes of ‘friends’. But the down-side is that I cut myself off from the serious folks who somehow fell into that trash-can. People ‘blog’ there? I honestly didn’t know that.

  10. Roadkill_Spatula

    @jsolberg – Yeah, there are features that allow longer posts than the usual three lines. I often post photos over there, and put up links to my Xanga. But I rarely can think of one-liners about my day. Currently the trend is for people to post links to political or cutesy rants/videos/graphics, and I don’t actually hear as much about what they’re up to as I would like.

  11. jsolberg

    @sonnetjoy – Thanks, friend. I shall treasure your thoughtful sweetness, even slaughter a fine fat hen in yer honour. (Yeah, whither I go, there be chickens, ha)God-speed in your ‘lord’s work’ with the english language. I sleep at night knowing the tongue is tied by good hands.

  12. jsolberg

    @sonnetjoy – I thrilled to hear your validation of my prevailing notions. Someone once made me create a quick account there in order to download a couple photos. Within 5 minutes I had creatures from the past emerging from the wood-work like a ‘B’ horror-flick at the drive-in. Almost broke my poor mouse clicking ‘Delete Account’. (I’m signed-off on some fairly severe disclosure rules here in Israel. FB didn’t exist when I recruited, but if any ‘loose-lips’ site at all was the legal intention, well, one couldn’t do much worse than Farce-Book.)

  13. jsolberg

    @sonnetjoy – Idk, I think humans remember details and issues in measure of the intensity with which they were conveyed; it’s built into the neural network. Thus your powerful personality makes the long-term-memory difference. (I still have the eccentric spinster Miss McCullough’s grims and grimaces hanging over my every typed or spoken word like a Raven. After 46 years.

  14. jsolberg

    @TheCrimesOfDougMoe – Right you are. I still drink it, the nesher brew. And I have a spoof here somewhere about Sheva Beer, Comes in a seven-pack. Thanks for sub. I don’t do Friends, so not to worry on that score. Hope to hear more from you/ js, Azor Ha-Sharon


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