‘It’s’ in action, fighting the elements

It’s raining, Queen; our fragile kingdom can’t afford to lose

Its reigning Queen, you may catch cold. I do suggest you choose…

My option for rebellious silver iodide: Repress!

Yes it’s ‘rein-in’, Queen, the forces who precipitate this mess

One dark and stormy night I was called in to advise Her Majesty, Figurehead VIX.
I left her an elegant yet modestly dry sweatshirt, several bottles of reagents…oh, and this short poem. (above) Hasn’t rained since, and she’s still reigning, but the populace is at the dew-or-die point. Perhaps my suggestion was a bit extreme?


12 thoughts on “‘It’s’ in action, fighting the elements

  1. Lovegrove

    I was only membling to Earth, Air, Fire and Water the other day, and they said some old geezer was constantly fighting them. I replied Geyser? What’s he been spouting now?

  2. GrannyGolightly

    Yes, checking in as I do from t to t. My mother and big sis are in Tel Aviv (actually Jaffa, but my nephew & partner live in T) so if you’ve been experiencing some weird Lanc. county vibes, like there’s a rent in the universal (sober black) fabric and some Amish is leaking in, this would be why 🙂

  3. jsolberg

    @GrannyGolightly – Yes, noticed the research on back pages this week, do visit whenever you please; wish I were in Yafo/Jaffa to tour-guide a bit. Know the place like the back of my hand, even fixed lots of its callouses personally. Take care ♥ (As for amish, well Yom Kippur is about as close as we get to the self-deprivation part at least.)

  4. jsolberg

    @Lovegrove – Yeah, that would be moi, and by the way, couple weeks ago I was in the plaza at the Vatican, you ‘n the Pope came out on the balcony, and all the tourists were asking “Who’s that guy up there with Lovegrove?”

  5. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – Yes but this one’s both good and didactic. Inspired when I realized that when I read ‘Its raining’ -sic- I assume the guy misspelled ‘reigning'(!) and read on to learn “its reigning what?”There ya go.

  6. jsolberg

    @ordinarybutloud – Oy, flew right over my aging head. I was fixated on the ‘Wait’instead, and spent most of the night right here staring at the screen like a trustworthy robot, ha. Such is the mixed prognosis of our collective devolution from orthographic basics. Thanks for the update; I’ve learned to count on your exemplary presence of mind:)


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